7 Ideas to Throw a Cool Birthday Party on a Budget

Trying to keep a bunch of toddlers occupied and happy all day is no easy task. But we’ve rounded up a few ideas that will make your job exciting and simple. Think of good food, fun activities, cool decorations and any other thing that will keep the party rolling. Below are a few ideas to run a birthday party that everyone will remember even when you’re low on cash:

Set a time limit

When you send out invitations, be sure to indicate the time when the birthday party starts and ends. Having a party that runs from 11 am to 1 pm is normally recommended if you don’t want to spend too much on entertainment and food. Just make sure you keep activities brief and fun so that everyone enjoys even if it’s for a limited time.

Homemade cake

Making your own cake can really help to cut down on costs and still enjoy the event. But don’t think of baking complicated recipes that are likely to backfire on you. You can set up a doughnut cake which has some ice cream inside the holes. The good thing with this type of cake is that, it doesn’t require any baking plus kids are likely to love it.

Make use of balloons

Use balloons as your main decoration because they are more affordable and can quickly transform any space. Attach the balloons on the walls and even throw some on the floor. They’ll give those little toddlers something to play with as they wait for the event to continue.

Affordable party favors

Party favors don’t have to cost you a lot of money. Work around the theme of your event when thinking about invitations and party favors. For instance, you can give every kid a bag that has a lollipop as well as a bottle of bubbles. Think of handmade party favors too. You can get numerous ideas online depending on the birthday theme.

Try a makeover party

Makeover birthday parties are among the cheapest to execute. You can tell kids to come up with their own before and after looks. Just have a photo booth or even take pictures of kids before and after the makeover using your phone. Make sure you keep this kind of activity fun and sweet.

Offer healthy snacks

Birthday meals need to be healthy too. Think of preparing vegetables and fruits in a healthy way so that kids will also enjoy. Don’t give kids sugar rush by allowing them to eat sweet foods such as cakes, chocolates and the like. You’ll be frustrated when they get out of hand after finishing the sugary foods.

Invite the parents

Having parents coming along with their kids is actually a great cost saving idea. This can really work if you are holding the birthday at a venue where they can buy their own foods and drinks. Just make sure you mention this on the birthday invitations so that they can come prepared. You can even request some of the mums to assist with planning the event.


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