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The Wow Alley’s Version of “How I Met Your Mother”

From the second my bowling alley fries were placed on the table, I knew I was in for a not so good night. The thundering of the alley crashed into my head. My bowling ball was getting heavier as I head toward my team. We were playing against Lou’s Diamond Girls, otherwise known as the Bombshell Ballers. These girls were terrible, and I had a lousy day seemingly about to get worse.

The lady of my dreams was on the opposing team in the tournament

While my day was stressed with work, my shoulders and body were tensing at the alley as the anticipation was building. Our team and I were at the tournament to beat.  That is if you wanted to move into the pros.  While becoming anxious to beat the opposing team, I dropped my ball pulling it out of my bag. I bent over embarrassed and frustrated to pick up my ball when I looked down to see the smallest women’s shoes along with bright laces.

Pink Flames Decorated the Woman’s Bowling Shoes

As the shoes were intriguing enough, I yearned for more. I glanced up and concentrated on Gail’s eyes. There she was with that red hair, and a bowling ball spray painted with pink flames.  I was apparently in her way as she gazed deeply into my eyes and exclaimed: “Move out of the way slick!”

I Knew I wanted to Win her heart

After each one of Lou’s Diamond Girls scored one strike after another, I knew we wouldn’t win. But, I felt like a champ in her eyes. And just as I saw her walking away, knowing I’d never see her again, she asked me to hold her bowling ball with a smile. She started anxiously reaching for her keys in her bowling bag until she pulled them out with a sigh. When she arrived with her bag, she stared into my eyes once more and asked if wanted to join her league. It was then I knew we were destined to be together.

Throughout the years, bowling has been a favorite activity and now each one of my kids enjoys it just as much as we do. Well, I should say “our kids” and our grandkids” to be more correct. Even thirty years later we’re still destined to be in the alley of love.

Yep, she was and still is the love of my life and bowling was the vehicle that put us together. We re-visit often and again play in the same league. Even 30-years later, the game is fun and so is our favorite past time, with each other.

You should start a memory of your own too.

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Halloween Bowling Parties are Sweeping the Lanes Nationwide!

The Wow Factory is the Perfect Way to Close out Halloween 2017

Forget about putting the kids down early, on Halloween. Leave their costumes on and head to the bowling alley. This year the nation’s bowling alleys are reporting an upswing with people heading over to their favorite place to celebrate the holiday. Who can blame them? Bowling is one of the best places to applaud tricks and treats along with a plethora of other fun party favors!

The Daunting Tasks to Halloween Madness

In most cases, Halloween means a mad rush to get the kids ready, head out the doors, hitting up every house in the neighborhood. After your children dash door to door, it’s time to head home and rummage through the mounds of candy only to throw away a vast majority because it looks suspicious. Then it’s time to tuck the lads and lassies in bed. Just when you think the house is finally quiet, you hear a little voice from the other room “I can’t sleep.” While you may be thinking, of course, you can’t sleep, you’re full of sugar, preservatives, and junk.

A Solution to Getting Kids to Sleep Sooner After Trick or Treating

We have a solution for you before you spend the night taking care of tummy aches, pack the kids in the car and head over to the Wow Alley for a grand finale to a spooky day. Not only will the kids be having a great time, but they’ll also be burning off steam and calories. Rather than giving them a ton of sweets just before bed, you can enjoy the rest of the evening doing something fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Make Bowling a Tradition and an Escape

Now some may argue this is a ridiculous idea, but we know it to be a tradition for many people. Even if you do decide to escape from the kidlets, you can enjoy some social time where you don’t have to clean up after everyone. How is fun that?

Not only is the Wow Alley the perfect solution to ending your 2017 Halloween Holiday, but it’s also a fantastic solution to keeping your kids from getting sugar-high overload and keeps them in shape. We’re sure you’ll have such a great experience, you’ll want to make it an annual event yourself.

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5 Stretches Before You Bowl

While bowling may seem like a sport with less physical contact, it’s still an activity that requires proper stretching. You can avoid injuries providing you take a few minutes to prepare before every game you bowl. In this blog, we’ll point out five great stretches that will enable you to play your best without having complications.

  1. Neck and Shoulders
  2. Arms and Wrists
  3. Inner Thighs
  4. Calves and Ankles
  5. Feet

A great stretch before bowling that will loosen your neck and shoulders is a yoga pose that helps to relieve any tension in these areas. Stand with feet shoulder length apart and bring hands behind your back. Lock your hands together by weaving the fingers into one another. Then bend forward at the waist bringing your bonded hands up toward your shoulder blades and pushing your clapped hands toward the back wall. This is an excellent stretch when you hold it for up to 5-seconds. Do this 5-times to maximize the movement.

Next, work on your arms and wrists by holding your arms out to the sides and at shoulder length. With fists closed, and arms out, make little circles with your wrists only do this for up to 30-seconds then switch to bigger circles for 30-seconds. Change these two repeatedly for up to two minutes to strengthen the arms and loosen the muscles in your wrists. These are two methods of stretching necessary for you to bowl a good game.

After you work the arms, neck, etc., it’s time to move to the inner thighs. Stand with feet slightly apart, holding your bowling ball in front of you, then alternating legs, raise one leg behind you and lowering your arms with the ball toward the floor. Without touching the floor with the ball raise yourself back up and switch legs. Do ten reps on each leg. This movement helps with balance while keeping your inner thighs super healthy.

Besides your thighs, the calf and ankles need to have some particular attention if you’re going to bowl a good game. Find a stair to step on and use your toes and the front part of your feet to adhere to the level while allowing you heels to drop down below the step just a bit. Raise yourself back up till you’re standing on the top part of the foot and feeling the stretch in the arch of your feet. Not only will this stretch keep you ‘on your toes’ it’s also great to relieve shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

After you’ve warmed up the calves and ankles, it’s time to spend a few extra minutes on the toes and feet alone. Sit on the floor with legs in front of you. Grab the top part of your feet and pull up on your legs. Lift your legs off the ground while hanging onto your feet. Do this stretch a total of 10 times.

These are some perfect stretches that will help improve your game while preventing any injuries from occurring. Be sure to check with your doctor, anytime you start a regular physical activity.

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