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Say Yes! To an End of Year Party

There are many reasons to host a year-end party for your employees and their families. Companies who care for their employees and show it tend to have dedicated workers who stay around for a while. Here are 5 ways that throwing one of these events will help retain employees and attract more business.

A Company Who Cares

Whether you’re the CEO of a company or head of human resources, by planning a year-end party where you include employees and their families, you position yourself as a company who cares. Often times people overlook the importance of staff and employees and their dedication to their families. A year-end party can help to remind them of their importance to the company as well as recognize the true meaning of why they put in 40 hours per week. This type of event helps to show your appreciation.

Build Company Morale

When your company seems to be lacking morale, hosting a corporate year-end party can really boost the attitudes of those who work with and for you. The difference will lie when returning to work post party as people will reminisce about the good times they had. By inviting your coworkers along with their families you can eliminate excuses for no babysitting. Above all, you connect with your staff on a more intimate level.

Announcements and Promotions

Perhaps you have a new product line or major company announcement to make, this type of party can help launch and motivate those involved. Don’t forget to include plenty of photography to capture the event. Why not give away some type of promotional item to help enhance your employee’s excitement? These types of parties are more informal and are meant to induce fun.

Build Relationships

In many cases when working long hours or perhaps a stressful environment, people have a tendency to be disconnected. By introducing a more laid-back setting, you allow a more open line of communication needed for your company’s growth.

In closing, it doesn’t matter if you’re the event planner or the secretary. By rolling out the red carpet for those who work with you side-by-side you create an enjoyable atmosphere and introduce a welcome attitude that will be valuable to the rest of your team.

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Getting into the Celebration Spirit

This holiday season may seem redundant to some of you who are already overwhelmed. Let’s face it, getting into festive moods can at times seem almost impossible. There doesn’t need to be a lot of stress, and there’s plenty of alternatives that will help you get inspired. Many of which are right in your tool box. We’re here to help you find jubilation even when the hum-drum isn’t going ‘pa rump pa pum, pum.’

Bring back old memories

If you grew up where the Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza was full of memories, feel free to take a step down memory lane. By looking at old photographs or introducing traditions to your family, you’ll be getting that same old feeling you did as a child. Perhaps people get excited about the holidays by recycling rituals such as “The Elf on the Shelf” as they are reminded of their heritage. Either way, these old memories are sure to spark some enthusiasm.

Start decorating early

Start your decorating right away if you’re not in the holiday spirit. The décor may encourage you to want to jump up and start singing carols or want to build a ‘sand’ man. (Hence, South Florida) Whether you’re ready to head over for a Christmas Barbeque on the beach or sing “Jingle Bell Rock” putting up the tree and the rest of the tinsel will inevitably get you into jamming.

Take time off from the traditional schedule

Keep hold of your traditions but take some time away from the traditional schedule. Add something new and try something a bit different. Try a new look for the Holiday work party, put up your tree earlier or try an original recipe. The part that will spark new life into your holiday season is you’re opening to new horizons. You may even find there are a few extra activities to add to your usual repertoire.

Book a massage

Speaking of taking time off your schedule, be sure to book a massage during the holiday vacation. This is by far one of the best solutions for eliminating stress out of shopping, party planning and relatives crowding your space. Be sure to look at places such as Groupon for discounts in South Florida.

Let the kids run off some energy

Get your inspiration from dropping off the kids with a relative or trusted neighbor at an indoor amusement park such as Wow Factory. You will have plenty of time to make your shopping rounds, bake cookies and holiday treats, wrap presents, or prepare for the family. The little ones will have an amazing time and be so exhausted it will leave plenty of quality downtime to snuggle and watch a holiday movie.

These are just a few tools that will help you get inspired and enjoy your holiday season.

Looking to book a birthday or holiday party, contact us today for reservations.

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Host Company Events at the Wow Factory 

Every event planner, company organizer, and HR person are faced with the challenge of coordinating some staff gathering from time to time. In most cases, today’s president or CEO suggests involving the family. If this is the situation and you don’t know what to do, we’ve got some reasons why most bosses love to host their company event at the Wow Factory.

