Bowling Events for Non-Profit Organizations

If you’re looking for a fun way to raise money in today’s non-profit philanthropy, we’ve got a great idea for you! By organizing your next event at the Wow Alley in Coconut Creek, you’ll have the ability to turn your charity into a success where everyone feels like a champion. Let’s expound on this idea.

With the multitude of philanthropical fundraisers in South Florida, it’s often necessary to find a new and innovative way to keep people interested in your cause. We have an entire staff dedicated to making your next party the perfect game plan.

We have a facility that can accommodate large parties that hold up to 150 people. We offer group rates that can make your fundraiser a huge success allowing you to clear more funds. If you need to host something with food and beverages, please let us know. Our friendly staff can assist with both service and rates to knock your bowling shoes right off!

Don’t forget the festivities start with lasers and black lights giving the cosmic bowl genre fresh appeal. Our state of the art facility is intended for your total enjoyment while being entertained. Also, our lanes are constructed with giant video screens to show your videos and other content or for watching the game.

From team building events to raising money for your favorite charity, we’ve got everything you need to serve your party and help create a winning dole. Bowling is a great way to show your public spirit while collecting donations.

In addition to the benefaction, there’s no better way to keep people entertained. Forget about those stuffy galas and ballroom dances. Never mind selling fattening candy or wrapping paper. We’ve got a more efficient way to help you with your humanitarianism efforts that will not only bring you tremendous progress; it will inevitably become a favorite tradition if you choose to do an annual gathering.

Besides doing something yearly, you can plan for things such as team building, school benefits, and private or corporate parties. All you need to do is plan your affair, and show up without stressing about all the details. We’ll help you with the rest while we aim toward making your cause one that’s unforgettable.

Now that’s a lucky strike!

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