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Wow Factory’s Top Five Activity Ideas for Kids

If you’re a parent, your child’s welfare is at the forefront of your mind at all times. While their health and safety are number one, there’s a multitude of other issues you’re regularly faced with such as how to keep the little buggers entertained 24/7. Not only is keeping kids active a benefit, it’s also at times a challenge. We put together our top five activities that will be helpful if you find yourself drawing a blank. Ready, set, read!

  1. Activity One: Reading
  2. Activity Two: Making Play-Doh from Scratch
  3. Activity Three: Teaching Everyday Skills
  4. Activity Four: Exercise
  5. Activity Five: Cooking

Activity One: Reading as a top five activities. The reason for this being our favorite is because reading gives both parents and children an opportunity to explore new lands, experience unique situations and solve problems. While many children shy away from reading, there are some that absolutely love it and can’t get enough. Encourage your children to read even when not in school. By using this a parent/child activity, you’ll also get a break.

Activity Two: Making Play-Doh from scratch is easy and not as messy as some may think. The best part is you can find most of your ingredients around the house. To explain why this made it to our list, is we enjoy squishing around with the substance too! Who doesn’t enjoy rolling around and forming little dough balls and then creating something awesome? We went the additional step for you and found the recipe, so you can DIY with the kids.

Activity Three: Teaching kids an everyday skill is valuable. Find ways to show them how to work with money. Take them out to the garage and give a lesson on tools and how to use them. The point is kids will retain pretty much everything you teach them at this age so why not give them the skills they’ll need to make a difference? Go the extra mile and activity will be in your top line-up too!

Activity Four: Exercising is one of the best activities for any kid-parent team. Whether you’re out bowling or joining little league, you’ll enjoy the time spent teaching your kid to be physically fit. Another important aspect is kids enjoy challenging and strategizing but it’s also important to teach them how to be okay with losing. Just stay positive and any activity involving athletics will surely be entertaining.

Activity Five: We’ve come to our final interest which is cooking. There’s just something about being in the kitchen, creating something and making a mess that seems to rank high with our attention. This truly is an enjoyable part of any parent’s day when they get to be side by side with their kids in preparing food. Even if it’s baking cookies from a package, there’s a bond that takes place. Don’t worry you can clean up the clutter in the kitchen later.

The important thing to remember here is by spending quality time with your kids, you’ll be keeping them busy and teaching them a wide variety of personal attributes. Any one of these activities will allow you to enjoy the process no matter what these entails.

Of course, our sixth activity we are extremely partial to is taking your child to the Wow Factory for some fun. But, we figure you already knew that to be number one! We hope to see you soon.

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South Florida Winter Festival Ideas

No matter if it’s the first part of the season or the last, you will have a multitude of festivals to attend in South Florida. Besides, most of these incredible fun events will keep you and the whole family happy when partaking in the festivities. From hot buttery corn on a stick to take a chance at winning a prize or jumping on the rides, you can never be bored at one of the many winter festivals. In this article we point out some ideas for Winter Festivals and events, you won’t want to miss.

Take a peek at the Sun-Sentinel, and you’ll be in the know when it comes to upcoming events for the whole family. The month of October provides plenty of fun when it comes to hay rides, Oktoberfest, and Haunted Houses. The best part when attending one of these events is you don’t have to get all bundled up to enjoy them. For those who grew up in the North or Mid-West, you will be walking down memory-lane sipping warm cider or munching on a candy apple. No matter what your favorite food may entail, there’s always plenty of treats to go around for everyone. Don’t forget to check out the Boca Raton Pumpkin Patch and the Growfest as a way of supporting local businesses and turning your kids onto winter wonderlands.

Next, everyone enjoys a good concert during the winter months. Whether you want to be indoors or out, South Florida has incredible venues for you to enjoy every tune the artists put out. You can preview the month’s calendar on the New Times site for Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami Counties. If you plan on bringing along the kids, be sure to check the ratings or the music ahead of time to ensure the children won’t be subjected to language issues. Other than the parent guides, these types of winter events will keep you busy throughout the year.

