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Unique Holiday Gifts From The Grandparents

Grandparents and gift giving are a combination that is long held in American tradition. Children often look forward to receiving gifts from their grandparents on their birthdays, graduations and during...

Wow Factory Christmas

4 Holiday Traditions We Love

During the magical times of the season, everyone tries to focus on holiday maintenance perhaps a little too much. We find the holidays are traditional and can bring families closer...

Wow Factory Kids

Websites that are Great for Kids

There are plenty of sites out there for children today. When your kids are not in your care, or you don’t can see what they’re looking at, you can make...

Friends Bowling Wow Alley

Being Competitive in a Healthy Way

One single aspect of being a parent is to raise our children to become successful in life. We should teach them things like how to be competitive. However, learning to...

Wow Factory Christmas

Getting into the Celebration Spirit

This holiday season may seem redundant to some of you who are already overwhelmed. Let’s face it, getting into festive moods can at times seem almost impossible. There doesn’t need...

The Wow Factory Family Fun

It’s the Little Things that Count

Showing Your Child Love is Easy with These Wow Factory Tips Children aren’t always easy to please. As parents we know it’s our duties to ensure our babies have a...

Wow Factory Hobbies

Hands-On Hobbies For Kids

One of the most important, and often overlooked component of raising a child is encouraging them to have a hobby. A hobby can serve many purposes. It can mentally and/or...

The Wow Factory Games Legos

Awesome engineering toys

The most effective way of teaching children ‘boring’ concepts is through play. While engineering concepts would not engage your child’s fickle attention spans, there are numerous engineering toys that would...