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Host Company Events at the Wow Factory 

Every event planner, company organizer, and HR person are faced with the challenge of coordinating some staff gathering from time to time. In most cases, today’s president or CEO suggests involving the family. If this is the situation and you don’t know what to do, we’ve got some reasons why most bosses love to host their company event at the Wow Factory.

First Reason – Time

Saving time is always at the forefront of any CEO or Director’s mind. As they claim, “time is money.” Booking your company event at the Wow Factory will save you on both. Here’s why. You don’t have to hunt for the perfect location to host your corporate party because there’s plenty of room for you to throw a sweet size holiday bash in one of our event rooms. Also, you will save money because these places are at minimal cost than what you would pay to rent out a hall or some other venue. Besides the being the perfect spot, you save money by saving the time it will take you to chase venue personnel, plan food and everything else.

Second Reason – Team Building

Laser tag and some of the other attractions are a fantastic way to build team morale. When the staff and co-workers aren’t motivated, the boss loves to see them let loose and have a great time outside of the office. Not only do the employees learn to work more efficiently with each other, they seemingly become more productive when returning to work.

Third Reason – No Cooking or Cleaning

The president of the company is most likely not interested in cooking and cleaning after his hungry employees have indulged. The Wow Factory offers an excellent menu full of snack foods and gourmet cuisine which can be ordered individually or catered ahead of time. Besides the delicious choice of foods such as hand-tossed pizza and sizzling burgers, there’s a terrific beverage menu of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. No matter what the preference, there are lots of tasty choices.

Fourth Reason – Great for Families

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Wow Factory is an excellent choice for family events. If the boss wants to see his top performers having a boat-load of fun with their sons and daughters, he or she can do just that. No one at the company event will have to use the excuse they can’t’ make it because there’s no one to babysit. They can bring the kids, so they can enjoy this time at the company outing too.

There are the reasons why the boss loves hosting events at the Wow Factory. We think these are perfect for you as well. Contact us today!

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Team Building at the Wow Alley

Bowling is at the Heart of American Companies

When your bottom line has hit rock bottom, it’s time to do some housekeeping. Often companies experience and a slight departure during this time of year. After researching they may find the issues in productivity stem from a lack of company morale. When you see this is the case, you can utilize the Wow Alley as a way to rebuild attitudes and self-confidence by organizing an innocent evening of bowling.

HR and Event Planners Love to Build Teams with Bowling

Whether you work for a small company or a large chain, if you’re a manager or HR representative, you are most likely paying attention to your team’s disposition and spirit. When employees like where they work, they’re more likely to become more productive. Arranging an event, such as a company night of bowling, can boost drive and keep your top producers full of camaraderie. Here are a few things to consider if you’re looking to have an evening out with your office staff.

Offer Prizes to Highest Scores

Break up into teams of men or women, execs versus laborers, etc., The idea here is to pick up the community, and teamwork amongst your troops. People by nature are competitive, and the game of bowling can lead to a more ambitious group. Offer prizes to the highest score or allow parking at the front of the lot as a way of creating comradeship.

Fellowship Begins with 10 Pins and a Ball

Not only is the game suitable for sport and competition, but it’s also an excellent way to socialize. Invite your vendors or outside business partners to join in the fun. This fellowship continues to build loyalty both inside and out of the company. In some cases, people use the Wow Alley to join a bowling league for a regular way to entertain. Whatever the case may be, the sport of bowling is an excellent way to rival and build relationships.

Lastly, if you’ve wanted to host an event with little to no planning, the Wow Alley can provide a comfortable, breezy experience for you and your event planners. Even when you’re on a tight budget for your celebration, you can manage the cost of bowling. Besides the idea of playing a fun game, there’s a café that offers a full menu, private rooms and a plethora of other accommodations to make your party one they won’t forget.

Many of today’s corporate events have eliminated alcohol for various insurance reasons. We offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for you to be at ease with responsibilities.

Whether you want to party it up or you’re looking for a  place to collaborate with your team, the Wow Alley provides everything you need to meet your goals.

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