4 Back to School Tips for Savvy Parents

The summer is zipping by, and it’s almost time for kids across the nation to go back to school. Are you ready? Here are 4 back to school tips for savvy parents:

1. Take up meal planning

If you don’t already plan your meals, which many of us have slacked off over the summer, now is the time to buckle down! Plan breakfasts, lunches, and dinners ahead of time. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also probably save money. The time saved can be spent doing something else, such as helping your kid do homework or just spending quality time together after school.

2. Schedule chores

Your child or children should still assume chores. Keep your child on top of chores by scheduling these tasks. For instance, your child could clean his or her room before school on Fridays.

3. Organize

Organizing reduces stress and saves time. Tidy up your laundry room, organize your kid’s room, clean out that closet. Label your child’s pencil bag, bookbag, books, and more.

4. Shop ahead

Shopping ahead saves time and money! For instance, shopping during Florida Tax Free Week will save you from paying usual taxes. Make a thorough list and shop ahead. We’ll all be running out for last minute items, but it’s much better to just need one thing than everything!

Start this school year on the right foot by using the four tips above!