Fundraising Opportunities

Fundraising: Come kick back and enjoy a night of fun and games all while raising money for your school/organization.

Here’s how it works:

  • Call or email to book your date and time
  • Stop by and pick up the flyers for your event
  • Mail it, Email it, and hand it out to your friends and family. The more people it reaches the more money it could raise
  • On the day of the event instruct all participating parties to bring their flyer with them in order to receive credit
  • The WoW Factory will kick back 20% of sales to your school/organization.

You must schedule your event in advance and participate during your designated times. Please contact The WoW Factory if you have any questions and to schedule a date and time. 20% of the sales generated by your event will be given back to the school/organization.

Call today to book your Family Fun filled event for your school today and to get more information at 954-380-8600.

The Wow Factory has worked closely with us over the last few years by providing us with tremendous fundraising opportunities.  With their help, we were able to raise thousands of dollars to help support the school.

Kelly Mills Burke/Principal – Addison Mizner Elementary School

– I am extremely grateful that Somerset Boca worked with the WOW factory in our fundraising efforts the last 4 years. We were able to raise much needed money for our school with little effort from administration or teachers. It was a huge success.

~Bonnie May, founding principal of Somerset Boca