Best Indoor Dog Parks in the US

We South Floridians love our pets. We also love our dog parks. While there are several dog parks in Coconut Creek, there are none that are indoors. Seems with the hot weather most of the year, someone would have opened one by now. Nonetheless, we found some of the best indoor dog parks in the world and wanted to share with you as these pups are getting to play Wow Factory style!

The first place we came across is in Newark and Delaware and is known as the Academy of Dog Training and Agility. Not only does this indoor dog park have obedience training they also have a full obstacle course and a swimming pool where they teach dogs how to swim! While many people may argue that dogs intuitively know how to swim, they provide more of holistic healing for older dogs and use the aquatics to build cardio and strengthen muscles for older dogs.

Next place we found is in Oregon called Fido’s Indoor Dog Park where they turned an old warehouse into a giant playground for pets. They used synthetic grass which covers 13,000 square feet of pure hound dog fun. This facility also has a swimming pool which is filled with organic water that doesn’t include any chemicals. If that doesn’t impress you, then maybe the safety measures this indoor park owner took will? This is a green friendly facility with biodegradable doggie bags, recycled synthetic grass, and the walls were painted with non-toxic paint. They even have a certified lifeguard on duty to save a dog in distress! That’s what we call smart giving it the big ‘WOW’ from us!

Third, we have the park called Unleashed which is found in Texas. As with everything this monstrous park is a whopping 50K square foot. But, besides the size of the park, the budget for this venue has a $10 million-dollar startup cost. No matter what the budget is, they do have some restrictions such as no Pit Bulls. So even though this breed is banned from entering the large building, they do offer plenty of amenities for the owners such as Wi-Fi connections, a coffee house, and air conditioning. Who doesn’t think that’s smart?

Regardless of the brains of the operation, these indoor parks are an excellent place to bring the whole family. Just as friendly as any dog park out there, these indoor parks seem to be an excellent idea since increment weather can’t stop four legs and a tail.

While these are some of the best parks for dogs, we have one of the best indoor parks for kids in South Florida. Be sure to look up our group rates too!

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