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5 Stretches Before You Bowl

While bowling may seem like a sport with less physical contact, it’s still an activity that requires proper stretching. You can avoid injuries providing you take a few minutes to prepare before every game you bowl. In this blog, we’ll point out five great stretches that will enable you to play your best without having complications.

  1. Neck and Shoulders
  2. Arms and Wrists
  3. Inner Thighs
  4. Calves and Ankles
  5. Feet

A great stretch before bowling that will loosen your neck and shoulders is a yoga pose that helps to relieve any tension in these areas. Stand with feet shoulder length apart and bring hands behind your back. Lock your hands together by weaving the fingers into one another. Then bend forward at the waist bringing your bonded hands up toward your shoulder blades and pushing your clapped hands toward the back wall. This is an excellent stretch when you hold it for up to 5-seconds. Do this 5-times to maximize the movement.

Next, work on your arms and wrists by holding your arms out to the sides and at shoulder length. With fists closed, and arms out, make little circles with your wrists only do this for up to 30-seconds then switch to bigger circles for 30-seconds. Change these two repeatedly for up to two minutes to strengthen the arms and loosen the muscles in your wrists. These are two methods of stretching necessary for you to bowl a good game.

After you work the arms, neck, etc., it’s time to move to the inner thighs. Stand with feet slightly apart, holding your bowling ball in front of you, then alternating legs, raise one leg behind you and lowering your arms with the ball toward the floor. Without touching the floor with the ball raise yourself back up and switch legs. Do ten reps on each leg. This movement helps with balance while keeping your inner thighs super healthy.

Besides your thighs, the calf and ankles need to have some particular attention if you’re going to bowl a good game. Find a stair to step on and use your toes and the front part of your feet to adhere to the level while allowing you heels to drop down below the step just a bit. Raise yourself back up till you’re standing on the top part of the foot and feeling the stretch in the arch of your feet. Not only will this stretch keep you ‘on your toes’ it’s also great to relieve shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

After you’ve warmed up the calves and ankles, it’s time to spend a few extra minutes on the toes and feet alone. Sit on the floor with legs in front of you. Grab the top part of your feet and pull up on your legs. Lift your legs off the ground while hanging onto your feet. Do this stretch a total of 10 times.

These are some perfect stretches that will help improve your game while preventing any injuries from occurring. Be sure to check with your doctor, anytime you start a regular physical activity.

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Dare to Try These Wild Ice Cream Flavors

Kids just looooove ice cream. And this is highly understandable considering that even adults love ice cream too. If you’re planning to give your kids an ice cream treat, it helps if you know about the best ice cream flavors out there. Now you may not know this but there are some wild ice cream flavors around the world. Do you know what they are? Had you tasted any? Check some of them out below.

  1. Jellyfish Ice cream

Now this is one wild ice cream flavor. And what makes it so wild is that it’s dangerous. Or at least, Jellyfish are. Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous marine animals. Their stings can cause death within seconds. This particular ice cream flavor contains Jellyfish protein. And don’t worry, it won’t kill ya! It is quite expensive though. A serving goes for $150 or more. And guess what, it glows when you lick it! If you want to take a ride on the wild side of ice cream then this is the holy grail.

  1. Hot Pepper Ice Cream

Hot and ice may not always go together but this ice cream flavor makes it happen. The hot pepper ice cream is sweet but hot at the same time. These contrasting flavors will keep your taste buds on the edge as you savor your cold treat. This particular flavor, however, may not be ideal for small kids. They just might not be able to handle the hot pepper flavor. But can you?

  1. Octopus Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right. There is something like octopus ice cream. And yes, it is manufactured using real octopus. Trust the Japanese to create ice cream flavors from virtually any plant or animal. For example, they have other wild flavors such as eel, tuna, and even horse meat. And now you must be wondering, what does an octopus ice cream taste like? Well, we’re not brave enough to try. How about you?

  1. Garlic Ice Cream

When you think about ice cream, your mind drifts to sweet flavors that you might find in candy or cakes. But you’d be wrong in this case. There is actually a garlic flavored ice cream and you can find it in California. Now we don’t know how it tastes but sounds like this will require all your strength to slurp it up. But it could be spicy in a tasty kind of way. What do you think? You can also enjoy standard ice cream flavors with just a dash of garlic.

