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4 of the Best U.S. Theme Parks

Aside from the Wow Factory, there are a gazillion indoor parks on the planet today. Aside from the many venues, we thought it would be fun to blog about some of the best places to take your family when traveling abroad. Here are the top 4 to add to your bucket list of fun spots to visit.

In the not-so-quiet metropolis of Chicago, the amusement park called Six Flags Great America sits on a whopping 304 acres and is rated with a 5-star review on Google. Rides include “The Joker” is one of the coolest roller coasters in the U.S. with its twists and turns making you feel like you’re flying. Besides the many roller coasters, there’s plenty of fun including a water park for hot days. Be sure to plan a trip with the whole family for this incredible adventure.

Next park on the list outside of Coconut Creek is Disney’s Blizzard Beach located in Orlando. Only a 3-hour drive to the Magic Kingdom and you can experience huge waterslides, an outdoor pool that makes you feel like your careening down a snow-covered mountain and so much more. This is by far one of the best attractions in the world renown park. Dine at one of the many snack bars or restaurants and chill out on the polar patios, this is an excellent place to spend a holiday.

In addition to the list of cool parks, the Caribbean Cove in Indianapolis, Indiana offers plenty of fun for the whole family. This exciting attraction includes a 50,000 square-feet pool equipped with playscapes and a lazy river. Who wouldn’t love to have their birthday party celebration there? Adventurous and loads of splashing fun, the park is not only perfect for watersports it’s also a child’s fantasy land with arcade games and lots of lounging areas for a real time.

Other than the wonderful park in In, the largest water park in America is said to be the Pocono Mountains inside of Pennsylvania’s Kalahari Resort. Soak in a Jacuzzi with a tall drink or splash around in the 220,000 Square-feet facility that’s full of color and tons of excitement. The park also offers a full-service spa making this the ideal place for both parents and kids.

These are just a few of the many parks found in the USA that is sure to be added to your list of trips. We hope you found this information helpful. Be sure to check out the rest of the blogs for tips and trends.

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Special Rewards for Your Child’s Accomplishments

When it comes to your child, there’s virtually nothing you won’t do to make them happy. While we most certainly agree with that statement, we also suggest when a child does a good deed or makes a significant accomplishment, it’s important to reward them. In this week’s blog, we share a few ideas on how you can do this without becoming overzealous.

To create a reward system to help children meet individual goals, a teacher came up with the “Sticks” reward system. With this very good idea, you can teach your kids new lessons such as displaying acts of kindness to using manners. The system looks easy enough, and there are only three things necessary to make this system work. Here are the instructions:

  • Big Glass Jar
  • Tongue Depressors or Popsicle Sticks
  • Large Plain Sticker and Marker

Using the pen, write down the reward system on the sticker and place on the front of the glass. Then fill the jar with the sticks. For every good deed, you child earns a stick. After they collect 20-30 of them, the positive behavior can be rewarded with a prize such as an outing or some other significant gift.

Another way to use popsicle sticks to teach your kids lessons is to use colored sticks to limit children with their media devices. Rather than giving gifts, you can give them time to play a video game or watch a movie. In many cases, this will help your son or daughter to become more disciplined with this form of control.

In addition to teaching kids’ self-discipline, you can create your own Wow Factory Dollars by making a sheet of fake dollar bills. Not only is it good to create a reward system it’s fun. Once your child earns enough fake money, turn in those fake dollars for the real thing where they are free to spend it at our facility. Many parents have found this type of lesson teaches kids to save money as well as work toward their goals.

Lastly, for your toddlers, there are many different tools to help children from everything to poddy training or chores. It’s never too soon to help kids develop life learning skills. If you look on Pinterest, you’ll find a multitude of great ideas that are bound to make a difference in any little one’s life.

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Teach Your Children to Give During the Holidays

With the way, today’s big world is operating many of our children seem to be getting the wrong impressions on what the holiday season should offer. It seems almost every year the kids are more focused on gifts and playtime and not enough learn the real ideology of the season. In this blog, we point out a few tips that will help your boys and girls remember to help make the world a better place.