We also find the local news tends to mention these festivals. But, so does Pull up the calendar any day, and you’ll quickly see there is an event every day and a celebration just about each weekend. There are even events where the dogs can take part. K-9 Water Festivals are ultra-pet friendly and allow you to bring Fido in at the right times.

No matter what the case may be or what you feel like doing, there are tons of choices. Don’t forget when you aren’t ready to head outdoors for fun, you can always spend a day with us!

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Tips and Tricks for Halloween 2017

Fresh Ideas to Help You with the Holiday Season

As you’ve already guessed, people in Coconut Creek are prepping for Halloween. From setting up the decorations to rushing out to the store to buy the treats keeps us parents in busy overload. We at the Wow Factory decided to give you a few tips and tricks to make this Halloween season a breeze without even scaring you!

Keep Your Decorating Fun, by Introducing Something New

One of the most exciting events around the spooky Halloween season is decorating your house. Each year, many of the neighbors will most likely use the same decorations they purchased previously. While there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the Joneses, or re-purposing last year’s décor, this year you can surprise them with a whole new theme! One fresh and the cheap trick is to use what’s called a wall tapestry from If you’re creative, then you can create your fabric. Be sure to use waterproof paints and material that will hold up in inclement weather. Regardless, these tapestries are an excellent way to surprise your goblins, ghouls, and community!

Select Healthy Halloween Snacks

Next, don’t splurge on candy to pass out to the locals or your child’s school class. Instead, there are plenty of fresh ways to present the crowd with healthy snacks as an alternative to the sugary confections that cost a boatload. You can pass out caramel apple slices, boo nanas, and homemade gluten-free cookies. Of course, for the little trick or treaters, fruit snacks and roll-ups are excellent and not as bad as sugar.

Pick a Costume

In addition to the yummy snacks and treats, everyone knows Halloween is about dressing up in your favorite costume. You can make your costume or dredge through the crowded costume shops and places such as Target for the outfit to scare the masses. No matter what you do, be sure the costumes have good visibility and are clear from hanging material on causing accidents.

Safety First!

Now that you have the décor and the candy don’t forget to make this year’s Halloween the best by choosing safety first. Be conscious of using candles for pumpkins and seek other creative ways to illuminate your pumpkins. For instance, glow sticks are easy to open, safe and won’t start a fire.

Whether you’re looking to throw your own Halloween Party or just want the kids to have a great time this year, we think these tips will come in handy. Be sure to contact the Wow Factory for any party reservations ahead of time.

We look forward to hearing about your tips and tricks for the year!


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Dare to Try These Wild Ice Cream Flavors

Kids just looooove ice cream. And this is highly understandable considering that even adults love ice cream too. If you’re planning to give your kids an ice cream treat, it helps if you know about the best ice cream flavors out there. Now you may not know this but there are some wild ice cream flavors around the world. Do you know what they are? Had you tasted any? Check some of them out below.

  1. Jellyfish Ice cream

Now this is one wild ice cream flavor. And what makes it so wild is that it’s dangerous. Or at least, Jellyfish are. Jellyfish are one of the most dangerous marine animals. Their stings can cause death within seconds. This particular ice cream flavor contains Jellyfish protein. And don’t worry, it won’t kill ya! It is quite expensive though. A serving goes for $150 or more. And guess what, it glows when you lick it! If you want to take a ride on the wild side of ice cream then this is the holy grail.

  1. Hot Pepper Ice Cream

Hot and ice may not always go together but this ice cream flavor makes it happen. The hot pepper ice cream is sweet but hot at the same time. These contrasting flavors will keep your taste buds on the edge as you savor your cold treat. This particular flavor, however, may not be ideal for small kids. They just might not be able to handle the hot pepper flavor. But can you?

