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Wow Factory’s Top Five Activity Ideas for Kids

If you’re a parent, your child’s welfare is at the forefront of your mind at all times. While their health and safety are number one, there’s a multitude of other issues you’re regularly faced with such as how to keep the little buggers entertained 24/7. Not only is keeping kids active a benefit, it’s also at times a challenge. We put together our top five activities that will be helpful if you find yourself drawing a blank. Ready, set, read!

  1. Activity One: Reading
  2. Activity Two: Making Play-Doh from Scratch
  3. Activity Three: Teaching Everyday Skills
  4. Activity Four: Exercise
  5. Activity Five: Cooking

Activity One: Reading as a top five activities. The reason for this being our favorite is because reading gives both parents and children an opportunity to explore new lands, experience unique situations and solve problems. While many children shy away from reading, there are some that absolutely love it and can’t get enough. Encourage your children to read even when not in school. By using this a parent/child activity, you’ll also get a break.

Activity Two: Making Play-Doh from scratch is easy and not as messy as some may think. The best part is you can find most of your ingredients around the house. To explain why this made it to our list, is we enjoy squishing around with the substance too! Who doesn’t enjoy rolling around and forming little dough balls and then creating something awesome? We went the additional step for you and found the recipe, so you can DIY with the kids.

Activity Three: Teaching kids an everyday skill is valuable. Find ways to show them how to work with money. Take them out to the garage and give a lesson on tools and how to use them. The point is kids will retain pretty much everything you teach them at this age so why not give them the skills they’ll need to make a difference? Go the extra mile and activity will be in your top line-up too!

Activity Four: Exercising is one of the best activities for any kid-parent team. Whether you’re out bowling or joining little league, you’ll enjoy the time spent teaching your kid to be physically fit. Another important aspect is kids enjoy challenging and strategizing but it’s also important to teach them how to be okay with losing. Just stay positive and any activity involving athletics will surely be entertaining.

Activity Five: We’ve come to our final interest which is cooking. There’s just something about being in the kitchen, creating something and making a mess that seems to rank high with our attention. This truly is an enjoyable part of any parent’s day when they get to be side by side with their kids in preparing food. Even if it’s baking cookies from a package, there’s a bond that takes place. Don’t worry you can clean up the clutter in the kitchen later.

The important thing to remember here is by spending quality time with your kids, you’ll be keeping them busy and teaching them a wide variety of personal attributes. Any one of these activities will allow you to enjoy the process no matter what these entails.

Of course, our sixth activity we are extremely partial to is taking your child to the Wow Factory for some fun. But, we figure you already knew that to be number one! We hope to see you soon.

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Combat Childhood Obesity with Healthy Habits

We all know what we feed our children is important. Keeping kids away from sugary, high fat, and high cholesterol  foods are one of the best ways to combat childhood obesity.  It’s easy to do when you are there to guide them, but what about when you are not around?  The answer is to teach your kids about nutrition and making good choices. Are they always going to make the best choices? Probably not, they’re kids, but if we model making good food choices and indulge in moderation, we are setting them up for starting good habits.

Physical activity should also be modeled and encouraged.  Humans are physical beings, and we all know kids have lots of energy.  Physical activity is limited at school and often kids get no recess time.  Here are some ways to get the kids active.

  1. Limit Your Kid’s Time on Electronics and TV
  2. Enroll Your Child in Sports or Do some Physical Activity 60-Minutes per day
  3. Teach Your Kids to Love Water and Hydrate
  4. Keep a Strict Sleep Routine
  5. Let the Kids Be FREE to Play

Limiting your child’s time, they spend in front of the television and electronic devices is key to obtaining and maintain weight. What other choice will they have but to actually DO something.  Even if they just play with their toys, they are moving and using their imagination.

Next, enroll your kids in an organized sport or take them to an indoor park, etc., each child should exercise at least 60-minutes per day, every day. (The Wow Factory is a great environment for just that)

Water, water, water! Get away from the juices and sugary sports drinks.

Be sure to have a routine down each night before bed. Turn off the television, take away devices and other distractions.  Read a book and maybe meditate to bring the mind to rest.  Not only will it help your child but you will benefit too!

Last, make sure your kids have stress-free time to play. What does that mean? It’s not always necessary to hound them while they are playing.  Let them explore, discover and use their imagination.  Give your kids the freedom to express themselves and let them fail. They will learn from these experiences.

While we’re not experts at Childhood Obesity, we’re sure these tips are insightful. In the meantime, be sure to visit the Wow Factory and Wow Alley for some fun physical activity. See you there!

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Tips on Burning Calories Using a Bowling Ball!

Other than bowling for fun, did you know that you can burn a lot of calories and get into great shape by using your bowling ball? There’s a multitude of exercises you can do along with a sensible diet; you’ll be toning up in no time. Here are some excellent tips on how to make a few moves that will slim down your waistline while building muscle.

