Daddy or Mommy Date Nights with the Kids

If there’s one thing, most parents will agree to, they love spending time with their children. In addition to that valuable time, it seems there’s just not enough of it so we all should agree the time spent should be of quality. This week’s blog we focus on date nights with the kids that are both meaningful and a great way to cherish the moments spent together.

  • Dinner and a movie may seem redundant. But, make it more unique by taking them to an iMax or independent film. Another great way to see movies with kids is to attend indie film events that may help inspire your children more than just entertain. Word of caution, however, be sure to check the ratings as not all flics are meant for young viewers.
  • Next, plan a day doing photography with your children at a local park or some other visually pleasing location. If you’re not great at taking pictures you can hire a part time photographer from places such as to ensure the time spent with your photo session is a good one.
  • Besides photo opportunities, pick venues that are ideal for the type of child you have. For instance, if you’re planning on a Mommy-Son Date night go to places like an indoor park where there’s plenty of video games or laser tag, and use the same theory for the dads. Reason being is you wouldn’t want to take your son to a fashion show or a daughter to a WWF unless they’re into that type of thing!
  • Another excellent date night or day with your kids no matter what the gender, visit your local zoo or places like Butterfly World, Seaquarium, etc., Most people love animals no matter who they are and this is an excellent way to build memories together.
  • Visit a local bookstore and spend a day at home reading. We love this idea as it’s tailored to both parents and children. Barnes and Noble or the library are excellent places to spend a few hours and its educational activity for both.

These are a few beautiful days not only to spend time with your kids, but they’re also memorable and keep the little ones from becoming bored. After all, every parent wants to build on their relationships and one day hopes to hear “I love spending time with my mom and dad.”

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