First Reason – Time

Saving time is always at the forefront of any CEO or Director’s mind. As they claim, “time is money.” Booking your company event at the Wow Factory will save you on both. Here’s why. You don’t have to hunt for the perfect location to host your corporate party because there’s plenty of room for you to throw a sweet size holiday bash in one of our event rooms. Also, you will save money because these places are at minimal cost than what you would pay to rent out a hall or some other venue. Besides the being the perfect spot, you save money by saving the time it will take you to chase venue personnel, plan food and everything else.

Second Reason – Team Building

Laser tag and some of the other attractions are a fantastic way to build team morale. When the staff and co-workers aren’t motivated, the boss loves to see them let loose and have a great time outside of the office. Not only do the employees learn to work more efficiently with each other, they seemingly become more productive when returning to work.

Third Reason – No Cooking or Cleaning

The president of the company is most likely not interested in cooking and cleaning after his hungry employees have indulged. The Wow Factory offers an excellent menu full of snack foods and gourmet cuisine which can be ordered individually or catered ahead of time. Besides the delicious choice of foods such as hand-tossed pizza and sizzling burgers, there’s a terrific beverage menu of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. No matter what the preference, there are lots of tasty choices.

Fourth Reason – Great for Families

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Wow Factory is an excellent choice for family events. If the boss wants to see his top performers having a boat-load of fun with their sons and daughters, he or she can do just that. No one at the company event will have to use the excuse they can’t’ make it because there’s no one to babysit. They can bring the kids, so they can enjoy this time at the company outing too.

There are the reasons why the boss loves hosting events at the Wow Factory. We think these are perfect for you as well. Contact us today!

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Too Old to Celebrate Halloween?

Wow Factory Tips, and Topics for Parents

No matter how old, people still get excited about Halloween. In most cases, children and adults love to put on a costume and parade around their friends. Whether you’re looking to get dressed up for a party or some other celebration, you can be sure the laughs and excitement will keep on coming. But, at what age do you think kids are too old to participate? In this week’s article, we share some valuable insight with you on this controversial topic. Ready, read on if you aren’t too scared!

A Neighborhood Story About Teen Goblins

A few years long ago a parent in our Coconut Creek neighborhood reported seeing a group of teenage boys and girls dressed in costumes. Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and they typical witch and ghost were among these tall teens. There was no problem with wearing this attire, except this parent raised a bit of a stink as one of the girls was smoking a cigarette and another boy was heard using profanity. The parent describes these as pre-teenagers who were just out to cause trouble, and it took away the spirit of Halloween with the exception, it was downright chilling to see the kids acting this way.

If Older Kids Use Manners is it Still an Issue to Trick or Treat?

While this example may seem a bit harsh, some stories circulate this time of year whether to let your teenage kids go out for Halloween with friends. In most cases, the kids do the right thing, acting appropriately. You might even hear the “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You” responses if they’ve been raised with manners.

Help Teens as Halloween is About Building Strong Communities

Besides the friendly older group of ‘trick or treaters,’ there’s plenty of other reasons why Jr. High and High School aged children can allow the evening to be filled with fun for everyone. Halloween is a community event. Carried down through the ages, continuing to be favored by many US citizens, Halloween carries a memorable annual event. That being the case, if you think your children are too old to go out for the evening, perhaps finding essential tasks such as passing out candy or managing the props would be a great way to keep the older kids involved? No matter what the case is, making older children feel they are a part of the festivities is the key.

Now that we’ve covered our perspective on teens and Halloween, what is yours? We’d love to hear from our parents and how they handle these types of situations.

Don’t forget to book your parties early this year at the Wow Factory. We book up fast!

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Team Building at the Wow Alley

Bowling is at the Heart of American Companies

When your bottom line has hit rock bottom, it’s time to do some housekeeping. Often companies experience and a slight departure during this time of year. After researching they may find the issues in productivity stem from a lack of company morale. When you see this is the case, you can utilize the Wow Alley as a way to rebuild attitudes and self-confidence by organizing an innocent evening of bowling.