  1. Octopus Ice Cream

Yes, you read that right. There is something like octopus ice cream. And yes, it is manufactured using real octopus. Trust the Japanese to create ice cream flavors from virtually any plant or animal. For example, they have other wild flavors such as eel, tuna, and even horse meat. And now you must be wondering, what does an octopus ice cream taste like? Well, we’re not brave enough to try. How about you?

  1. Garlic Ice Cream

When you think about ice cream, your mind drifts to sweet flavors that you might find in candy or cakes. But you’d be wrong in this case. There is actually a garlic flavored ice cream and you can find it in California. Now we don’t know how it tastes but sounds like this will require all your strength to slurp it up. But it could be spicy in a tasty kind of way. What do you think? You can also enjoy standard ice cream flavors with just a dash of garlic.

  1. Vegetable Ice cream salad

Vegetables have for a long time been used in ice cream flavors. For example, beans, lettuce, and even avocado have been used in various flavors. However, you can also get a vegetable ice cream salad – a combo of various vegetable flavors ranging from goat cheese to cucumbers, grape fruit, walnuts, and more. Now that sounds like a salad that your kids would love to eat. The only question you need to ask yourself is – is this ice cream a desert or a main course?

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Reasons to Watch Your Favorite Teams at The Wow Alley

If you enjoy the All-American games of baseball, football, hockey, basketball what have you, then you’ll love it even more after reading this article. While sports is one of the best ways to bond with your kids, albeit watching on TV or going to an actual game, it’s also fun to put the game on hold, record it or go when motivated. We find that watching any game at the “The Wow Alley” makes for an even better experience. Here’s the reasons why.

  • We have tasty snacks and morsels of happiness that are much less expensive than what you’ll get at any Stadium or Park. While we do love a good hot dog, we don’t always want to pay $10 to get one. The Wow Alley’s menu is one of the best in town and gives you a 7” pizza for less than the cost of that dog. “We’ll Take Two with Everything”! Our café also offers beer and wine for less than the plastic cup you’ll get at the field, so you’ll be saving money and lots of it!
  • If saving money on food and drink doesn’t convince you, another element we think might is our multiple screen views both on and off the lanes. These giant flat screen t.v’s make it incredible to see any type of sporting event. The cool thing about watching the game from the lanes is you’ll never miss a highlight of your favorite teams while also enjoying family night.
  • Whether the Marlins, Dolphins, Heat, Panthers or whoever your favorite is are playing, we’ve got you covered. We have late night lanes open to the public, that can help you see your game watching with minimal upfront planning.
  • Besides the flexible hours and beautiful state of the art bowling facility the customer experience is our top priority at the Wow Alley lanes.

So what are you waiting for???? Give your kids memories they will cherish forever and never miss another highlight. Head to the Wow Alley guest counter and book your lanes today, this is fun for the entire family.

Be sure to contact us directly if you have further questions regarding lane rental and times.

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How the Wow Factory Makes You More Creative

Today’s world can seem daunting at best. However, there’s plenty of positive environments you can dive into without being bombarded by fake news, and a whole other slew of topics. If you’re someone who likes to work in a creative field, you already know we’re influenced by what’s around us. From color, to emotion, we should allow ourselves to be free and mindful to look for innovative solutions. Being around kids is one of the best ways you can learn or re-learn to be more creative. In this week’s blog, we feature ways you can relate during your visit.

Whether you’re a mommy blogger or a teacher, take one look around you. Once inside, you’ll quickly be aware how much energy flows through our doorway. We’re not talking electricity, we’re talking about the patrons and their excitement! We’re almost convinced kids cannot maintain composure while at this indoor park. You see them literally hanging from the ceiling and walls! That’s okay parents, it’s supposed to be that way. If you want to learn how to spark some creativity, observe the flow of what’s happening and apply some of that to your work. Too bad you can’t bottle it up and sell it right?

