5 Awesome Birthday Cake Ideas

Five Awesome Birthday Cakes Every Child Will Love

You think your child deserves an awesome birthday this year and we couldn’t agree more! Planning is not easy though, especially when trying to make the party unique and special. This very reason is why we compiled this list of birthday cake ideas that are sure to excite your child. We sorted through all kinds of clever cake ideas to choose five of our favorites. We did our best to keep them simple and doable by the common amateur baker but for some (Noah Express cake, Owl cake) we just couldn’t help ourselves. Can you blame us?

1) Owl cake idea – This cake idea is inspired by your child’s favorite animal or toy. Nothing will excite them more than having a custom cake in the likeness of their favorite stuffed animal on their birthday. Tip: cook the two parts separately in successively larger cups/mugs.

2) Monster cake idea – This silly cake idea is a perfect harmony of doable and unique. Simply order cake pops from your local bakery or cook them yourself and bake the cake just like you normally would.

3) Mermaid cake idea – Say hello to the Mermaid cake! Your child will love this idea. All you need to do is order a Mermaid cake mold online and get creative with the decorations. Have fun doing this one!

4) Dump Truck cake idea – The excitement you see on your child’s face when you present this cake idea will be priceless. Tips: Use pretzels and Oreo’s as the dirt also bake the wheels and cab separately in oven safe cups and the body at a slight angle in the oven. Always use oven safe materials when baking.

5) Noah Express cake idea – This cake idea is made to represent all the crazy creations possible when you hire a professional baker to do the hard work for you. Get creative and let your imagination run because the sky is the limit.

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