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Cooking With The Kids

One of the most fun and educational experiences you can enjoy with your children is cooking. Not only are you teaching them how to feed themselves (which is one of the most important life skills); you are also spending quality time with them and allowing them to learn important skills such as measurement, timing, patience, and self-control. The best way to make your kids enjoy cooking with you is to make it a fun activity; they might lose interest if they feel like they are performing a chore. Here are some tips on how to cook with your kids.

  1. Teach them kitchen safety

Even for adults, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the households. When introducing your children to cooking, the first step that you should take is to teach them kitchen safety. Ensure that they understand that they are working with sharp objects and fire. If a child is too young to understand kitchen safety, then they are probably too young to participate in cooking. If you are using gas to cook then your children need to know how to safely turn your cooker on and off. Ensure that they understand the smell of a gas leak and drill them on how to react to it. As an additional precaution, you should teach them how to put out grease fires, and possibly, how to perform first aid on small burns and cuts. You should only proceed once everybody is aware of how to keep themselves, and others, safe in the kitchen.

  1. Cook what they like

Every child has a favorite meal, and one of the best ways to get children interested in cooking (at least in the early stages) is to teach them how to cook their favorite meal. If your children love cookies, then you should introduce them to cooking by teaching them how to bake cookies. By learning how to make their favorite meals, they will be more interested in improving their cooking skills.

  1. Introduce them to healthy meal options

Once they grow up, your children are more likely to cook the food items that you taught them to cook. Therefore, take this opportunity to introduce them to healthier meal options. Incorporate vegetables, white meats, and other healthy food items into your cooking lessons. Teach them how to make simple salads or healthy pasta dishes, and educate them on the benefits of healthy eating. Not only will they save money by cooking for themselves, they will lead much healthier lives too.

  1. Don’t be too serious

Ensure that your children have fun in the kitchen. If you take your joint cooking sessions too seriously, you might negatively affect their enthusiasm to learn how to cook. When your child makes a mistake they should not be scolded, show them what went wrong and encourage them to try again. Children are very sensitive to negative feedback, especially if they were not initially enthusiastic about the activity. Make it a fun experience and your kids will learn an important life skill.

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Fall Arts & Crafts

The fall season presents an awesome opportunity for you and your kids to enjoy some fun art and crafts together. The changing colors of the foliage and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season create the perfect backdrop to inspire the inner artist in all of us. Art and craft projects create the perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality bonding time with your children and help them gain a finer appreciation for the arts. While most of these activities are supposed to appeal to young children, you and some of the older kids will have lots of fun taking part.

  1. Leaf Painting

The defining feature of the fall season is the changing foliage cover and the trees shedding off their leaves. Leaf painting involves using leaves to trace out drawings on a piece of paper. With the abundance of fallen leaves during fall, gathering the required materials will not be difficult. You can enjoy simple leaf painting with colored pencils or introduce paintbrush-applied paints to make it more interesting. Encourage your kids to collect different types of leaves and use this as an opportunity to educate them about the trees and plants that are around them. Allowing your kids to express themselves in their paintings will also increase the hand-eye coordination, thereby improving their environmental awareness. It will also make them more artistically inclined.

  1. Pumpkin Carving

The biggest fall holiday for children is Halloween. Engage your children’s creativity and imagination by introducing them to pumpkin carving. As with any art project involving your children, their participation in the activity is more important than the quality levels they achieve. Get different pumpkin sizes for the different age groups you are dealing with to make it easier for them to carve their pumpkins. Before they start doing the actual carving, ensure that they are aware of the fact that they will be handling sharp objects to avoid an unscheduled visit to the emergency room. As a bonus, you can display their carved pumpkins for Halloween to increase their sense of accomplishment.

  1. Nature Photography

While everyone has their favorite season, the fall, with its vibrant colors, creates one of the most aesthetically-pleasing environments. Introduce your children to the field of nature photography by encouraging them to go out and take photographs of the stunning scenery. You don’t need to give them expensive professional cameras. Just get a few budget disposable cameras and let them enjoy the scenery. Being out in the fresh air will also give them valuable exercise and they will be more aware (and appreciative) of the natural environment around them.