Next, look at how kids react to one another while at the Wow Factory. They seemingly play effortlessly with children they don’t know. No matter what the race, color, ethnic background etc., these kids mesh well as they are looking for one thing, to have fun. We as adults can all learn from this factor.

Now that we’ve discussed some obvious behaviors that can stir creative juices, think about the color schematics. If you work in Interior Design, Marketing or even Advertising, you now these are fields that insist on finding ways to incorporate your surroundings in your work. I.D. people can use what they see as a child’s dream room, marketing people can reflect on what and why boys and girls select the arcade game to get inspiration, and advertising people can develop solid campaigns based on their visions. Getting inspiration is really very simple.  Just come by and spend an hour and you’ll soon see how the Wow Factory Makes YOU More Creative.

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Bowling Alley Memories for Your Reflection

If you grew up in a household where your parents spent their leisure time at the local bowling alley, then this blog is for you. Depending on how old you are, you might remember the swanky bowling shirts, the dazzling bowling balls, and the matching shoes as well as smell like French fries when they return. If this doesn’t bring back fond memories of this nostalgic sport, then what does?

Memories continue with a walk down memory lane, or in this case memory alley, perhaps some of you remember the show “Bowling for Dollars”?  The 1970’s show wasn’t created at some big Hollywood studio; rather the production crew went to local alleys from around the country to film people with a high score and form.  If you grew up in the Midwest, you or your grandparents might have found this show to be engaging as the viewers had an opportunity to win money while the contestants pulled their name from a horizontal counter.

Other than the game show, contestants most likely know some celebrities from today love the game. People like the Kardashians, Katie Perry, and the Beckham Family are big fans of the match. It’s always fun to know the game draws high profile people just as much as the average Joe. Why wouldn’t they love the game? It’s a great way to build family flashbacks they can cherish forever.

Besides the memories, in remembrance of the oldest bowling alley in the United States, we have to pay homage to our fellow kingpins at Holler House in Milwaukee. This home housed the oldest bowling alley in the United States and celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2008! This venue still carries it’s age-old tradition today of donating a signed bra in remembrance of the owner’s wife, who used to love the game and drinking with her friends than giving her bra after a good night! Too funny.

Anyways, the game of bowling is one that can be full of adventure, achieve skills and bring friends or family closer together. It’s great to reminiscence on all the wonderful times you have had while listening to the thunder from the ball hitting the pins, drinking cold beer and smelling all the snack foods. Who can think of any other activity where you can relive your past while introducing this game to your future?

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Best Indoor Dog Parks in the US

We South Floridians love our pets. We also love our dog parks. While there are several dog parks in Coconut Creek, there are none that are indoors. Seems with the hot weather most of the year, someone would have opened one by now. Nonetheless, we found some of the best indoor dog parks in the world and wanted to share with you as these pups are getting to play Wow Factory style!

The first place we came across is in Newark and Delaware and is known as the Academy of Dog Training and Agility. Not only does this indoor dog park have obedience training they also have a full obstacle course and a swimming pool where they teach dogs how to swim! While many people may argue that dogs intuitively know how to swim, they provide more of holistic healing for older dogs and use the aquatics to build cardio and strengthen muscles for older dogs.

Next place we found is in Oregon called Fido’s Indoor Dog Park where they turned an old warehouse into a giant playground for pets. They used synthetic grass which covers 13,000 square feet of pure hound dog fun. This facility also has a swimming pool which is filled with organic water that doesn’t include any chemicals. If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe the safety measures this indoor park owner took will? This is a green friendly facility with biodegradable doggie bags, recycled synthetic grass, and the walls were painted with non-toxic paint. They even have a certified lifeguard on duty to save a dog in distress! That’s what we call smart giving it the big ‘WOW’ from us!

Third, we have the park called Unleashed which is found in Texas. As with everything this monstrous park is a whopping 50K square foot. But, besides the size of the park, the budget for this venue has a $10 million-dollar startup cost. No matter what the budget is, they do have some restrictions such as no Pit Bulls. So even though this breed is banned from entering the large building, they do offer plenty of amenities for the owners such as Wi-Fi connections, a coffee house, and air conditioning. Who doesn’t think that’s smart?

