8 Ways for You to Help Your Kids Beat the Summer Heat

School is out for the summer and before you know it you’ll be hearing “I’m Bored”.  Stay calm before you turn into a maniacal parent.  We’ve got eight ways for you to help your kids beat the summer blahs without you becoming mad as a hatter.

  1. Turn your backyard patio into an art studio. Lay down a tarp, pick up some canvas, paints and brushes from Michael’s and let their inner Van Gogh come out. Be sure to pick up paint that will stick to the canvas, but is non-toxic and easily cleanable. Don’t forget to have your minions wear old clothing that can be tossed out when finished. On a side note, be sure to buy multiple pieces of canvas for the lightning fast artists. Your kids will enjoy this activity and will want to paint more.
  2. Number two on our list, check out a matinee show. Summer time is always a good season for new release kids’ movies. Most of the cinemas will offer discounted rates for matinee. Be sure to let the theater know prior to your visit if you will have a large party and for any special accommodations. Since the movie theater is air-conditioned it should cut down on child whining. Just kidding.
  3. Create an “I’m bored” jar by decorating a small jar filled with ideas you can allow your child to select what activity. This is a surefire way of eliminating the “I don’t knows”. Fill the jar with pieces of paper that includes things like playing balloon tennis, or visiting the library etc. You get the picture.
  4. Hot summer days in South Florida are usually spent near water, such as the pool or beach. You can add extra excitement by introducing your kids to water balloon baseball. Obviously this game is not intended for small children. Fill up a bunch of water balloons, placed them in a small kiddie pool or some other container get a couple plastic baseball bats and watch the backyard fun begin.
  5. For toddlers, this is an awesome idea found on Pinterest where you freeze a giant block of ice that includes small plastic toys. Give your child some tools and have them work at getting the items out of the block of ice. Sounds unusual? But just think kids like this type of stuff.
  6. Makes our Wormsicles by using fruit juice, sour gummy worms, and a popsicle trade found at the dollar store. Have your children arrange the gummy worms in the cups, then pour fruit juice and freeze. This is a way for your kids to cool off with a fun snack.
  7. Visit one of the art museums or the Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science which will be opening soon. Both Fort Lauderdale and Miami have a multitude of venues to choose from. Your children will not only enjoy themselves but will get an education as well.
  8. One of the best ways your children can enjoy their summer and stay cool is by spending an afternoon at the Wow Factory. There is always a lot to do, it’s air-conditioned and we have a great café for the parents and kids to enjoy.

As a parent the more you’re prepared for the summer months to come the quicker it will go by. You can find a plethora of ideas on the Internet. Be sure to check out our other blogs for extra ideas.

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