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Blast from the Past – Vintage Arcade Games

Vintage Arcade Games Blast from the Past. The Wow Factory talks vintage video games. Visit The Wow Factory for all your indoor entertainment for the entire family.

Depending on your age, you know that arcade games have been around for a long time.  Coin-operated games from the past, such as Pac-man, Joust, and Asteroids were the craze of the 80’s but these weren’t the first arcade games.  Arcade games date back to the 1920’s and were mostly found in amusement parks. Slowly after that, the 1930’s released pinball machines that stuck around up till today.  You can still find these machines in places like novelty stores and venues. Here are a few of the other games that you might remember when you were a kid that might spark your memory.

The Fortune Teller machine was one that we can all remember being either frightened or intrigued by.  You can see these games featured in movies like “Big” starring Penny Marshall and these are still a novelty in some vintage style restaurants across Southern Florida. No matter what the venue is they are always a hoot now that you’re older.

When we were kids the day didn’t go by without us having an all-out war with Atari’s Pong.  But for the sake of this blog we are looking at the games from the past.  One game you may notice that is still a hit today is that of Skee ball.  This game combined bowling, bouncing and luck. By rolling the balls up an incline they fall into a hole marked 10-50 in points.  These old timers are still found throughout arcades and continue to be a highlight of every kids visit. Primarily for the tickets that will get them a prize, but just because it’s a game of skill and chance.

No-one can forget the ridiculous games of strength. You can find updated versions of these entertaining games in restaurants, pizzerias and even truck stops. Games like Bull Grip Tester, the punching bag and the love tester are all a part of the good times. 

One all time American favorite is the duck shooting game.  These are still found at carnivals around the world and lend to skill, but we’re pretty sure there’s more to it than chance.  While the little plastic ducks bob up and down in the water or they are metal with a conveyor belt, these are a great way to step back in time for your first fair.

So we hope you enjoyed our little walk down memory lane with some of the most well-known arcade games that are still around today. 

Be sure to come by and check out our selection.  You’ll be glad you did. 

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