Thanksgiving and Family Dinners are always a superb time to discuss how much you appreciate each other. After all, our young ones learn starts at home. Why not teach them to show their gratitude toward people in your family by letting everyone comment on who and why they are thankful? You can start a gratitude jar and decorate it for the holidays and then have each family member pull one of the remarks and read during the dinner. Announcing why we’re gracious is not only fun, it’s 100% heartwarming.

Next up, “Random Acts of Kindness.” It seems we all have a little too much on our plate today to take our mind off and place our energies elsewhere. Remember the old folks that live next door or a charity that has a worthy cause. Get your children involved in philanthropy and doing kind things for others without making a big deal of it. Perhaps they can volunteer to help take out the garbage for the senior woman living alone or bring them to charitable events for kids less fortunate to help open their eyes to helping others.

Hold a food or toy drive within your neighborhood. Anyone can do this activity. When you get, your kids involved, it becomes a unique event. Help them promote giving to other children their age by collecting food or toys, and they bring to a drop off center. Food drives are something you can do any time of year. These are events you can do anytime. The whole idea is to help you son or daughter be open to looking out for the needs of others. We call it humanity, and it makes a huge difference when more of us can be pro-active in the community.

Give your kids the ideas to do nice things for others, and you’ll be teaching them some value and morals important to their success on becoming great citizens.

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Best Mommy Bloggers on the Net Today

The all visual social platform Pinterest has exploded over the past few years. Recently the statistics point to Pinterest having over 100 million active users to the site per day. They’ve also introduced a new feature for mommy bloggers to find their next career move. Pinfluencers are dominating this site and you should too. Here’s some of the best Mommy Bloggers or marketers you should check out next time you’re on board. (no pun, really)

Joy Cho targets everything from baby clothing to recipes for a monster ball. She’s a designer by trade so you’ll catch a lot of fashion pins too. Her blog titled “Oh joy!” shows her sparkling family and has some of the cutest kids. Treat yourself to the many products that she features online. She’s got a terrific site, including throwing great parties for your children.

Now we switch to Josi Denise who takes a little more of a radical approach. She’s the “I’m going to tell you just like it is” mom. With a background in marketing and PR, she has a small following on Instagram, a modest 2400 followers, but you get a sense of who she is and how her life as a mom unfolds. Josi has a great disposition and attitude that allow her to use Mommy Blogging as a form of career.

There’s an estimated $2,000 each time you hit 1Million Followers. is a young mom who resides in San Diego with her perfect family of 3. You can check out her reviews on things such as Halloween costumes to a host of other family topics. She’s featured in the Huffington Post to Today Parents. The second you log onto her page, you feel like you’ve known this blogger for years. It’s great to see writers turn into superstars with the concept of becoming a brand influencer.

There’s a ton of other talented people in the category of Mommy Blogs. We’re just pointing out the most obvious ones to us. We certainly hope you let us know who your favorite blogger is.

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Balloon Fun, Coconut Creek Style at the Wow Factory

While the Wow Factory may be known for laser tag and our ropes course, this amusement fun zone also welcomes individual personality and taste. This is particularly true when it comes to renting one of our birthday party rooms. We do allow minimum decoration, games and food. We put together a quick reference for creating some fun games that you can do with balloons that cost very little time and effort. Feel free to use these ideas when visiting us or at home.

For ‘Balloon Bop’ you’ll need to paper plates, a couple of paint sticks from the hardware store, a glue gun and one inflated balloon. Glue the paint sticks to the back of the paper plates. (One stick per plate). Be sure to glue the stick halfway to support the back of the plate. Let them dry and you now are ready for some balloon tennis by using the paper plates as paddles and the blown up balloon. This is a super idea that can be used anywhere. If you aren’t crafty, use a fly swatter from the dollar store.

For a quick fix on gussying up your helium balloons use soft mesh cloth, cut at the ends then secure with a tied ribbon. This balloon idea is super-fast and really makes the party look festive.

