5891 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Party Bookings / Reservations / Group Sales
Phone: (954)-380-8600 ext. 104

Extention 102

Hours Of Operation

Mon – Thurs: 10:30am – 7pm
Fri: 10 – 10
Sat: 10 – 10
Sun: 10 – 8

Special Times Available for Private or Group Parties

Q. Is The Wow Factory Suitable for a one year old?
A. Yes, we offer a toddler area which is perfect for any child 40” and under!

Q. How often are the attractions cleaned?”
A. During the day all the attractions are inspected for safety and cleanliness. Every evening the attractions are cleaned and sanitized.

Q. Is the toddler area always open?
A: Yes, sometimes our toddler area is reserved for private birthday parties. Feel free to call before your visit to check if we have anything booked.

Q. How do I book a birthday party?
A: You can call our party number (954)-380-8600 ext 104, book online, or in person. Please don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions.

Q. Do I need to leave a deposit for a birthday party?
A: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required on all parties. This is due the day you book your party to hold your party room.

Q. Is a waiver signed prior to each birthday party and visit to The Wow Factory?
A: No, no waiver is required.

Q. Is a camp waiver signed prior to each Wow Factory Camp?
A: No, no waiver is required.

Q. Can flip flops be worn at Wow Factory?
A: As long as they have socks, as they are required for the playground areas. Closed-toe shoes and socks are required for the other attractions.

Q. Is there a host assigned to each birthday party?
A: Absolutely… your host will be with the children from beginning to end. Wow Gym has 2 host assigned, they will entertain the children with games and silliness. Never a dull moment!!!!!

Q. Do the children get prize tickets from the video games?
A: Yes. We use a card swipe system with all of our games (no tokens). We are also a ticket-less facility (go green, yeah!!) The redemption points are automatically stored on the swipe card. You can always check your current redemption point value at our kiosks, or at our “check balance” stations.

Q. What happens if we do not use any of the redemption points at the redemption counter?
A: No worries! The server automatically stores the points, and you can redeem them the next time you visit the facility.

Q. What happens if I lose my card?
A: No worries! When you are issued a card, we provide a receipt with a number which allows us to pull-up all the information from the server. We will simply issue you a new card, with your card value and redemption point value currency.

Q. What times can a birthday party be booked.
A: Parties are booked at the following times:
10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45
12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45
Etc. until 6:00, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45

Q. Do you offer adult food packages for birthday parties?
A: Yes we do! We offer a variety of packages. Check out our Party Extras!

Q. Where are you located?
A: We are located in the El Dorado shopping plaza at 5891 Lyons Road in Coconut Creek, FL, just north of the Sawgrass Expressway on the west side of the road.

Q. Do we need to bring anything to decorate the party room?
A: Everything is set up and cleaned up for you……. this is your day to enjoy and relax. You want to use your own decorations? No problem, just drop them off the day before and everything will be done by the time you arrive.

Q. Are there employees at each attraction to assist?
A: Yes, our employees will be at each attraction to assist you.

Q. How do I find out about booking a group?
A: We would love to welcome your group. Call our sales office direct at (954)-380-8600 ext 104 or email

Q. What are the top four things that are important at The Wow Factory?
A: Safety! Cleanliness!! Excellent Customer Service!!! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any additional Questions, please send them to and someone will respond to you within 24 hours. (954)-380-8600

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