Best New Books For Young Readers

2017 has been a good year for children’s books based on the rave reviews of the books currently on the market. Instilling a reading culture in your child is one of the best gifts you can give them. Our world has switched to a largely knowledge-based economy where success is not determined by what one can physically do, but by what they know. There is an undisputed correlation between a culture of reading and knowledgeability. If you can get your child interested in reading books early in life, they are more likely to continue reading as they grow up. Here are some interesting new books to instill the love of reading in your child.

  1. I am Jim Henson by Brad Meltzer

Fewer people have impacted children’s entertainment like Jim Henson. As the creator of The Muppets and Sesame Street, his work has touched the lives of multiple generations all over the world. This picture book, which is targeted towards young children, shows a colorful and entertaining biography of the famed entertainer. With a humorous touch, it teaches children the value of having an active imagination and shows them that if one is focused and dedicated to their dreams, they can end up spending their lives doing what they love. Apart from the illustrations, the book uses a very simple language structure which makes it perfect for children who are reading at the beginner level.

  1. The Friendship Code: Girls who code, Book 1 by Stacia Deutsch

This is an interesting book that aims to inspire children, especially girls, to be interested in computer science. The author is part of an international non-profit organization that aims to address the gender gap in the tech industry. The story is based on a young girl who learns how to code so that she can solve mysteries with her friends and includes many entertaining characters. Even without the educational element, the book has a well-written story that would interest most young readers. Although targeted towards girls, it can still inspire young boys to be more interested in technology-based careers.

  1. The Door in the Alley: The explorers, Book 1 by Adrienne Kress

The door in the alley is a fast-paced adventure book that follows two protagonists who join an adventurer on a worldwide quest while being pursued by a shadowy cabal of villains. The book has a funny narrator and is bound to tickle your child’s funny bone. Apart from the engaging narrative, the book introduces young learners to new words which will significantly improve their vocabulary.

  1. All the Way to Havana by Margarita Engle

All the way to Havana is written by famed Cuban-American poet, Margarita Engle, and it narrates the story of a Cuban family taking a road trip from their rural home to Havana. Despite being set in Cuba, the story does not delve into the complicated (and often divisive) politics that involve the country. There are no mentions of the revolution or the Cuban embargo. What your child will enjoy is a warm story of a friendly family traveling in an old rickety car that breaks down every few miles.

These four books are perfect for introducing your young ones to the joy of reading. Try one of them today!

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