  1. Hand Turkey drawing

As Thanksgiving approaches, and the weather becomes colder, keep your children engaged indoors by teaching them hand turkey drawing. If you have older kids that have surpassed the hand turkey drawing age, you can encourage them to create thanksgiving inspired paintings at home. This will keep them occupied and increase their motor skills and art awareness.

Apart from the skills that your children will learn by doing art and craft projects, the whole family can enjoy quality bonding time together and create fond memories.

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Hands-On Hobbies For Kids

One of the most important, and often overlooked component of raising a child is encouraging them to have a hobby. A hobby can serve many purposes. It can mentally and/or physically engage a growing child, it can be a fun way to pass time, and it might even end up being a profitable career in future. Having a hands-on hobby is important for a growing child, especially if they end up enjoying it as a fun activity. Here are five relatively affordable hands-on hobbies that you can introduce your child to.

  1. Gardening

If you have some gardening space in your home, then this is one of the best hobbies to introduce your children to. As an outdoors activity, gardening can provide your children with valuable exercise time. Having them interact with soil, plants, and insects during gardening also helps improve their immune system as they come into contact with microbes. It also instills in them an appreciation for nature, which is a great trait. And if your garden includes vegetables, fruits, and other food items, then you can teach your children the valuable skill of being able to grow one’s own food while saving money. Gardening is also a very affordable hobby to involve your children with. It’s almost free.

  1. Baking

Everyone loves baked goodies, that is one of the fundamental human truths. It is not difficult to motivate your children to take up baking as a hobby since the rewards of baking can be enjoyed after every baking session. Baking is a fun hobby that will give you valuable bonding time with your children. It is also relatively inexpensive and can save you some money as you won’t have to purchase your baked goods from commercial establishments. As an additional benefit, baking can teach your children a marketable skill that they can benefit from financially once they become adults. The baking experience can also be educational as they learn about portions, ingredients, discipline, and even patience.

  1. Drawing

Drawing is another hand-on hobby that you can introduce your children to. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to start them off with expensive art supplies. All you need is a plain drawing book and a few pencils to introduce drawing to your children. As a hobby, drawing will encourage your child’s creativity and will teach them to express themselves through art. This will help to intellectually stimulate your children as they grow. Encouraging your children to engage in art will also improve their observational capacity as they will be more aware of the environment that they interact with.

  1. Martial Arts

Depending on the martial arts trainers within your location, there are numerous martial arts disciplines to choose from. Martial arts are an attractive hobby for your children since they are already inherently ‘cool’, especially if your child enjoys action movies. Martial arts will engage your child physically, improving their overall physical health and stamina. With a good trainer, martial arts will also instill the element of discipline in your child. And this will serve them well as they grow up. An additional benefit is that they will learn useful self-defense skills.

It is important to engage your child in at list one hands-on hobby. It gives you an opportunity to bond with them and most of them will give them important life skills that they can enjoy throughout their lives.

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Awesome engineering toys

The most effective way of teaching children ‘boring’ concepts is through play. While engineering concepts would not engage your child’s fickle attention spans, there are numerous engineering toys that would teach these skills ‘covertly’ as your young ones have fun. Simple skills such as problem-solving, cooperating with their playmates, increased motor skills, and persistence will create a valuable foundation for your child if they choose to enter the competitive engineering field. Even if your children do not choose to become professional engineers as adults, these skills can still be applied in many professional fields. Here are some of the best engineering toys currently available.

  1. LEGO

As of 2016, LEGO became the largest and most profitable toy company in the world. These educational toys have been very effective in teaching young children (and adults) the basic concepts of engineering skills. The beauty of giving your child a Lego set is that it stimulates their imagination. There is no limit to the creations that one can form using Lego bricks. Lego has also partnered with popular children entertainment franchises such as star wars, Marvel, DC comics, and Disney to create Lego sets that appeal to children. You will also find that, unlike other toys, children rarely outgrow their Lego sets. They can still be enjoyed as they grow up and become teens and beyond.