HR and Event Planners Love to Build Teams with Bowling

Whether you work for a small company or a large chain, if you’re a manager or HR representative, you are most likely paying attention to your team’s disposition and spirit. When employees like where they work, they’re more likely to become more productive. Arranging an event, such as a company night of bowling, can boost drive and keep your top producers full of camaraderie. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to have an evening out with your office staff.

Offer Prizes to Highest Scores

Break up into teams of men or women, execs versus laborers, etc., The idea here is to pick up the community, and teamwork amongst your troops. People by nature are competitive, and the game of bowling can lead to a more ambitious group. Offer prizes to the highest score or allow parking at the front of the lot as a way of creating comradeship.

Fellowship Begins with 10 Pins and a Ball

Not only is the game suitable for sport and competition, but it’s also an excellent way to socialize. Invite your vendors or outside business partners to join in the fun. This fellowship continues to build loyalty both inside and out of the company. In some cases, people use the Wow Alley to join a bowling league for a regular way to entertain. Whatever the case may be, the sport of bowling is an excellent way to rival and build relationships.

Lastly, if you’ve wanted to host an event with little to no planning, the Wow Alley can provide a comfortable, breezy experience for you and your event planners. Even when you’re on a tight budget for your celebration, you can manage the cost of bowling. Besides the idea of playing a fun game, there’s a café that offers a full menu, private rooms and a plethora of other accommodations to make your party one they won’t forget.

Many of today’s corporate events have eliminated alcohol for various insurance reasons. We offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for you to be at ease with responsibilities.

Whether you want to party it up or you’re looking for a  place to collaborate with your team, the Wow Alley provides everything you need to meet your goals.

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Best New Books For Young Readers

2017 has been a good year for children’s books based on the rave reviews of the books currently on the market. Instilling a reading culture in your child is one of the best gifts you can give them. Our world has switched to a largely knowledge-based economy where success is not determined by what one can physically do, but by what they know. There is an undisputed correlation between a culture of reading and knowledgeability. If you can get your child interested in reading books early in life, they are more likely to continue reading as they grow up. Here are some interesting new books to instill the love of reading in your child.

  1. I am Jim Henson by Brad Meltzer

Fewer people have impacted children’s entertainment like Jim Henson. As the creator of The Muppets and Sesame Street, his work has touched the lives of multiple generations all over the world. This picture book, which is targeted towards young children, shows a colorful and entertaining biography of the famed entertainer. With a humorous touch, it teaches children the value of having an active imagination and shows them that if one is focused and dedicated to their dreams, they can end up spending their lives doing what they love. Apart from the illustrations, the book uses a very simple language structure which makes it perfect for children who are reading at the beginner level.

  1. The Friendship Code: Girls who code, Book 1 by Stacia Deutsch

This is an interesting book that aims to inspire children, especially girls, to be interested in computer science. The author is part of an international non-profit organization that aims to address the gender gap in the tech industry. The story is based on a young girl who learns how to code so that she can solve mysteries with her friends and includes many entertaining characters. Even without the educational element, the book has a well-written story that would interest most young readers. Although targeted towards girls, it can still inspire young boys to be more interested in technology-based careers.

  1. The Door in the Alley: The explorers, Book 1 by Adrienne Kress

The door in the alley is a fast-paced adventure book that follows two protagonists who join an adventurer on a worldwide quest while being pursued by a shadowy cabal of villains. The book has a funny narrator and is bound to tickle your child’s funny bone. Apart from the engaging narrative, the book introduces young learners to new words which will significantly improve their vocabulary.

  1. All the Way to Havana by Margarita Engle

All the way to Havana is written by famed Cuban-American poet, Margarita Engle, and it narrates the story of a Cuban family taking a road trip from their rural home to Havana. Despite being set in Cuba, the story does not delve into the complicated (and often divisive) politics that involve the country. There are no mentions of the revolution or the Cuban embargo. What your child will enjoy is a warm story of a friendly family traveling in an old rickety car that breaks down every few miles.

These four books are perfect for introducing your young ones to the joy of reading. Try one of them today!

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Wow Your Kids With A Party At The Wow Factory

If you are within Coconut Creek or the larger South Florida region, then the Wow Factory offers the best location for your kid’s party. Whether you are having a birthday party, a family get-together or just want to give your kids and their friends a fun day out; the Wow Factory offers the best value for money and an enjoyable experience. What would you, and your kids, experience at the Wow Factory? Read on to find out.