Balloon Emoji’s are a cute way to have some fun at your party that can go home with the child afterwards. This will take some preparation time.  You’ll need to pick up 1 balloon for each child. Be sure to get the aluminum foil balloons and not latex. Before your party cut out shapes to be used to make faces. Give one balloon to each child to decorate on their own. This is a fun way to see them smile and is an inexpensive giveaway.

Dartless balloons are an awesome way to living up any event and it’s super easy to put together. For this game you’ll need a variety of balloons that are blown up. A large piece of foam care, you can buy at Walmart of Michael’s crafts. You’ll also need tacks, and square pieces of paper with large numbers on them. The numbers roll up and put them into the balloon before blowing them up. On the back of the foam core, stick your tacks and then tape them down so they don’t move. Tape the inflated balloons on the board, then toss a bean bag toward the balloons. Each kid takes turns and whoever hits your child’s birthday age (number inside) wins a prize. It’s that simple.

Of course, these are just a couple of quick ideas for you to liven up the party. By using a little ingenuity and of course visiting places like Pinterest, you will be the party planner of the season.

For more ideas for your child’s birthday party, contact our party planners who can assist.

Great Gift Ideas, Custom Picture Books

Great Gift Ideas, Custom Picture Books

Tips from South Florida Indoor Activity Center – The Wow Factory
Seems that in today’s world with everyone snapping pics with their smart phones we forget that giving a nice framed picture or putting together some type of keepsake that’s personalized is still a nice gift to get. There are some really creative ideas with a few companies out there that can make your next gift really special. Here’s a snapshot of those companies and gifts to make using pictures and images.
If granny or granpappy is turning another year older and you are in a slump for what to get them, why not have a “Day in the Life” book made about them? Use pictures, keepsakes like flowers or material clippings and put them into a nice hardbound book. They will be tickled that you took the time to give it so much thought.
Baby’s first year photo albums are really nice but have you considered making one of these using a company like Shutterfly? They can put together hardback books with your own gorgeous pictures in great looking timelines, including text a terrific format and of course make it special using your own photos.
The cost is determined by how many photos and there are several formats to select from. The sizes are also another indication on what the charge will be. For example, an 8×8 retails at $19.99 and the 11×14 will start at $74.99. Remember that this is a book that they will have forever.
A mom I knew was really into cooking and wanted her kids to have a book that included her family recipes. She took fun pictures of her cooking with her children and husband and then created a beautiful book that she was able to give to the kids when they were older.
With mother’s day here another year, everyone was scrambling around asking each other what to get mom on this special day. After all, she’s the lady who has it all so what did we get? We had a huge picture book made for her including all the brothers and sisters and their families and kids. She enjoys looking at the book because it’s easy to pick up one book and look at all her favorite snapshots. A gift she’ll cherish forever.
Wedding Days are also a perfect way to tell the story. Elegant photos in a beautifully displayed book can be a favorite coffee table for the newlyweds. Tell the story of when and where they first met up to their special day and give the couple this as a one-year anniversary gift. They will love you forever!
These are just a few quick ideas on how to use these types of books. Don’t forget while visiting us at the Wow Factory, our staff is always happy to help you take great pictures. Just grab one of us and ask.
In the meantime, keep watching for our weekly blog for other tips, tricks and ideas for making your celebration awesome!

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Why My Cupcake Idea is Better Than Yours

Why My Cupcake Idea is Better Than Yours

If you have school aged children, you know, each year during your child’s birthday, there’s a chance that you’ll get asked to make cupcakes. There are times that cupcakes are requested for other special occasions as well.  These delicious pastries can be a part of any celebration, but what do you do to make these party favors more exciting than last years?  There can be additional challenges in making a great cupcake. Things like assembly and transportation for handheld cakes can get in the way of making the best cupcakes for your kids.  Here are a few ideas that are very simple to make and easy to transport without you having a catering truck to do so.

First, think outside of the box, or in this case the baking cups.  Use items like Ice Cream cones, plastic champagne or wine glasses, or try the cupcake pops for something a little more unique.

Garnish your cupcakes by making shapes out of vanilla wafers, or some other cookie, marshmallows, Reese’s Peanut Butter chips, etc.  You can find ideas and recipes in places like Pinterest and Martha Stewart Living for unique ideas that serve a grand presentation.

