10 Funny Kids Quotes Heard at Kids Parties

10 Funny Kids Party Quotes

Kid’s say the funniest things as we all know. But it always seems that they say their best quotes at the most appropriate times. Like for instance, a birthday party?? We’ve all been there, so take a deep breath because you’re going to need it after reading these precious, but hilarious quotes by our little sweethearts… The kids!

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Holidays were always fun times of the year because the bigger the family gathering the more you had the opportunity to hear your cousins saying ridiculous things. We always loved to see the colors of my aunt when she’d be embarrassed when one of her four kids blurted out a good cracker! Anyway, here are some of the better quotes we’ve heard lately:

“Mom, can I need a bounce house with lots of girls.”

“Why did Granny Spit on her cake?”

“But I wanted the Apple watch.”

“Alexis got a pony.”

“I like that you’re my dad and keep it thimple.”

“Stop acting like it’s your birthday mom!”

“Mom, I forget the kid’s name again.”

“Mommy, it’s just like Kim Kardashians!!”

“I don’t know why they have a party for him every year. They could make it once a week or something.”

Teaching your kids to have manners is important, but let’s face it, the kids keep us entertained at these precious and most inappropriate moments when they say whatever is on their mind. No filter just pure honesty and coming straight from their hearts. Who doesn’t love a kid that speaks their mind?

Have you heard a funny quote from your kid or somebody else’s kid lately? Do share!

We love to hear a good kid story!

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