Best Family Movies

When it comes to what to watch on family movie night your choices may seem pretty limited. Not many movies hit that sweet spot where they can be appreciated by both kids and adults alike. Contrary to popular belief however, we believe there are countless movies that can be a hit on family movie night. Below we’ve compiled a list of some classics and new releases that are sure to hold your kids (and your own) interest!

  1. The Lego Movie – released in 2014 is a brilliant film that will have you laughing then crying then laughing again all within an hour and a half. The movie with a 96% critic approval rating from rotten tomatoes will undoubtedly win the movie of the night award in your household at least once!
  2. Frozen – released in 2013 has infamously captured the hearts of many young girls to the peril of many parents but this film is a great one that your whole family can enjoy. A classic story with a happy ending and another successful family movie night is what you get when you flip this movie on.
  3. Despicable Me 2 – released in 2013 will have your entire family laughing from the very beginning. Join the minion craze when you turn on this great film.
  4. E.T The Extra-terrestrial – released in 1982 is a classic everyone has to watch at least once in their lifetime, your children are included. This classic film will have your kids phoning home all the time and you can check another successful movie night off your calendar.
  5. Finding Nemo – released in 2003 will never let you down when you need a great family movie. This classic film will touch your kids hearts just like it touched yours the first time you saw it.
  6. The Wizard Of Oz – first released in 1939 is our last movie night suggestion because a list of great family movies simply would not be complete without this classic. Watch the original or any of the remakes, they are all great.

We hope our list of best family movies gives you some idea of what to watch at the very least. Have fun with this list!best family movie