  1. An awesome party venue with Lots of fun activities

The Wow Factory offers more than just bowling, there are numerous fun activities for your kids to enjoy. There are more than enough bowling alleys so you can reserve as many as you want to ensure that your party enjoys their bowling uninterrupted. Apart from the bowling, there is a well-stocked arcade games section with many new and retro arcade games available. There is a laser tag arena within the complex as well as a rock climbing wall and a rope course. To have access to any, or all, of these facilities, all you have to do is book them in advance.

  1. Kids birthday party packages

If you are holding a birthday party for your child, and their friends, then the Wow factory has a number of special party packages for you. Starting at $399, your kids will enjoy bowling and any of the other fun activities within the complex. They will get pizza and sodas as well as a complimentary Wow Factory gift bag. The Wow Factory can also send branded paper or electronic invitations to your party attendants. The birthday girl or boy will also be given points that can be redeemed at any of the fun activities for free as a birthday gift. If you have more than 12 guests or want a more customized party experience (such as a special menu), then all you need is to inform the Wow factory in advance and your child’s party can be customized to suit your preference.

  1. An affordable and safe experience.

All our party packages, activities and food and beverage items are priced affordably to ensure that your kids can have fun without denting your budget. The Wow factory prides itself in being a responsible member of the Coconut Creek community and wants its services to be within the price range that can be enjoyed by all. All the activities that are held at the Wow factory are also adequately supervised by well-trained staff to ensure that your children will be safe as they enjoy themselves. From the rock climbing wall to the kitchen, you can be guaranteed that all safety measures are adhered to.

  1. Something for the parents

While the kids have fun, the Wow factory has something for the parents and chaperones to enjoy. Adults can enjoy bowling; have some snacks or sample from our wide selection of wines and craft beers. We have an impressively wide menu that includes tacos, burgers, steaks, tex-mex and quesadillas.

The Wow Factory has all the ingredients for a truly fun and unforgettable kids’ party. Bring your kids and let them discover the ‘wow’ effect of the Wow Factory.

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School Shopping on a Budget

Coconut Creek’s #1 Source for Back to School Tips

If you live in a place such as Coconut Creek, your kids are most likely heading back to school. While we’re sure many parents are elated their children will be back in full swing, others might be feeling a little blue. In fact, some cases parents experience some anxiety as there are extra expenses during this time of year. If that’s your feeling, we are here to help make things better by offering some school shopping penny savers for you to consider.

The Dollar Store is the Bomb Dot Com!

When you’re working on a tight budget, school season can be a bit of a strain. However, making a pitstop at the Dollar Store can save you a ton. You can find school supplies and a plethora of other items that can quickly fill up a book bag in no time.

Get Thrifty with Your School Shopping

Another great place to pick up school clothing can be done by checking out thrift stores and venues such as TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Regardless of the season, many of these places have some trendy and vintage items that kids just love. In addition to finding school clothing another excellent place to find deals would be on Facebook’s Marketplace and Apps such as Letgo.

Craigslist Freebies

Besides the apps and the latest shopping spots through social media, Craigslist is another resource for picking up pre-owned items such as desks and office furniture. Be sure to visit the FREE section as many South Floridians are commuters and place give-a-ways to whoever is interested. This is an excellent way to save big bucks, especially if you’re handy and like to restore things like book shelves.

The Big ‘A’ Has More Free Items Than You Know

Other than the screaming deals you find on CL, Amazon is one of the best places to shop. Type into the search bar FREE and see what pops up. Frequently you can score books and software at a deep discount. There’s even a chance to get them for $0!

End Caps Offer Big Savings Too!

On top of finding some cool stuff on the big A, shop for snacks and food items at Aldi or Target. Be sure to look at the end caps as these are generally where they put the best buys in the house.

Lastly, we understand being on a budget is a must in many cases. However, by using some creativity while you shop, you can stay within your means. Keep in mind; these are just a few tips we hope you can use to make the year easier.

We’d like to hear your suggestions on how you saved a few bucks this year. Drop us a line or visit our Facebook Fan Page.