  1. K’Nex 100 Model building set

The K’nex model building set is specifically made to increase your child’s engineering literacy. The standard set has more than 850 pieces and contains a manual that shows them how to build more than 100 different models ranging from towers, cars, and helicopters. It differs from LEGO in that you can create models with moving parts. Your children will enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from being able to replicate the models in their manuals on their own.

  1. Bloxels

One of the largest toymakers in the world, Mattel, has embraced technology with the development of their new educational toy, Bloxels. Bloxels come with a board where you children can manually create video game levels by hand, before scanning them with their smartphones where they are converted into a video game format which they can play. Bloxels allow your children to exercise their imagination while teaching them the basic concepts of video game design. In a technology driven economy, it is never too early to familiarize your children with game development. They might even end up making a very lucrative career out of it.

  1. Wedgits

While most building block toys use square and rectangular building blocks, wedgit includes different shaped building blocks to further engage your child’s imagination. Wedgits will not only teach your children the basics of construction, they will also learn about angles and balance, which are all useful concepts that will help them in their future engineering endeavors. Wedgit provides a manual that has some models that your children could attempt to re-create, or you can leave them to exercise their creativity by coming up with their own creations. There are numerous wedgit sets to choose from with different difficulty levels for different age groups.

Most of these toys are reasonably priced and will work towards instilling valuable engineering concepts that they can apply in their future careers.

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How the Wow Factory Makes You More Creative

Today’s world can seem daunting at best. However, there’s plenty of positive environments you can dive into without being bombarded by fake news, and a whole other slew of topics. If you’re someone who likes to work in a creative field, you already know we’re influenced by what’s around us. From color, to emotion, we should allow ourselves to be free and mindful to look for innovative solutions. Being around kids is one of the best ways you can learn or re-learn to be more creative. In this week’s blog, we feature ways you can relate during your visit.

Whether you’re a mommy blogger or a teacher, take one look around you. Once inside, you’ll quickly be aware how much energy flows through our doorway. We’re not talking electricity, we’re talking about the patrons and their excitement! We’re almost convinced kids cannot maintain composure while at this indoor park. You see them literally hanging from the ceiling and walls! That’s okay parents, it’s supposed to be that way. If you want to learn how to spark some creativity, observe the flow of what’s happening and apply some of that to your work. Too bad you can’t bottle it up and sell it right?

Next, look at how kids react to one another while at the Wow Factory. They seemingly play effortlessly with children they don’t know. No matter what the race, color, ethnic background etc., these kids mesh well as they are looking for one thing, to have fun. We as adults can all learn from this factor.

Now that we’ve discussed some obvious behaviors that can stir creative juices, think about the color schematics. If you work in Interior Design, Marketing or even Advertising, you now these are fields that insist on finding ways to incorporate your surroundings in your work. I.D. people can use what they see as a child’s dream room, marketing people can reflect on what and why boys and girls select the arcade game to get inspiration, and advertising people can develop solid campaigns based on their visions. Getting inspiration is really very simple.  Just come by and spend an hour and you’ll soon see how the Wow Factory Makes YOU More Creative.

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Bowling Alley Memories for Your Reflection

If you grew up in a household where your parents spent their leisure time at the local bowling alley, then this blog is for you. Depending on how old you are, you might remember the swanky bowling shirts, the dazzling bowling balls, and the matching shoes as well as smell like French fries when they return. If this doesn’t bring back fond memories of this nostalgic sport, then what does?

Memories continue with a walk down memory lane, or in this case memory alley, perhaps some of you remember the show “Bowling for Dollars”?  The 1970’s show wasn’t created at some big Hollywood studio; rather the production crew went to local alleys from around the country to film people with a high score and form.  If you grew up in the Midwest, you or your grandparents might have found this show to be engaging as the viewers had an opportunity to win money while the contestants pulled their name from a horizontal counter.