  1. Vegetable Ice cream salad

Vegetables have for a long time been used in ice cream flavors. For example, beans, lettuce, and even avocado have been used in various flavors. However, you can also get a vegetable ice cream salad – a combo of various vegetable flavors ranging from goat cheese to cucumbers, grape fruit, walnuts, and more. Now that sounds like a salad that your kids would love to eat. The only question you need to ask yourself is – is this ice cream a desert or a main course?

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Summer Camp Planning for Your Kids

While many of today’s parents start planning for the summer break, there’s a few of the summer camp programs that may seem a little under the radar when it comes to keeping kids busy. In cases where the child is enrolled in a summer camp program to substitute for things like child care, it’s imperative the facility incorporates a multitude of activities to keep kids occupied. In this week’s blog, we point out some planning ideas for when they go to their summer camp programs even if it’s at the end of the season.

Summer Camp Means More than Making Key Chains with Beads

When it comes to summer camps the first thing most of us think of is activities such as making ice cream in a bag or beaded keychains. However, there’s a lot more to sign up your child for these annual programs. Besides the fact that your kid will have less chance of becoming bored, it’s also an excellent environment to practice social skills. In fact, it’s good to look toward programs such as sports clinics to teach children ways of practicing their team building skills along with a plethora of others.

Don’t Assume Your Kids Will Eat Healthy While at Summer Camp

Another tip for summer camp is to check the menu if they will be providing lunch or snacks. Since it’s summer vacation for most children, a healthy diet can frequently be overlooked. Be sure to ask the facilitator of the summer camp what types of food will be provided. If the answer is pizza and chicken wings, you may want to pack a lunch or look for a place that offers more nutrition. Health and Safety First.

Safety First Before Drop Off

Safety is another key point to make here. If your kid is included in any camp activities or any other place, be sure to ask the instructors what they are doing to ensure your child’s safety. Don’t assume they have a strategy in place. Be certain there’s protocol when it comes to who or whom can pick up the child. Find out what they do if there’s any emergency, etc. If you don’t ask, you can be sure there will be a certain level of anxiety when you drop the kids off.

Lastly, do your research and find out what type of field trips and off-site activities are planned. If the facility has an outing planned at a place such as an indoor gym or recreation center, be sure you know the rules and regulations of the venue before allowing your child to attend. Better yet, volunteer at these events. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll also rekindle fond memories of when you were a child. Who knows, you might even get the day off of work!

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Bowl In The Dark At The Wow Alley

You probably have been to many bowling alleys and have played numerous bowling games as a result. And like any ardent sportsman/woman, you are probably looking for something extra, something that will excite you or give you that bowling challenge that you seek. The ultra-modern Wow Alley may just have what you need. We have introduced a ‘bowling in the dark’ theme that we think you and your friends would love. Read on to learn more about this.

Our ‘Wow after dark’ theme

Our cosmic ‘wow after dark’ bowling party experience will be available at our Wow Alley facility on Coconut Creek, FL, on Fridays and Saturdays. The themed experience will begin at 8pm and end at midnight. During this time, the normal bright lights will have been switched off and instead will be replaced by black lights and lasers.

All the facilities and amenities that you love about our alley will, however, remain as is. This includes the alley setup, the music, the video screens, the wine bar, etc. The ‘wow after dark’ theme will only skew the aesthetics of our facility and offer a darker, more intriguing, cosmic alley look and experience.

What the ‘Wow after dark’ experience holds

Now you might be wondering, how would anyone manage to bowl in the dark? Well, to put you at ease, the ‘wow after dark’ experience is not as literal as it sounds. You will not be bowling in complete darkness. Think of the ambience and setting of a nightclub. That’s a better example of the vibe you should expect at our ‘wow after dark’ experience. You will not be at risk of tripping or losing your playing edge on the alley fronts. The lasers and dark lights will be enough to allow you to get around and to play as you normally do. The only difference is that the setting will be stealthier.