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Help! My Kid Wants a Cell Phone

Wow Factory Parent Tips

I bet if you had a discussion with your grandparents about getting your child a cell phone, they would look at you with concern. We have to remind Grandma and Pa that it’s common for kids to have a mobile device these days. While they look at you with four eyes, you could potentially explain to them why it’s a good idea in the first place. However, you might agree there need to be some parameters. We’ll give you some ammunition or friendly fire responses for anyone who thinks your kids don’t need a phone.

1.)    A kid with a phone is more likely to be well mannered and follow the rules you set up for them. Boundaries seem to be easier, and kids do respond to communication by way of a cell.

2.)    A mobile phone is a great tool to use as leverage. People become attached to cell phones almost immediately. When parents reward or take away privileges, using a mobile phone as a tool, it can be most effective.

3.)    Caution with GPS tracking. Almost every phone has a GPS system installed. Don’t forget to disarm this unless you specifically want to know where your child is at all times. In that case, remember to scrub the phone and have a high-security system to block hackers.

4.)    Another good reply would be “We love sharing selfies, and my kid is the most beautiful thing on Earth. I just can’t get enough!” (watch the look on their faces just for fun)

5.)    Many parents create Screen Time and prevent the lucky son or daughter with parameters of when, where, how and why they use their devices. It might sound trendy, but, it works!

6.)    Set a safety procedure such as agreeing they won’t give out their cell number without asking permission first.

While these are a few quick tips for you to consider, they also make having a conversation with others more viable. Kids need to communicate with parents all the time. Today’s technology provides a way to be in constant contact. Who can’t agree?

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First Date Fun

When your crush finally agrees to go on a date, the feeling is ecstatic. You are now trying to figure out where to go out for a drinks or dinner. That is so cliché. There are better and more fun activities you can indulge your crush for a first date. If the connection you have is to last, then the first date needs to be fun and memorable.

Here are some awesome first date fun ideas.

A picnic

Most people will enjoy an outdoor stroll. A picnic is a nice change from the normal restaurant setting and a little more personal. All you have to do is pick a nice spot, and carry some snacks, drinks and a mat. Then you can talk about anything, from the nice landscape in the vicinity to your weird obsession for chicken salad sandwich.

Go bowling

Even if your crush has never stepped into a bowling center, she will definitely enjoy the music, the funny shoes, and the beer pitchers. Also, bowling is not for experts – anyone can bowl. The fun activity will break the awkwardness of having to start new conversations. Plus, if you are an expert, you will enjoy teaching her to bowl.

 Visit the Zoo

We all visited zoos as kids, and we loved it. Relive these childhood moments with your crush on a first date. With so much to see, you will not lack something to talk about. And, it is also very romantic walking around the zoo holding her hand.

Attend a live music concert

You may not have the money to buy tickets to a large music concert. Fortunately, bars and local theatres often showcase talented local and international artists. During the concert, there will be plenty of time to grab drinks and foods and talk. Since the artists are constantly playing music, you do not have to spend hours conversing. It is also an opportunity to learn your date’s taste in music.

Stand-up comedy

Everyone enjoys a good laugh. What can be more romantic than laughing together with your crush? There are lots live comedy shows every weekend in all large towns and cities. In the happy mood, starting conversations will not be as problematic.

Food festival

Going to a food festival with your date is a nice way to know her delicacies. It is adventurous to walk around trying new cuisine. You will cherish those moments as you walk side by side discussing your love and hate for hot sauce, oysters, and everything else.

Watch a game

First, you need to establish if your crush likes sports. Then you can buy tickets to a sporting event. The arena setting provides a nice environment to start casual conversations. It is also fun to cheer the same team or jeer each other team as you snack together.

Amusement parks

Amusement parks can be as much fun for adults as they are for kids. The slides, swings, and face painting are childishly romantic. You also get a good excuse to eat funnel cake and cotton candy. A rollercoaster ride will provide a good opportunity to initiate hand holding.

To create a lasting impression on your crush, figure out a first date that is out of the ordinary. With these first date ideas, whether you kick it off or not, at least you will have fun.

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