Coconut Creek’s Ultimate Wow Factory Hot Dog Party

Traditionally grilled and served on a steamed bun the hot dog has made its way through American history since its inception during the late 1800s. German immigrant Charles Altman opened his first hot dog cart otherwise known as the Coney Island. This historical fun, food may have been around for ages, and still remains on the top of many party menus. Whether they’re made of beef or pork, there are 1 million ways you can serve them. This blog will give you some ideas for throwing the ultimate hot dog party.

Depending on whether or not your party will be indoors for out, you will need to plan ahead of time. Take into consideration whether you will be grilling the dogs or steaming. Many party rentals provide hot dog rollers, but using crockpots and electric fryers can be just as effective.

Once you’ve established how you’ll cook the hot diggity dogs, you can plan on what type of meat and the fixin’s that will be served.

Other than traditional hot dogs, you can serve meat such as brats, red hots and sausage.  Deciding on the variety of meat will help determine the toppings.

For German style frankfurters top with sauerkraut potato salad and mustard. In places like Germany these are served without the bun.

North American culture prefers the New York style hot dog in a bun with mustard, sauerkraut and onion sauce which can be purchased at places like Walmart.

The foot-long otherwise known as the Dodger dog will need buns long enough to fit the meat. Toppings for these types of hot dogs are ketchup, mustard, chopped onions and relish.

The Coney dog is shorter and comes with chili, chopped onions and shredded cheddar cheese, can you say delicious?

Rather than the classic bun, wrap the hot dogs or sausage with Pillsbury crescent rolls, bagel or pretzel dough.  Once the meat has been wrapped with the breading bake or deep fry in a unique presentation as well as flavor.

Found in places such as Norway, foot-long hot dogs can be found in a large toasted tortilla with ketchup and mustard added.

An all-time favorite is Italian sausage cooked to perfection with grilled bell peppers, onions French fries’ ketchup and mustard.

For a quick fix when you select corndogs on a stick? These can be found in the frozen food section and are delicious fried or baked.

With a little creativity and ingenuity, your hotdog party can be a great success. This great finger food is not only easy to prepare and clean up, it’s also an all-time favorite amongst many.  For extra ideas on how to throw a hot dog party visit places like Pinterest.

Don’t feel like cooking? At the WOW Factory we’ve got you covered by offering a large variety of party foods. Contact us today for reservations.