Why you absolutely have to try bowling in the dark

You have to try our ‘wow after dark’ bowling experience because it will provide you with a game-play experience like you haven’t had before.  Sure, the normal bowling experience is fun but this is exciting, simply because it’s different. The club-like appearance of the alley is especially great is you are the type that likes to go out. Complete with a bar and lounge seats, the ambience will make you feel as though you are in one – only with bowling available. So give it a try!

How to make bowling in the dark even more fun

Our ‘wow after dark’ cosmic theme offers an exciting experience that all our customers love. But that is not as far as the fun goes. You can make the experience even more exciting in a number of ways. For example, you can wear glow-in-the-dark garments or accessories and stand out among your friends. You could also try competing against your daytime scores to see which environment you perform better in. Try to create more ideas with your friends; the process of doing so is still part of the excitement that is ‘wow after dark.

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Liven Up Your Bowling Party With These 5 Ideas

The Wow Alley located on Coconut Creek, FL, is a dream bowling destination for kids, teens, adults, and groups. Boasting a modern bowling facility with 10 alleys, automatic counters, music, giant video screens, food, and even a wine & beer bar, it is easy to see why anyone planning to have a fun time bowling should only have one option in mind. However, as fun as the Wow Alley is slated to be, there are plenty more ideas on how to make your bowling party even more exciting for all those involved. Check out some of these ideas below.

1. Compete against each other

Bowling has always been a competitive sport. It may not be as competitive as athletics or court games but it sure does bring out the needed effect. One way to liven things up a bit, therefore, is to compete against each other. You can do so as individuals while playing on one bowling alley or you can form teams and compete against each other with each team playing on a separate alley. If your party is big enough, you can book the entire Alley and make it an all-out championship war.

2. Make fun bets

If you are used to competing against each other at the bowling alley, you can take things a notch higher and bring the competitive spirit to a new level. You can make this happen by making fun bets. The bets here can be for anything, such favors or treats such as drinks at the bar. You can take bets against individual members or against teams. The losing teams or individuals will then have to pay up their bets at the end. This is guaranteed to make your bowling party more exciting and even more rewarding for the best players.

3.  Organize to have your special music played

The Wow Alley offers great music all day long to participating customers and groups. However, if you are having a bowling party at our facility, you could bring your favorite music and ask to have it played for your guests. This way, your party will enjoy just the right kind of music they like. This could be children’s music or even dance music for the adults. And as you well know, nothing underlines a party better than great music that the people actually like.

4. Bring entertainers to the party

A good party can always use an entertainer. And the same applies to bowling parties too! Talk to us at the Wow Alley and let us know if you would like to bring an entertainer to your bowling party. You could organize to bring in a clown or a face painter for the kids or you could bring in a band for your adult guests. Now that should make it a bowling party to remember!

5. Bowl in the dark

Ever bowled in the dark? Do you think you could pull it off? We have recently introduced our latest attraction – a ‘bowling in the dark’ theme which will be available on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to midnight. Experience dark lights, lasers, music, videos, and a whole new bowling ambiance. Planning a night bowling party? Then you absolutely have to try this out.

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Reasons to Watch Your Favorite Teams at The Wow Alley

If you enjoy the All-American games of baseball, football, hockey, basketball what have you, then you’ll love it even more after reading this article. While sports is one of the best ways to bond with your kids, albeit watching on TV or going to an actual game, it’s also fun to put the game on hold, record it or go when motivated. We find that watching any game at the “The Wow Alley” makes for an even better experience. Here’s the reasons why.

  • We have tasty snacks and morsels of happiness that are much less expensive than what you’ll get at any Stadium or Park. While we do love a good hot dog, we don’t always want to pay $10 to get one. The Wow Alley’s menu is one of the best in town and gives you a 7” pizza for less than the cost of that dog. “We’ll Take Two with Everything”! Our café also offers beer and wine for less than the plastic cup you’ll get at the field, so you’ll be saving money and lots of it!
  • If saving money on food and drink doesn’t convince you, another element we think might is our multiple screen views both on and off the lanes. These giant flat screen t.v’s make it incredible to see any type of sporting event. The cool thing about watching the game from the lanes is you’ll never miss a highlight of your favorite teams while also enjoying family night.
  • Whether the Marlins, Dolphins, Heat, Panthers or whoever your favorite is are playing, we’ve got you covered. We have late night lanes open to the public, that can help you see your game watching with minimal upfront planning.
  • Besides the flexible hours and beautiful state of the art bowling facility the customer experience is our top priority at the Wow Alley lanes.

