Are Bowling Shirts Making a Come Back?

Look Your Best at the Wow Alley with These Hot Tips for Shirts!

Some people may argue that bowling shirts are a vintage novelty. However, some of the world’s top designers have adapted this button down classic throwing their spin on this evergreen style of shirt. Clothing lines such as Tommy Bahama and Prada continue using this cut in innovative fashions that are crowding the bowling alleys across the globe. Take a peek at why these bowling shirts are making a comeback!

Mario Prada would be best known for his luxurious handbags, luggage, and shoes. However, the Italian clothing fashion conglomerate is also noted for his cutting edge and sophisticated shirts. In the shirt you see here, you will find the stitching, choice of material and the one-of-a-kind use of pattern and color is one big reason men and women are still enjoying the trendy bowling shirt from one the Italy’s top designers.


This next shirt is everything a man could want in a bowling shirt. “The Woodie Garage” made by Rumble59 offers a sleek and swanky approach with distinctive piping and a double collar. Since bowling shirts were created with loose fabrics allowing the bowler to have comfort while tossing his ball down the lane for a good score. A good fabric combination of cotton and polyester blend is the most common and the least problem for perspiration. Now that’s what we call a “Lucky Strike”!


In most cases, women’s bowling shirts will consist of a more tapered look than the men’s loose tops. However, because there is a tighter fit many of the ladies prefer an ultra-cool t-shirt rather than the blousy smock. Fun patterns such as embroidered detail around the sleeves or floral textiles would be more appealing for the females. Nevertheless, the classic 50’s retro shirt will still suffice and will look amazing under the neon lights for laser bowling.


One last bowling shirt that will make you immediately jump online heading to the shopping cart is that of the signature Tommy Bahama line. These silky luau shirts offer a limited edition for you to collect or wear when you’re heading out for an evening of knocking down some pins. Even if you don’t want to look over the top, there are plenty of traditional patterns to keep you looking your best without getting carried away. Either way, the entire line ends to a life full of leisure and are the perfect shirt for the complete game.


These shirts are just a few examples of how much the classic bowling shirt is coming back even when in all actuality, this look never left. Keep in mind; there’s plenty of fashions accepted on the lanes today. But, it’s still nice to keep the tradition and look your best.

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