6 Movies for Kids to Watch NOW!

Summer has officially kicked off, and families everywhere are searching for the perfect activities and events. One great way to beat the heat and enjoy a peaceful, relaxing event at home is to have a movie marathon. Or, just enjoy one family movie. Include popcorn and your family’s favorite refreshments for a fun movie night! If you’re wondering about movie selections, here are 6 movies for kids that should be watched ASAP!

1. The Land Before Time

Not only can you watch the very first installment, but you can watch other selections from the lovable The Land Before Time series.

2. The Sandlot

This movie might have been a must-see in your youth, but it has gained classic status. Kids today love this movie just as much as back in your day!

3. Free Willy

While this movie might be 20+ years old, it still delivers the same amazement to kids as it did in 1993. This one might be more appropriate for older children.

4. Are We There Yet?

Another one that might be more suitable for older children, Are We There Yet? offers a little bit of everything. With suspense and humor and everything between, this movie is a crowd pleaser!

5. Finding Nemo

Perhaps best known by many for its stunning imagery, Finding Nemo is a heartwarming tale of a lost fish and his father. Packed with comical antics and a few serious moments, parents and kids alike can enjoy Finding Nemo!

6. Toy Story

Toy Story is perfect for virtually any audience. Children love the premise of the movie, and adults enjoy seeing some of their childhood toys literally brought to life!

If you are looking for a fun, family friendly movie night, then look no further. Try one or more of the above 6 movies for kids to watch now!