Combat Childhood Obesity with Healthy Habits

We all know what we feed our children is important. Keeping kids away from sugary, high fat, and high cholesterol  foods are one of the best ways to combat childhood obesity.  It’s easy to do when you are there to guide them, but what about when you are not around?  The answer is to teach your kids about nutrition and making good choices. Are they always going to make the best choices? Probably not, they’re kids, but if we model making good food choices and indulge in moderation, we are setting them up for starting good habits.

Physical activity should also be modeled and encouraged.  Humans are physical beings, and we all know kids have lots of energy.  Physical activity is limited at school and often kids get no recess time.  Here are some ways to get the kids active.

  1. Limit Your Kid’s Time on Electronics and TV
  2. Enroll Your Child in Sports or Do some Physical Activity 60-Minutes per day
  3. Teach Your Kids to Love Water and Hydrate
  4. Keep a Strict Sleep Routine
  5. Let the Kids Be FREE to Play

Limiting your child’s time, they spend in front of the television and electronic devices is key to obtaining and maintain weight. What other choice will they have but to actually DO something.  Even if they just play with their toys, they are moving and using their imagination.

Next, enroll your kids in an organized sport or take them to an indoor park, etc., each child should exercise at least 60-minutes per day, every day. (The Wow Factory is a great environment for just that)

Water, water, water! Get away from the juices and sugary sports drinks.

Be sure to have a routine down each night before bed. Turn off the television, take away devices and other distractions.  Read a book and maybe meditate to bring the mind to rest.  Not only will it help your child but you will benefit too!

Last, make sure your kids have stress-free time to play. What does that mean? It’s not always necessary to hound them while they are playing.  Let them explore, discover and use their imagination.  Give your kids the freedom to express themselves and let them fail. They will learn from these experiences.

While we’re not experts at Childhood Obesity, we’re sure these tips are insightful. In the meantime, be sure to visit the Wow Factory and Wow Alley for some fun physical activity. See you there!

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