Other than the game show, contestants most likely know some celebrities from today love the game. People like the Kardashians, Katie Perry, and the Beckham Family are big fans of the match. It’s always fun to know the game draws high profile people just as much as the average Joe. Why wouldn’t they love the game? It’s a great way to build family flashbacks they can cherish forever.

Besides the memories, in remembrance of the oldest bowling alley in the United States, we have to pay homage to our fellow kingpins at Holler House in Milwaukee. This home housed the oldest bowling alley in the United States and celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2008! This venue still carries it’s age-old tradition today of donating a signed bra in remembrance of the owner’s wife, who used to love the game and drinking with her friends than giving her bra after a good night! Too funny.

Anyways, the game of bowling is one that can be full of adventure, achieve skills and bring friends or family closer together. It’s great to reminiscence on all the wonderful times you have had while listening to the thunder from the ball hitting the pins, drinking cold beer and smelling all the snack foods. Who can think of any other activity where you can relive your past while introducing this game to your future?

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There’s Plenty of Fun for Special Needs Kids at the Wow Factory

The Wow Factory in Coconut Creek dedicates making every child feel comfortable and have a great time, including children with special needs. There’s plenty of things for your kids to do to take advantage of the fun. Depending on your child’s situation, we have plenty of games and fun for children to enjoy throughout the facility. In this week’s blog, we highlight a few of those attractions where kids can play no matter who you are.

Even young children who are tots have fun with the Maniac Goblin where they can scoot around on soft mats surrounded by tons of balls they can throw or roll around. Our structures are made from durable microbial materials as well as other made-for-kids construction.

Other than the construction, kids who are diagnosed with things such as autism, and ADD, allow themselves to take in video games in the arcade. SkeeDaddle, Skeeball and the Wheel of Fortune are simple to interact with and can be as basic as pushing a button. In fact, many of the games in this category allow for kids to develop great hand-eye coordination.

In addition to your child’s coordination, our accessibility arcade allows disabled children to engage in the fun and enjoyment just like any other child. We understand these kids deserve a high quality of life as any other child and are sure to include them in our philosophies.

For children who are handicapped or need wheelchair access, our facility is handicap accessible. Although we can’t accommodate every situation, for the most part, there’s plenty of activity and space for easy access.

If you’re planning a group outing with more than one child with disabilities, it may be best to call ahead. Our friendly and professional staff can make accommodations and suggestions for each child and parent’s needs.

Cleanliness and safety are our two top priorities. Our equipment is washed and cleaned daily to keep germs to a minimum. All toys and gyms are checked for any potential problems several times per day to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

If you’d like to learn more about our group rates and packages, please contact our front desk to assist you.


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How to Spend Your New Year’s Eve Toting Kids

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, not too many people immediately think of bringing in the holiday toting your kids around. However, if you’re like most people with youngin’s that are still living at home, you can still enjoy the festivities with children of all ages. In this week’s blog, we share some ideas that you might be able to use to make it to 2017 without pulling out your hair in the process.

Once the month of December winds down, and you top it off with a great party to say goodbye to the previous year, it’s great to help your children understand what everyone’s celebrating. Give your kids something to look forward to like improving their self-esteem; school work acts of kindness. Remember to guide your children to understand it’s out with the old and in with the new!

*One thing you can do is blow up some generic balloons and write different time on them leading up to the ball dropping. For instance, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 P.M. on separately on each balloon. With every hour have the children pop the balloon with a dart. Popping balloons will not only keep them awake until midnight, but it’s also a whole lot more fun than hearing “Is it time yet?” from your little ones every fifteen minutes. To change it up a bit, you can roll up small pieces of paper giving an activity that will take up until the next balloon pop. Activities such as play a game, eat a snack, etc., The whole idea is to keep each hour rolling and not letting the kids get bored.

**Next is the actual balloon drop at midnight. Visit a local balloon shop or florist and ask to have a giant balloon filled with confetti and other balloons. When the clock hits twelve, pop the oversized balloon to celebrate like they do on television. Super fun, and a little messy but well worth it!

