Laser Frenzy

Laser Frenzy at The WOW Factory of South Florida

Become the secret agent and embark on a daring scheme to save yourself and rid planet earth of all evil-doers! That’s the exact feeling you get the moment you enter…The “LAZER FRENZY”!

The lazer fenzy is a new arcade-style attraction that combines the exhilarating, high-tech excitement of interactive lasers with LED technology that literally gets the player inside the game. Go at it alone or band together with your own group of fellow renegades and maneuver your way through this twisted series of lasers or in this case “Lazer”action and fun!

Our Laser Frenzy attraction is jam packed with action, adventure and skill. Challenge your friends to a race through the intense laser maze.

Laser Frenzy is a new arcade style attraction that combines the exhilarating high tech excitement of interactive lasers, with LED technology that will literally insert you, the player in the game.