5 Snack Food Tips for Kids on the Go

If you and your Kids are always on the Go, then check out these 5 Snack Food Tips

When you come to the Wow Factory  in South Florida whether it’s with your immediate family or the whole neighborhood, it pays off to be prepared. Be sure to pack your bags with items like sanitizer, wipes and Band-Aids for just in case items. But what types of snack foods are a good choice to throw in your bag? If you’re coming in for the day or just a few hours your children will get hungry. You can always join us in our café for items like pizza and burgers, but sometimes a trail mix or some other easy to eat but healthy snacks can go a long way.  Here are a few tips that might spark some ideas that your kids will not only love to eat their easy to make and easy to clean up after.

Tip One: Guacamole is a terrific dip to bring to Wow.  Why, because it’s easy to make, if you leave the pit in the middle it will stay green. But most of all this is a kid favorite that is also a healthy fat.

Tip Two: Strawberries are always a kid favorite. (Unless there are allergies) You can accompany this beautiful fruit with a yogurt dip or melted carob for a twist of fruity goodness.

Tip Three: Try a popcorn trail mix with fresh popped popcorn, peanuts, pretzel sticks, almonds and Chex cereal.  For a variety, throw in dried fruit or raisins that will make it a salty sweet snack.  Remember to use small peanuts if there are children present under the age of four.

Tip Four: Who doesn’t love Lunchables?  Stock up for these little snack items. Many grocery stores like Walmart have their off-brand for less expensive than that of Oscar Meyer. These are not only cost efficient they are a perfect, quick snack for picky kids.

Tip Five: Homemade beef jerky is an excellent source of protein and can be made from things like salmon and turkey.  You can find recipes for jerky in places like Pinterest that can instruct you how to dry the meat in your oven.  Keep in mind that this is something you’ll need to make ahead of time as it can take several hours for most recipes.

From ‘Guack’ to Jerky these are all easy snacks that are perfect for that kid on the go.  If you forget to include snacks in your bag, no problem.  We have a great restaurant at the Wow Factory to accommodate hungry tummies. These quick tips are a few ideas when full meals aren’t necessary or if you have a snacker in your group.  No matter what the case may be these foods are healthy and quick cleanups, making them ideal solutions for kids on the go.

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