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Are Bowling Shirts Making a Come Back?

Look Your Best at the Wow Alley with These Hot Tips for Shirts!

Some people may argue that bowling shirts are a vintage novelty. However, some of the world’s top designers have adapted this button down classic throwing their spin on this evergreen style of shirt. Clothing lines such as Tommy Bahama and Prada continue using this cut in innovative fashions that are crowding the bowling alleys across the globe. Take a peek at why these bowling shirts are making a comeback!

Mario Prada would be best known for his luxurious handbags, luggage, and shoes. However, the Italian clothing fashion conglomerate is also noted for his cutting edge and sophisticated shirts. In the shirt you see here, you will find the stitching, choice of material and the one-of-a-kind use of pattern and color is one big reason men and women are still enjoying the trendy bowling shirt from one the Italy’s top designers.


This next shirt is everything a man could want in a bowling shirt. “The Woodie Garage” made by Rumble59 offers a sleek and swanky approach with distinctive piping and a double collar. Since bowling shirts were created with loose fabrics allowing the bowler to have comfort while tossing his ball down the lane for a good score. A good fabric combination of cotton and polyester blend is the most common and the least problem for perspiration. Now that’s what we call a “Lucky Strike”!


In most cases, women’s bowling shirts will consist of a more tapered look than the men’s loose tops. However, because there is a tighter fit many of the ladies prefer an ultra-cool t-shirt rather than the blousy smock. Fun patterns such as embroidered detail around the sleeves or floral textiles would be more appealing for the females. Nevertheless, the classic 50’s retro shirt will still suffice and will look amazing under the neon lights for laser bowling.


One last bowling shirt that will make you immediately jump online heading to the shopping cart is that of the signature Tommy Bahama line. These silky luau shirts offer a limited edition for you to collect or wear when you’re heading out for an evening of knocking down some pins. Even if you don’t want to look over the top, there are plenty of traditional patterns to keep you looking your best without getting carried away. Either way, the entire line ends to a life full of leisure and are the perfect shirt for the complete game.


These shirts are just a few examples of how much the classic bowling shirt is coming back even when in all actuality, this look never left. Keep in mind; there’s plenty of fashions accepted on the lanes today. But, it’s still nice to keep the tradition and look your best.

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Bowling is For Lovers of All Ages!

Why You Should Plan a Date to the Local Bowling Alley

In the movie “Grease 2” starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield, the show the bowling alley as a place for groups of teens as a meeting place. While that holds true in today’s day, it seems more kids are making their plans to hit the local venues as a way of having a fun date. This Wow Alley blog helps remind us of the many reasons why planning a date for the local bowling alley sparks more than just young romance.

Bowling is an Affordable Date

First, we should point out that bowling is an affordable way to enjoy yourself and have fun. Besides the sport being a popular vintage way of entertaining, it won’t cost you a month’s salary to have a night out. Don’t forget to look for specials and save your funds for some delicious food from the café to make it a full night affair.

Bowling is Social

Other than cost efficiency, bowling is known as a social event. People of all ages gather round to compete or challenge the pins and each other. When you are looking for a fun way of getting to know someone, there’s no better alternative. Think about it; you can’t talk at a movie theater. Dinner out can be nice, but it’s better if there are some activity and bowling can be just plain fun! The fun factor should make it another reason why you should plan a date and getting to know one another.

You’ll Build Lots of Memories at the Wow Alley

Next, some of the fondest memories are made at bowling alleys. Also, today’s Wow Alley features cool effects and lighting as well as giant tv screens making the ambiance a part of the nostalgia. Just picture ten years from now, you’ll find reminiscence about the time you spent picking out shoes to laughing at a gutter ball!

Also, planning a date to the bowling alley shows some ingenuity and creativity. Don’t choose the boring dates that are standard such as meeting for drinks or coffee. Pick up your date and head over to an environment that shows your innovative and not just another bore. Who knows, you might even make it a tradition! From the neon laser lights to the state-of-the-art facility the Wow Alley proves to be far more than a dull night out.

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Modern Bowling: How The Game Has Changed

Bowling has a rich history. Most people don’t know that bowling traces its origins way back to the ancient civilizations of Egyptians and Romans. The sport, as we now know it, was popularized in Britain during the Middle Ages. It subsequently gained popularity within the upper classes and the royalty. It was at the turn of the 20th century that the game became widely available to the masses. As with other sports, the technology boom of the 20th century has had a significant effect on the sport of Bowling. The modern bowling experience differs greatly to what our ancestors at the turn of the 20th century enjoyed. Here are some of the major changes that have shaped modern bowling.

  1. The introduction of automated pinsetters

During the earlier years of the 20th century, bowling alleys employed young boys as manual pinsetters. These pinsetters had to reset the bowling pins, clear out the fallen pins from the lanes and return the bowling ball to a player. In 1936, the first mechanized pinsetter was invented. And over the years it has been improved to automate the entire pin setting process. This has increased the average speed of a bowling match, making it a more enjoyable hobby to participate in.

  1. The improvement of bowling balls

During most of its existence, wooden bowling balls made from hardwood trees were used for bowling. This finally changed in the 1930s when rubber balls were introduced to the sport. In the 1970s, plastics such as polyester became the most popular material in the manufacture of bowling balls as they led to higher scoring matches. The modern bowling ball, which is made from urethane resin, was introduced in the 1990s. Urethane resin balls can be customized for different bowling lane surfaces and players. Professional bowlers regularly have their bowling balls custom made to fit their bowling style.