So what are you waiting for???? Give your kids memories they will cherish forever and never miss another highlight. Head to the Wow Alley guest counter and book your lanes today, this is fun for the entire family.

Be sure to contact us directly if you have further questions regarding lane rental and times.

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How the Wow Factory Makes You More Creative

Today’s world can seem daunting at best. However, there’s plenty of positive environments you can dive into without being bombarded by fake news, and a whole other slew of topics. If you’re someone who likes to work in a creative field, you already know we’re influenced by what’s around us. From color, to emotion, we should allow ourselves to be free and mindful to look for innovative solutions. Being around kids is one of the best ways you can learn or re-learn to be more creative. In this week’s blog, we feature ways you can relate during your visit.

Whether you’re a mommy blogger or a teacher, take one look around you. Once inside, you’ll quickly be aware how much energy flows through our doorway. We’re not talking electricity, we’re talking about the patrons and their excitement! We’re almost convinced kids cannot maintain composure while at this indoor park. You see them literally hanging from the ceiling and walls! That’s okay parents, it’s supposed to be that way. If you want to learn how to spark some creativity, observe the flow of what’s happening and apply some of that to your work. Too bad you can’t bottle it up and sell it right?

Next, look at how kids react to one another while at the Wow Factory. They seemingly play effortlessly with children they don’t know. No matter what the race, color, ethnic background etc., these kids mesh well as they are looking for one thing, to have fun. We as adults can all learn from this factor.

Now that we’ve discussed some obvious behaviors that can stir creative juices, think about the color schematics. If you work in Interior Design, Marketing or even Advertising, you now these are fields that insist on finding ways to incorporate your surroundings in your work. I.D. people can use what they see as a child’s dream room, marketing people can reflect on what and why boys and girls select the arcade game to get inspiration, and advertising people can develop solid campaigns based on their visions. Getting inspiration is really very simple.  Just come by and spend an hour and you’ll soon see how the Wow Factory Makes YOU More Creative.

Contact our friendly staff for more details on hosting your event.

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Best Indoor Dog Parks in the US

We South Floridians love our pets. We also love our dog parks. While there are several dog parks in Coconut Creek, there are none that are indoors. Seems with the hot weather most of the year, someone would have opened one by now. Nonetheless, we found some of the best indoor dog parks in the world and wanted to share with you as these pups are getting to play Wow Factory style!

The first place we came across is in Newark and Delaware and is known as the Academy of Dog Training and Agility. Not only does this indoor dog park have obedience training they also have a full obstacle course and a swimming pool where they teach dogs how to swim! While many people may argue that dogs intuitively know how to swim, they provide more of holistic healing for older dogs and use the aquatics to build cardio and strengthen muscles for older dogs.

Next place we found is in Oregon called Fido’s Indoor Dog Park where they turned an old warehouse into a giant playground for pets. They used synthetic grass which covers 13,000 square feet of pure hound dog fun. This facility also has a swimming pool which is filled with organic water that doesn’t include any chemicals. If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe the safety measures this indoor park owner took will? This is a green friendly facility with biodegradable doggie bags, recycled synthetic grass, and the walls were painted with non-toxic paint. They even have a certified lifeguard on duty to save a dog in distress! That’s what we call smart giving it the big ‘WOW’ from us!

Third, we have the park called Unleashed which is found in Texas. As with everything this monstrous park is a whopping 50K square foot. But, besides the size of the park, the budget for this venue has a $10 million-dollar startup cost. No matter what the budget is, they do have some restrictions such as no Pit Bulls. So even though this breed is banned from entering the large building, they do offer plenty of amenities for the owners such as Wi-Fi connections, a coffee house, and air conditioning. Who doesn’t think that’s smart?