Cupcakes at office parties can be extra fun and you can use your creativity by including a theme.  Such as Popsicle Brownie Pops or an Apple Pie with filling in the middle of the cupcake as an extra surprise for your co-workers.

Cupcake filling is important in some cases.  You can add things like crispy bacon strips in Maple Brown Sugar cupcake recipe, pie fillings are excellent to stuff in the middle, or you can stick with a traditional icing. 

Cupcakes don’t have to be sweet or full of sugar.  Why not create a lunch cupcake using crescent rolls or biscuit mix, pizza sauce, pepperoni’s and of course mozzarella cheese and call it a Pizza Cupcake?

Are you looking for a healthy recipe that’s low in calories? The traditional carrot cake is always a super choice but if you want to be a little more innovative, why not try a protein muffin or a Gluten-Free banana bread mix?  Presentation is everything when it comes to the ‘world of cupcakes.’

Stay away from ice cream, or anything that can be destroyed during your transportation.  Some ways to protect your creations if you’ll be traveling a distance to deliver your homemade snacks.  Place small cupcakes in plastic cocktail cups, then wrap with pretty or bold colored pieces of cellophane then tie with colorful bows.  This not only keeps the pastry, fresh, it’s a superb way to package and transport.

Cupcake containers can be very expensive, but if you find clear cups with lids and tie a plastic spoon in the cup with a festive bow, you make it simple to transport but it’s also easier for people to eat without a mess.

Big box stores like Michael’s has a gazillion great ideas from paper to candles and containers that you should check out.  They sell cake boxes for those craftier and if you open your mind you’ll find this to be an excellent source for all your party needs. 

The point here to make is that cupcakes are a sign of L-O-V-E.   Whether you’re making these delicious party favors for your child or for the people you work with, these little cake foods are ideal in any situation.  By taking the extra time and doing a bit of research, your cupcakes might become better than mine! 

We’d like to hear your thoughts on your cupcake secret weapons.  Drop us a comment or find us on Facebook. 

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Happy Baking!!

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The Ultimate Sleep Over Party for Girls

The Wow Factory presents you with ideas and tips for the ultimate sleep over party for girls.

When it comes to your kids, there’s nothing more important than making them happy.  We’re all on board with you for that one.  But after you’ve just come back from picking up your daughter from her friend’s sleepover and she’s overwhelmed with excitement between the sugar and no sleep, she says “So n so had the best party ever, I hope my next party is that cool” you know there’s no other way than to outdo the other parent.  So here’s how you blow your daughter away if she’s between the age of 6-12 and likes to be spoiled with adventure.

Location: Select the location for the party first.  If you’ve decided to have it home or at some other location, it can drastically change your planning.  Places like the Miami’s Seaquarium offer overnight visits that offer up to 15 people minimum and 1 free chaperone.  These events can be costly and start at $60 per person.  This venue is rather far if you live near Coconut Creek, and you’ll have to have a reliable form of transportation to and from the park.  Despite the cost and hassle of the drive this can be a unique way to celebrate your kid’s birthday or other event.

Surprise Party: Wow Factory is great at keeping secrets and can be an outstanding venue to have your party. While we don’t have overnight guests, this is a great place to start out and then welcome your guests back to your house.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch: Prior to your child’s party visit the local Home Depot and pick up some rope or PVC pipes.  Create tents throughout your living room and place colorful pillows and use sheets to make the sleepover room inviting mysterious and fun.

Entertainment:  What you decide on entertainment is entirely up to you, however you should consider the age and what’s appropriate.  The younger girls may enjoy things like make-up makeovers to face painting, while the older girls might get a kick out of having a fortune teller or belly dancer come by to keep the party lively.

Avoid Fights and Arguments: You can avoid trouble kids, by keeping the party full of activities and fun.  If you notice that there’s children that are shy, try to encourage them to be the helper or some other way to break their resistance. Remember, you want this to be the ultimate party for all the kids, not just one or two.