  1. Automatic scoring

One of the simple, yet profound, development in bowling has been the introduction of automatic scoring. Prior to this, bowlers had to individually keep their scores through notebooks and pencils. Professional bowling tournaments had to hire dedicated scoring staff. With the invention of the mechanical pinsetter, and technological advances in the computing industry, modern bowling now has automatic scoring. While this does not seem to be a major development, it has actually increased the widespread appeal of the game as bowlers do not need to understand how the scoring works before taking up the sport.

  1. The bowling lane evolution

Bowling lanes have traditionally been made from wood. This made them expensive to set up and maintain as wooden lanes were not durable. In the 1970s, synthetic lanes were introduced which were cheaper to install and more durable than their wooden predecessors. Modern day bowling lanes can be made from a wide variety of customizable synthetic materials. With the different oiling techniques employed, each bowling alley has its own unique character which makes modern bowling very interesting. The reduced cost of setting up and maintaining a bowling alley has been attributed as the main driving force behind the popularity of bowling. Most major cities have at least one bowling alley in every neighborhood.

By embracing changing technologies, bowling has become a more enjoyable and accessible sport. The Wow Alley best demonstrates this with its elegant space design, craft beer and wine bar, food menu, comfy seating, music, and much more! 

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Liven Up Your Bowling Party With These 5 Ideas

The Wow Alley located on Coconut Creek, FL, is a dream bowling destination for kids, teens, adults, and groups. Boasting a modern bowling facility with 10 alleys, automatic counters, music, giant video screens, food, and even a wine & beer bar, it is easy to see why anyone planning to have a fun time bowling should only have one option in mind. However, as fun as the Wow Alley is slated to be, there are plenty more ideas on how to make your bowling party even more exciting for all those involved. Check out some of these ideas below.

1. Compete against each other

Bowling has always been a competitive sport. It may not be as competitive as athletics or court games but it sure does bring out the needed effect. One way to liven things up a bit, therefore, is to compete against each other. You can do so as individuals while playing on one bowling alley or you can form teams and compete against each other with each team playing on a separate alley. If your party is big enough, you can book the entire Alley and make it an all-out championship war.

2. Make fun bets

If you are used to competing against each other at the bowling alley, you can take things a notch higher and bring the competitive spirit to a new level. You can make this happen by making fun bets. The bets here can be for anything, such favors or treats such as drinks at the bar. You can take bets against individual members or against teams. The losing teams or individuals will then have to pay up their bets at the end. This is guaranteed to make your bowling party more exciting and even more rewarding for the best players.

3.  Organize to have your special music played

The Wow Alley offers great music all day long to participating customers and groups. However, if you are having a bowling party at our facility, you could bring your favorite music and ask to have it played for your guests. This way, your party will enjoy just the right kind of music they like. This could be children’s music or even dance music for the adults. And as you well know, nothing underlines a party better than great music that the people actually like.

4. Bring entertainers to the party

A good party can always use an entertainer. And the same applies to bowling parties too! Talk to us at the Wow Alley and let us know if you would like to bring an entertainer to your bowling party. You could organize to bring in a clown or a face painter for the kids or you could bring in a band for your adult guests. Now that should make it a bowling party to remember!

5. Bowl in the dark

Ever bowled in the dark? Do you think you could pull it off? We have recently introduced our latest attraction – a ‘bowling in the dark’ theme which will be available on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to midnight. Experience dark lights, lasers, music, videos, and a whole new bowling ambiance. Planning a night bowling party? Then you absolutely have to try this out.

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The Wow Alley’s ‘Best Choice’ Selections for Bowling Balls

Bowling is not only a favored American pastime, but it’s also one some people take very seriously. When it comes to tools for either professional or recreational bowlers, the first tool that comes to mind is your bowling ball. In this week’s blog, we help you discover our ‘Best Choice’ selections for bowling balls. Ready, set, throw!

What Ball Should You Buy and Why?

When it comes to selecting the right bowling ball for you, there are many things to consider. First, you want to buy one that won’t crack or peel when throwing it down the lane. These sportsman’s tools need to be durable and withstand a lot of abuse. One of the best materials to buy is a urethane material with the proper weight. Determining the weight before buying your ball is vital to pick what will work best for you. Balls come in a variety of colors and weight. Pricing can vary greatly so we encourage you to try before you buy. Go to the bowling alley and spend a little time throwing every size ball you find on the shelves to see what feels the most comfortable.

Weight Matters When It Comes to Buying the Right Ball

The balls range in weight from 6-lbs to 16. Women and children will select a ball between 8 and 14 pounds whereas a man is more comfortable between 14-16 lbs. Heavier isn’t always better as many people feel more comfortable throwing a lighter ball. People seeking to do tricks, or throw with a spin, tend to go for lighter balls. Whatever suits you best is what you should choose.

Don’t Go for Looks Alone

One of the nicest balls on the market today is called the Moxy Exothermic Burst Bowling Ball. Not only does it look cool with swirls of color, but it’s also ideal for backend motion. This bowling ball is manufactured with a high resin finish making the ball careening down the lane with the utmost precision. If you want to learn more about very cool choice, then visit this link:

Next, Motiv’s Tribal collection is another top-notch ball that includes a halogen core. This ball is crazy cool and can help you throw a mean hook. The 70×40 @3.75” No Hole is one dynamite tool that will get you the results you want. We highly recommend this ball to be added to your bowling bag.

As with any sport, you need to have the tools necessary for such high performance. If you’re someone who is into the sport and not just an enthusiast, we suggest you visit a pro-shop that specializes in the sport of bowling. However, our staff may help you with more ideas.

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