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Too Old to Celebrate Halloween?

Wow Factory Tips, and Topics for Parents

No matter how old, people still get excited about Halloween. In most cases, children and adults love to put on a costume and parade around their friends. Whether you’re looking to get dressed up for a party or some other celebration, you can be sure the laughs and excitement will keep on coming. But, at what age do you think kids are too old to participate? In this week’s article, we share some valuable insight with you on this controversial topic. Ready, read on if you aren’t too scared!

A Neighborhood Story About Teen Goblins

A few years long ago a parent in our Coconut Creek neighborhood reported seeing a group of teenage boys and girls dressed in costumes. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and they typical witch and ghost were among these tall teens. There was no problem with wearing this attire, except this parent raised a bit of a stink as one of the girls was smoking a cigarette and another boy was heard using profanity. The parent describes these as pre-teenagers who were just out to cause trouble, and it took away the spirit of Halloween with the exception, it was downright chilling to see the kids acting this way.

If Older Kids Use Manners is it Still an Issue to Trick or Treat?

While this example may seem a bit harsh, some stories circulate this time of year whether to let your teenage kids go out for Halloween with friends. In most cases, the kids do the right thing, acting appropriately. You might even hear the “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You” responses if they’ve been raised with manners.

Help Teens as Halloween is About Building Strong Communities

Besides the friendly older group of ‘trick or treaters,’ there’s plenty of other reasons why Jr. High and High School aged children can allow the evening to be filled with fun for everyone. Halloween is a community event. Carried down through the ages, continuing to be favored by many US citizens, Halloween carries a memorable annual event. That being the case, if you think your children are too old to go out for the evening, perhaps finding essential tasks such as passing out candy or managing the props would be a great way to keep the older kids involved? No matter what the case is, making older children feel they are a part of the festivities is the key.

Now that we’ve covered our perspective on teens and Halloween, what is yours? We’d love to hear from our parents and how they handle these types of situations.

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Tips and Tricks for Halloween 2017

Fresh Ideas to Help You with the Holiday Season

As you’ve already guessed, people in Coconut Creek are prepping for Halloween. From setting up the decorations to rushing out to the store to buy the treats keeps us parents in busy overload. We at the Wow Factory decided to give you a few tips and tricks to make this Halloween season a breeze without even scaring you!

Keep Your Decorating Fun, by Introducing Something New

One of the most exciting events around the spooky Halloween season is decorating your house. Each year, many of the neighbors will most likely use the same decorations they purchased previously. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the Joneses, or re-purposing last year’s décor, this year you can surprise them with a whole new theme! One fresh and the cheap trick is to use what’s called a wall tapestry from If you’re creative, then you can create your fabric. Be sure to use waterproof paints and material that will hold up in inclement weather. Regardless, these tapestries are an excellent way to surprise your goblins, ghouls, and community!

Select Healthy Halloween Snacks

Next, don’t splurge on candy to pass out to the locals or your child’s school class. Instead, there are plenty of fresh ways to present the crowd with healthy snacks as an alternative to the sugary confections that cost a boatload. You can pass out caramel apple slices, boo nanas, and homemade gluten-free cookies. Of course, for the little trick or treaters, fruit snacks and roll-ups are excellent and not as bad as sugar.

Pick a Costume

In addition to the yummy snacks and treats, everyone knows Halloween is about dressing up in your favorite costume. You can make your costume or dredge through the crowded costume shops and places such as Target for the outfit to scare the masses. No matter what you do, be sure the costumes have good visibility and are clear from hanging material on causing accidents.

Safety First!

Now that you have the décor and the candy don’t forget to make this year’s Halloween the best by choosing safety first. Be conscious of using candles for pumpkins and seek other creative ways to illuminate your pumpkins. For instance, glow sticks are easy to open, safe and won’t start a fire.

Whether you’re looking to throw your own Halloween Party or just want the kids to have a great time this year, we think these tips will come in handy. Be sure to contact the Wow Factory for any party reservations ahead of time.

We look forward to hearing about your tips and tricks for the year!


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Halloween Birthday Parties

If your son or daughter’s birthday falls in the month of October, he or she is extra fortunate. But other than a chance for wearing costumes to a party there’s a lot of options for planning. In this blog, we uncover a few unusual and fun ways to help your child celebrate their birthday during Halloween season. Get out your magic pen and write some notes, cause here we go!

Healthy Halloween Snacks: Hollow out a small pumpkin and keep the lid. Make sure the lid has a stem for aesthetics. Fill the pumpkin with Ranch Dip or veggie dip and then surround with healthy vegetables. Fun presentation for something nutritional.

Decorate the room with the traditional colors of black and white. Surround each table setting by skulls, bones, and spiders. While this theme works well for any Halloween party, make your child’s spot special by creating a thrown with Challis, etc.,

Visit places like Pinterest for fresh decorating ideas. This site is also a terrific place for fun food ideas and games. We love pumpkin bowling with toilet paper and a small round pumpkin to roll.

Pay particular tribute to the bewitching hour of when your child was born. Organize your party around that hour if it’s appropriate and sing “Happy Birthday” on his or hers particular time they entered the world.

Adult parties can include some ‘delicious but evil ‘concoctions such as Vampire’s Kiss made with Bailey’s Irish Crème and Raspberries Wow good, and they look extra creepy!

The party festivities can begin early by surprising your loved one with a balloon and crepe paper spider made in black. Tape the spider over their bed while sleeping for a fun gag. Or hang in their bathroom with a not wishing them a happy birthday.

With a little imagination, you can make your child’s day special even though it falls on a major holiday. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to catch our December version of this for all those born during this festive season.

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Five Hilarious and Adorable Halloween Costumes for Kids

When it comes to costumes, like anything else, you will find a whole spectrum of outcomes. This halloween we predict you will see the good, the bad, the ugly, the bland, and the great; sometimes all at once. When it comes to children’s costumes you can usually expect something extravagant since children love dressing up. In this blog we’ve put together some of the best children’s costumes we have ever seen to hopefully inspire you this halloween. From adorable, to funny, to hilarious, we sorted through many creative outfits that some kids have worn for halloween the past couple years. Here are five of our favorites.


Wow factory fun halloween costume ideas for children1) Albert Einstein – Show off your little genius this halloween with a simple wig, mustache, and button up shirt with suspenders. This costume is as funny and quirky as it is low cost and easy. Now you just need him/her to get familiar with some college level physics books and they will be well on their way to convincing people they are Einstein reincarnated this halloween…

Wow factory fun halloween costume ideas for children012) Wilson From Cast Away – Everyone loves Wilson especially if you are Tom Hanks stuck on a deserted island. This simple costume will definitely put people in a good mood and will be a refreshing distraction from the multitudes of Batman’s and Elsa’s at your halloween party.

Wow factory fun halloween costume ideas for children023) Harry Potter and Fluffy – Dressing up your kids as Harry Potter and Fluffy is a great way to knock out two costume choices at once. Harry Potter costumes are easy to come by but you may need to do some  intense shopping to find a Fluffy costume. This duo is sure to be a hit if you can pull it off.

Wow factory fun halloween costume ideas for children034) Smurfs – If you loved this show growing up then you will enjoy this idea. Your kids may not know who the Smurfs are but they will love being covered in blue paint (make sure it is safe/nontoxic paint!).

Wow factory fun halloween costume ideas for children045) Little Old Lady – The perfect costume for the one daughter who does not insist on being a princess for halloween. Everyone will get a kick out of this we guarantee. All you need is a grey wig, a loose dress, a light sweater, and a very small walker (which you can find online).


We hope you have a great Halloween! Be safe and eat lots of candy.

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