Snacks and Decorations: You can find a variety of great snack ideas by visiting places like or pick up a Martha Stewart Magazine for ideas. Small touches like white lights are not only festive, you can leave them up year round as decorations.  This season many of the girls’ parties are incorporating roses and pretty polka dot patterns that resemble shabby-chic than the bright neon color swatches from previous years. Snacks are a cinch with things like the Whole Foods App that can help you plan your grocery list.

The Cake:  Carry out your theme with decorations on your cake or cupcakes to keep it simple.  A few cute ideas are placing the cupcake in a cone shaped paper container to resemble more of an ice-cream.  The other cute idea is cake-pops.   A minimum of cake is seemingly better than too much.  That is, unless you love the leftovers? 

In the morning serve cereal in a cute and festive way.  Buy a variety of mini cereal boxes. Then take plastic spoons, use beads with letters on and hot glue to the spoon, the children’s names.  You can then attach these with a bow and place in a matching bowl.

As a giveaway, you can create pretty toothbrushes individualized with name tags or using the letter beads and hot gluing the names to the toothbrush. Using older traditional items and presenting them in a newer way, makes you the ultimate hostess.

You can also make star-shaped sugar cookies and place skewers or wooden sticks in them. Cover with plastic wrap and some pretty bows to secure shut and you’ve made a magic wand that’s perfect for giveaways.   The gesture small, the reception H-U-G-E!

By using a little creativity, and some ingenuity, you can create one of the best birthday parties your daughter has ever had and one she’ll be proud of.   Of course, there are many great ideas out there and we’d like to hear from you what your creative mind came up with. Feel free to drop us a line.

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How to Throw a Surprise Party for Even Nosiest Guests

Host your next surprise party at the Wow Factory, South Florida indoor activity and party center.

If you or someone you know has always wanted to throw a surprise party for a friend, relative or co-worker, but don’t know how, this blog is for you! The worst part of throwing a surprise party is when the honoree finds out the secret. We’ve put together a few ideas on how to pull off the ultimate surprise that even the nosiest ‘guest of honor’ couldn’t figure out.

When it comes to throwing a surprise, you have to think outside of the realm of tradition. Why not call an Uber or Lyft driver and give instructions to both the driver as well as your special guest giving clues along the way? Granite this won’t work for everyone. But if your passenger is willing to go with it, you’re sure to add a touch of mystery to the rest of the event. During special occasions, many people will request the “LUXE” vehicles. These typically are BMW’s and Mercedes and are required to be a step up from the average Uber or Lyft rides. These are upon special request and there is an upcharge for these cars.
If you’ve chosen a place like Wow Factory for your party, one sure fire way to get your guests to come in without assuming they’re having a party is the Lost Item “Trick”. Let the person know that you have to casually swing by the Wow Factory or the location due to an item that you had lost previously. Once you’re at the door with them you can lead them to the location explaining you’re looking for the manager. A little white lie is perfectly acceptable when it’s for the benefit of your invitee. So and so needs your help trick is another similar gag like the Lost Item. This time your framing the situation by telling them somebody is in need of a special favor or help.

Frozen Gifts are always an interesting way to present something small. Small items like engagement rings are perfect items to have frozen in an ice cube that’s placed in the prospective bride to be champagne or wine. **Just remember if it’s something of value not to give it to an untrustworthy individual.

Kanye West and the Kardashian sisters threw a Pregnant Birthday Party for his baby’s momma, Kim where she had no idea. Everyone met at the local movie theater that had a very posh party room filled with gourmet ‘delishiousness’ and all Kim’s friends. Because Kim was feeling down about being pregnant with Saint, all the guests came dressed with a ‘baby bump’ to make her feel better.

Blindfolding someone is always fun as long as the scarf or eye covering is tight and dark. Don’t use things like knit caps as blinds. Be sure to check the cover to ensure it’s not see through.

Places like the Wow Factory are excellent venues for Adult Surprise Party’s since they almost never suspect that you would throw such a party at a kid’s place. With these quick hints you can prevent your curious guest from knowing that they are in for a whammy of a shindig!
For more information on throwing the ultimate party contact our party planners.

Looking for a great place to have a indoor surprise party that is filled with fun activities and fun things to do in South Florida?

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