Regardless of the brains of the operation, these indoor parks are an excellent place to bring the whole family. Just as friendly as any dog park out there, these indoor parks seem to be an excellent idea since increment weather can’t stop four legs and a tail.

While these are some of the best parks for dogs, we have one of the best indoor parks for kids in South Florida. Be sure to look up our group rates too!

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Tips on Burning Calories Using a Bowling Ball!

Other than bowling for fun, did you know that you can burn a lot of calories and get into great shape by using your bowling ball? There’s a multitude of exercises you can do along with a sensible diet; you’ll be toning up in no time. Here are some excellent tips on how to make a few moves that will slim down your waistline while building muscle.

Get chiseled arms by holding the ball with two hands, slightly bending at the knee then raising the ball as high as you can. Don’t go past the chest for safety reasons. Also, you want the weight of the ball to work out your arm muscles. Do four reps of raising the ball 12 times. Watch out, sexy arms on the loose!

Next, sitting with your legs straight out in front of you, use your ball by twisting from side to side and keeping the ball in your hands. This same exercise is used with a kettlebell and will give you incredible abs in no time. Do four reps of 20 on each side.

In addition to working out your stomach muscles and arms, squats are easy with a bowling ball. Keeping the ball on the ground and bending at the knees squat down keeping legs open and using your weight evenly. This can be tricky for people who need to work on balance. Do as many squats with the ball staying grounded until your legs can’t do them any longer. Each week count and strive to do more than the previous week. Not only will this routine give you strong calves and thighs, but it will also help improve your game with more control.

After you work on your arms, legs, and abs, be sure to allow yourself a good 20-minute cardio activity such as running in place. This will give you the aerobic activity needed to burn the rest of the calories that are usually necessary after eating bowling alley fries!

Be sure to remember safety first. Prevent dropping the ball on your toes. Be sensible and use caution, but be sure to use a routine to keep those extra pounds off and you’ll be glad you did. On another note, be sure to check with your doctor before engaging in any exercise routine.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the lanes!

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Daddy or Mommy Date Nights with the Kids

If there’s one thing, most parents will agree to, they love spending time with their children. In addition to that valuable time, it seems there’s just not enough of it so we all should agree the time spent should be of quality. This week’s blog we focus on date nights with the kids that are both meaningful and a great way to cherish the moments spent together.

  • Dinner and a movie may seem redundant. But, make it more unique by taking them to an iMax or independent film. Another great way to see movies with kids is to attend indie film events that may help inspire your children more than just entertain. Word of caution, however, be sure to check the ratings as not all flics are meant for young viewers.
  • Next, plan a day doing photography with your children at a local park or some other visually pleasing location. If you’re not great at taking pictures you can hire a part time photographer from places such as to ensure the time spent with your photo session is a good one.
  • Besides photo opportunities, pick venues that are ideal for the type of child you have. For instance, if you’re planning on a Mommy-Son Date night go to places like an indoor park where there’s plenty of video games or laser tag, and use the same theory for the dads. Reason being is you wouldn’t want to take your son to a fashion show or a daughter to a WWF unless they’re into that type of thing!
  • Another excellent date night or day with your kids no matter what the gender, visit your local zoo or places like Butterfly World, Seaquarium, etc., Most people love animals no matter who they are and this is an excellent way to build memories together.
  • Visit a local bookstore and spend a day at home reading. We love this idea as it’s tailored to both parents and children. Barnes and Noble or the library are excellent places to spend a few hours and its educational activity for both.

These are a few beautiful days not only to spend time with your kids, but they’re also memorable and keep the little ones from becoming bored. After all, every parent wants to build on their relationships and one day hopes to hear “I love spending time with my mom and dad.”

Until next time, be sure to stop by the Wow Factory to see what’s new!

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