4 Daily Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy

From the very day you brought your baby home from the hospital, you wanted nothing more than to provide him or her with the very best. When it comes to day to day routines, there are a few things you can do to promote your child’s continued health. Read on for 4 daily tips for keeping your child healthy:

1. Exercise

A little exercise goes a long way! A full out exercise regimen isn’t necessary at this age, unless recommended by a doctor, and if your child can get outside, run, and play for at least 30 minutes per day, he or she is likely to get all the exercise needed by having fun!

2. Vitamins

Always consult with your child’s doctor before starting him or her on a new vitamin. While your pediatrician will likely recommend a daily multivitamin, most doctors are very specific on which vitamins are safe. For instance, vitamins with iron are not typically given to children because of the likelihood of iron poisoning.

3. Scale Back the TV

While it might be tempting, don’t leave your child in front of the television for extended periods of time. We know that parents use this time to get things accomplished around the house, but the affects of extended television watching on children have been connected with seizures and more. A few hours of television per day is the maximum advised!

4. Diet

Fast food. Chips. Candy. We know that your child begs for all of these things, but try teaching your child the reasons behind a healthy diet to encourage him or her to come around. Then, swap out those less-than-healthy meals and snacks for health-beneficial ones!

All of these tips are designed to help you in day-to-day life, when routine often wins over everything else. Having a structure is extremely important for your child, and if you can implement the above listed strategies, then you will be offering your child a healthy lifestyle every day!