***While kids may not know what the champagne tastes like, you can easily conjure up this great recipe using Perrier or Sparkling water and cotton candy. Just place the cotton candy pieces inside a child safe glass, pour the sparkling water and watch the smiles. This neat little trick will make them feel special, and it’s so fun to watch the looks on their little faces when the cotton candy disappears and turns into bubbles.

Don’t forget to stock up on noisemakers as this is one of the best ways for a kid to enjoy the festivities. Keep plenty of healthy snack foods on hands such as shrimp cocktail and cheese plates. With a little parent guidance and a few party favors, toting kids around your New Year’s party will be a cinch!

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Wow Factory Tips for Holidays

How to prevent your child from getting the holiday blues.

It seems it was only yesterday the kids went back to school, and now we’re facing that time of year where holiday vacations are once again upon us. For most parents, this time of year can be a lot of fun. That is if the kids are enjoying themselves. However, if you start to hear those famous words “What Can We Do Today, I’m Bored?” it’s time to find an outlet. In this blog, we present you with some tips that keep the kids preoccupied without charging up your credit cards in the process.

Tip One:  Try a new recipe.  If your kids like to get messy in the kitchen, then why not try a few new recipes that can keep them entertained? Bear in mind, this time of year the parents aren’t the only ones who are faced with making healthy choices. Help you, kids, to find recipes they will enjoy both making and eating without putting on the extra pounds. New types of vegan cookies or healthy granola bars can be low-calorie alternatives.

Tip Two:  Go Hiking. There are plenty of trails and places for the kids to enjoy being outdoors. This time of year South Florida is perfect because of both weather and lack of bugs. Even though it’s still a good idea to wear sunscreen and mosquito repellent when hitting a nature walk, this is the most pleasant time of year for fresh air. Make the time you spend with your children a learning one by identifying plants and wildlife. Whatever the case maybe, you’ll find this both enjoyable for your kids and you.

Tip Three:  Start a family blog. Go to and start your family blog then invite other members of the clan to join in. Give them individual writing assignments, post pictures and invite other people to join in. By including your kids to be a part of this project may open new doors and develop confidence.

Tip Four:  Plan a field trip to the Wow Factory. Don’t forget to invite the other kids in the neighborhood or from your child’s class. The Wow Factory is a place that’s not only fun, but it also helps children to develop unique skills such as team building and motor skill development. Of course, we highly recommend this tip!

Before you know it, the kids will be back to school and life will get back to normal. We suggest planning a few activities to give your children something to look forward to during the season. Whatever you do, we’re always here to break up the monotony.

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After the Halloween Rush, Get Your Kids Ready for the Holiday


Many of the stores are already gearing up for the big holiday season. If you’ve been out to places like Walmart and Target, you already know the decorations are calling you from their shelves. This season it might be a good idea to take on a different approach by getting your family ready now. In this blog, we kick start the season to help you get a grip on things early.

Start out by purging some of your home’s items that will get in the way while hanging wreaths and putting up the tree. Next, have the kids help with a ‘quicker picker upper’ party and get them to help with the dusting and cleaning. It’s great to do good cleaning as it will allow you to have more time focusing on other things.

Ask the kids to put up the decorations with you. Many of your youngsters will most likely want to help. But the teens need to participate for some family bonding. Designate mobile device times so they join in the fun.

Delegate jobs to your children. Ask someone to oversee making shopping lists, another to pick out the type of cookies to bake, etc., By giving everyone a job; it might teach some skills and leave you less work. Well…maybe.

Next, go to Pinterest or Good Housekeeping and get some ideas for decorating your home. Look specifically for crafts your kids can do with you. This will give them a sense of pride for helping beautify your home.

Assign different tasks for holiday parties to each child and relative. Things like taking out the garbage aren’t always fun, but, responsibility is a part of life. Other activity may include taking someone’s coat or serving the guests. Throwing a party is a lot of work, but when you have teamwork, it’s a lot more fun.

Keep in mind; you can always reward your family with a night out at the Wow Factory if all goes well. What the heck, even if it doesn’t, bring them in!

We look forward to seeing you next time!

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