5 Fun Birthday Party Themes for Older Kids

When kids are on their way to pre-teen hood, they become very choosy in terms of what kind of parties they’d like to throw. Children between the ages of 8 to 12 value nothing more than attracting a good list of friends to their party. It’s always best to get the kids involved in the planning process. Let them decide what kind of things are important to them and you’ll figure out a theme that works best. Below are 5 popular themes that are perfect for kids:

Army theme party

Start planning this kind of party early in advance. You can try and call your local army recruit office and ask them if they have any supplies they can donate for the party. You may get some shirts, posters, flashlights and other supplies that will be great to decorate the party. Remember that authentic army supplies work best. You can even try to invite some real soldiers to show up at the party. Call a friend or family member who can come in uniform and interact with the kids and answer their questions. It would be a nice idea that the kids will probably not forget.

Bowling party

Bowling parties can be a great idea if you don’t have too many guests. There are bowling alleys that even offer parents amazing packages for kid’s birthday parties. Keep the kids busy as they wait for others to arrive. You can have bowling coloring pages so that the kids can color as they wait for the others to get there. You can even invite parents to the bowling alley but this is likely to cost you more.

Fashion makeover parties

This is one of the best ideas if your child loves fashion. You can take before and after photos of kids. The before photos can be of kids dressed in ugly clothes and messy hair then the after photo will be taken once they clean up and look great in more stylish clothes. You can use fashion magazine cutouts to decorate the party or give the kids some small dash of perfume as party favors.

Art themed parties

Children love coloring and painting so having a party with this theme in mind is likely to blow them away. Start by sending the kids invitations patterned after this theme. You can do this by blowing up a balloon and then writing all the information in it. Deflate the balloon and attach it to the invitation. The child will have to blow it up first in order to get information about the party. You can also write on the invitation card using invisible ink. Kids will have to color over the card in order to reveal the information.

Celebrity star birthday parties

You can use the celebrity star theme for your kid’s birthday parties starting from the invitations. Use the director’s clapboard to design an invitation card. You can write the invitation as if it’s a movie script. For instance, having the message “You’ve been selected to play a starring role in my birthday party on…” on the front of your invitation card can be a cool idea.


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