Get chiseled arms by holding the ball with two hands, slightly bending at the knee then raising the ball as high as you can. Don’t go past the chest for safety reasons. Also, you want the weight of the ball to work out your arm muscles. Do four reps of raising the ball 12 times. Watch out, sexy arms on the loose!

Next, sitting with your legs straight out in front of you, use your ball by twisting from side to side and keeping the ball in your hands. This same exercise is used with a kettlebell and will give you incredible abs in no time. Do four reps of 20 on each side.

In addition to working out your stomach muscles and arms, squats are easy with a bowling ball. Keeping the ball on the ground and bending at the knees squat down keeping legs open and using your weight evenly. This can be tricky for people who need to work on balance. Do as many squats with the ball staying grounded until your legs can’t do them any longer. Each week count and strive to do more than the previous week. Not only will this routine give you strong calves and thighs, but it will also help improve your game with more control.

After you work on your arms, legs, and abs, be sure to allow yourself a good 20-minute cardio activity such as running in place. This will give you the aerobic activity needed to burn the rest of the calories that are usually necessary after eating bowling alley fries!

Be sure to remember safety first. Prevent dropping the ball on your toes. Be sensible and use caution, but be sure to use a routine to keep those extra pounds off and you’ll be glad you did. On another note, be sure to check with your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the lanes!

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The Secret About Bowling and Child Development

Today there are some sports and after school activities that can help your child with their development. Many of these sports may include soccer, baseball and football and all require your child to have the motor skills and stamina to play the game. Bowling is a great way for your child to benefit while developing that not many people think about because it doesn’t seem like exercise. On the contrary bowling is a great activity whether there’s a ton of cardio or aerobic activity or not. In this week’s blog, we point out some of the benefits and how it might help your youth.

First, let’s break down the strenuous activity and how bowling equates. The number of calories or getting ones’ heart rate up may vary. Realistically the game isn’t high impact with movement. However, it’s similar to golfing where you can burn up to 613 calories on a nine-hole course. While you may not be jumping up and down, there are other benefits to the game to consider.

Teaching kids to be good at bowling helps them develop visual skills. Learning to use the arrows and guides on the floor otherwise known as “dovetails” are a form of geometric reference and your son or daughter will get a feel for lining up the ball by using the arrows and their eyes. This is an excellent way to teach them how to problem solve and build skills toward strategizing.

Other than using their eyes, bowling can help strengthen muscles, a perfect range of motion and make them more flexible. When releasing the ball, the arm needs to stay straight while bending at the elbow and releasing. Because the ball is heavy, your child’s arm is becoming stronger just by holding and releasing.

On top of the motion your arm is performing, the range of motion is improved because the muscles in the hand, arm and shoulders are working creating a synergy between these motions. Many people with children diagnosed with disabilities enjoy this activity because of these developments.

Besides the upper body strength, bowling teaches us how to be balanced better. When you walk up the lane before releasing the ball, it’s traditional to throw back the leg behind the other one. This is known as the “Trail Leg.” This leg helps to balance the force or action that’s applied to the ball. This motion will also counterbalance the movement of the ball. These motions are not intuitive and must be learned.

Bowling is a great way to teach kids how to be competitive without aggression. They can learn to use other parts of their bodies to improve their game such as their site and motor skills. That’s the secret to bowling. This isn’t just a sport for the elderly; it’s a game that will help your child develop throughout their life. Why don’t you book your lane today?

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays


Let’s face it during the holiday’s it’s hard enough for the adults to stay on target with a healthy lifestyle, much less the kids. With all the sweets starting around Halloween and leading all the way to the New Year’s parties, we are faced with making choices. In this blog, we outline a few tips on how to help your kids make good decisions that will keep the LBs off and keep their health on!

1.    Teach your children how to use portion sizing

2.    Limit the number of sweets and pastries

3.    Daily exercise

4.    Plan activities that involve moving

5.    Restrict the number of hours for Television and Video Gaming

6.    Introduce a Family Wellness Plan

Teaching your kids to limit the proportion of food they take when serving themselves is not only good currently, it’s a best practice that can carry them through adulthood. Show your son or daughter the proper amount of food they should take compared to letting them load up on bread and desserts. Buy or use smaller plates to help make it easier. You’ll notice this can be beneficial to the adults too. Before allowing seconds, be sure to monitor the amounts of other foods they’re consuming.

Next limit the number of cookies, cakes, candies, etc., If they learn to be disciplined, chances are they’ll form healthy eating habits that will always help.

Daily exercise is important during the holidays and vacation time. Plan activities such as playing basketball, going bowling or visit places where there’s physical activity to keep them going. Burning calories at your child’s age may not seem like a big deal. However, with the epidemic of childhood obesity in our nation, getting your kids moving is one of the best ways to combat this disease.

Plan activities that keep them moving. Helping around the yard, cleaning the house or raking leaves are fat busters. These activities also teach them to be self-sufficient and productive.

