8 Tips for Inspiring Your Child’s Creativity…Minus the Mess!

You want to let your child be creative, but you’re tired of cleaning up the mess. Does this sound familiar? Here, we’ve compiled a list of three activities that your child will love. The best part? You’ll love them, too, because there’s not a huge mess to clean up afterwards!

1. Chalk Art

Turn your kids loose on the sidewalk with a few pieces of chalk for a quick, fun, and mess-free art activity.

2. Paint in a Bag

For this activity, you’ll place cardstock along with dots of paint inside a zip lock bag. Then, give your child the bag and let the fun begin!

3. Crayon Rubbing

Fun and mess-free, crayon rubbing is a classic art project that fascinates kids!

4. Marble Tracks

Help your child make marble runs with toilet paper tubes, blocks, and anything else in sight!

5. Yarn

There’s so much that can be done with simple yarn! Younger kids love to play with it, and older children enjoy learning how to knit and sew with it.

6. Watercolor

Though some supervision is necessary for this to be mess-free, watercolor is the least messy way to paint – with the exception of painting in a bag!

7. Shaving Cream in a Bag

Much like painting in a bag, children love to play with shaving cream in a bag!

8. Games

Puzzles, matching games, and sorting games are all great ways to stoke your child’s creativity less the mess!

When you’re looking for something for the kids to do that doesn’t require a huge cleanup, consider this go-to list of mess-free, creative activities!