Regardless of the brains of the operation, these indoor parks are an excellent place to bring the whole family. Just as friendly as any dog park out there, these indoor parks seem to be an excellent idea since increment weather can’t stop four legs and a tail.

While these are some of the best parks for dogs, we have one of the best indoor parks for kids in South Florida. Be sure to look up our group rates too!

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Daddy or Mommy Date Nights with the Kids

If there’s one thing, most parents will agree to, they love spending time with their children. In addition to that valuable time, it seems there’s just not enough of it so we all should agree the time spent should be of quality. This week’s blog we focus on date nights with the kids that are both meaningful and a great way to cherish the moments spent together.

  • Dinner and a movie may seem redundant. But, make it more unique by taking them to an iMax or independent film. Another great way to see movies with kids is to attend indie film events that may help inspire your children more than just entertain. Word of caution, however, be sure to check the ratings as not all flics are meant for young viewers.
  • Next, plan a day doing photography with your children at a local park or some other visually pleasing location. If you’re not great at taking pictures you can hire a part time photographer from places such as to ensure the time spent with your photo session is a good one.
  • Besides photo opportunities, pick venues that are ideal for the type of child you have. For instance, if you’re planning on a Mommy-Son Date night go to places like an indoor park where there’s plenty of video games or laser tag, and use the same theory for the dads. Reason being is you wouldn’t want to take your son to a fashion show or a daughter to a WWF unless they’re into that type of thing!
  • Another excellent date night or day with your kids no matter what the gender, visit your local zoo or places like Butterfly World, Seaquarium, etc., Most people love animals no matter who they are and this is an excellent way to build memories together.
  • Visit a local bookstore and spend a day at home reading. We love this idea as it’s tailored to both parents and children. Barnes and Noble or the library are excellent places to spend a few hours and its educational activity for both.

These are a few beautiful days not only to spend time with your kids, but they’re also memorable and keep the little ones from becoming bored. After all, every parent wants to build on their relationships and one day hopes to hear “I love spending time with my mom and dad.”

Until next time, be sure to stop by the Wow Factory to see what’s new!

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The Benefits of Bowling

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems there’s little to no time for working out or daily exercise. Unless you lead a lifestyle that allows you to do a scheduled routine, it can be difficult to spend an hour at the gym or running each morning. However, bowling leads to a healthy life that allows you to spend time being well entertained as well as benefitting from the activity. In this week’s blog, we point out some interesting concepts depicting why bowling is beneficial. Try it; you’ll strike it!

Bowling can help you with your mental health. Even children with cognitive issues can accomplish better skills such as hand to eye coordination, balance and a boatload of another excellent achievement. In addition to cognitive benefits, bowling builds self-esteem and can help those who are anxious relax.

If you suffer from a low metabolism, you can speed this up by playing this great game. Because the game requires movement, you’ll be jumpstarting the rest of your body’s system allowing you to sustain more energy. Not only is the game fun, but it also keeps your stamina in top-notch condition. Who knows, it might be, right up your alley? Did we mention it keeps your mind out of the gutter?

Next, the benefit to bowling is burning calories. If you stay away from the bowling alley fries, you’ll notice a drop in your weight. When it comes to cutting calories, bowling can help you burn around 200 of those unwanted cals while throwing a ball down the lane. How cool is that when you can have a great time unwinding while losing weight?

On top of weight loss, since you’re frequently moving, you’re also improving your heart rate. Many people who suffer from cardiac and respiratory issues, find the sport of bowling to be very beneficial. While your burning calories, your heart rate is going up as well as your breathing allows your heart and lungs. The activity helps sustain life, and that’s how everyone should roll!

Lastly, have we pointed out even the gutter ball gurus can build and strengthen the muscle. How can you not love that? If you want to have, some buff arms pick up a ball with three holes and swing that around. Your body can’t help but fall in love with the game too!

Besides the thunder of the game, since it’s a wonderful way to meet people and build strong relationships it’s also healthy overall.

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