Limit the hours of video gaming and watching television is super important. Your kids can become obsessed just as an adult do. Why not give them free time to their favorite pastime? Rather than allowing them hours to play Wii or X-Box, designated times and days. This will also keep your child interested in other creative outlets.

Introduce a wellness plan for the whole family. Start by making a good breakfast and doing some aerobic exercise. Lead them to healthier choices for snacking and keep them focused on maintaining energy-giving lifestyles.

In closing, if you teach your children how to lean toward robust living rather than inactive, you’ll save less money on doctor’s visits and more. By being the example, they can learn to live and stay both physically fit and in the highest of strong living.

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Adventures of Entertaining Kids Indoors

Adventures of Entertaining Kids Indoors


When you live in a place like Coconut Creek or South Florida for that matter, you become accustomed to rain and heat. With record breaking temperatures and at least an average of 66.5 inches of rain each year you can bet on spending some time indoors. That might be fine for you while you’re lounging with the AC blasting, but it doesn’t take long before you hear “I’m bored” from the kids. In this blog we highlight a few things to spark ideas for you to entertain your children while increment weather sweeps Broward County. Here’s a few great tricks that’ll keep you kids from getting hungry for activity while staying away from the “BORE-ritto!
Why not create an indoor obstacle course? You can either buy pylons or use items around the house. This is for active playing so be prepared for everyone to get a little excited. You can also use household items such as tape and crepe paper to turn your hall into a fun zone. Strategically tape the paper up the hallway walls in different angles and height and then have the kids crawl or walk through without touching the paper or using their hands. Depending on the age of the child, you can determine the skill level for the course.
Movie theaters are a great place to escape the sun and humidity. You can almost bet at the box-office to provide at least one child’s movie discounted during matinees. Check your local listings for a theater near you.
Have an arts and crafts day. This doesn’t have to be a lot of work, nor does it have to be overly messy. You can get many FREE ideas from Pinterest and By stretching your child’s imagination and giving them the ability to be creative helps them to solve problems, work as a team and a myriad of other positive attributes.
Teach a child an old game. Marbles, ping-pong, coin toss are all games that kids still love that require you to go retro! Don’t close the doors, just because it’s been done before. There’s a reason why you still see Slinky’s on the shelf. They are evergreen and timeless.
Fort building used to be a great way to pass the time. Sheets, blankets, chairs and pillows all help to create the ultimate indoor hideaway. You can make these forts more advanced by using PVC pipe, or simply use clothing lines and clothes pins with sheets for more of a tent.
With the many ideas that you can find on the Internet, and a way to use your creativity, your children should be anything but bored this summer. No matter if it’s rain or shine, you can always scoop the kids up and bring them into the Wow Factory.
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Helping Your Kids Get Better Sleep At Night

Helping your kids get better sleep at night is something every parent is interested in. Here at The Wow Factory we believe only in natural methods to helping your kids get better sleep at night so lets start with the basics. Why don’t kids get good sleep at night? Maybe you are feeding them cereal high in sugar before tucking them in! If that’s the case then you’ve solved your problem, just change up their eating schedule or feed them lower sugar foods before sleep. However, the most common cause of sleeplessness is that they simply have too much energy. Maybe they got to play outside for a good hour at school but then they sat at a desk all day then came home to sit some more in front of the television. It’s no wonder they are having trouble sleeping when you’d like them to at night. The easy fix for that common issue would be to simply get them outside and playing more after school. Invite some of their friends and plan a day at The Wow Factory where they will have a great time running around enjoying laser tag, ballocity, ropes course, mountain climbing wall, arcade, or laser frenzy. We even have a area especially for young toddlers so everyone can have a good time. While regular exercise may be the cure for sleeplessness most of the time it certainly isn’t the cure all the time. Other causes may come from a serious conditions including insomnia or anxiety. Some studies have shown a link between poor sleeping habits and bad grades. Getting a good nights sleep for youngsters if extremely important for many more reasons than just bad grades. Your child’s growing body excretes most of its growth hormone while asleep so chronic loss of sleep could lead to things as serious as stunted growth.

We hope we’ve given you a few helpful suggestions when it comes to helping your kids get better sleep at night. We hope to have also taught you how important it is that your child gets regular sleep every night. Please send any additional comments or suggestions you have!ballocity

Strengthening the Bond: 4 Tips for Creating Healthy and Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Kids

Relationships with your friends, family, and significant other all need work, and the relationship with your child also needs to be cultivated. You’ll reap huge rewards from sowing the seeds of trust, confidence, and love now, although it can be hard when you’re juggling life, work, and everything else. Here are 4 tips for creating healthy and long-lasting relationships with your kids: (more…)

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4 Daily Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy

From the very day you brought your baby home from the hospital, you wanted nothing more than to provide him or her with the very best. When it comes to day to day routines, there are a few things you can do to promote your child’s continued health. Read on for 4 daily tips for keeping your child healthy: (more…)

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3 Keys to Raising a Happy Child

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