Getting into the Celebration Spirit

This holiday season may seem redundant to some of you who are already overwhelmed. Let’s face it, getting into festive moods can at times seem almost impossible. There doesn’t need to be a lot of stress, and there’s plenty of alternatives that will help you get inspired. Many of which are right in your tool box. We’re here to help you find jubilation even when the hum-drum isn’t going ‘pa rump pa pum, pum.’

Bring back old memories

If you grew up where the Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza was full of memories, feel free to take a step down memory lane. By looking at old photographs or introducing traditions to your family, you’ll be getting that same old feeling you did as a child. Perhaps people get excited about the holidays by recycling rituals such as “The Elf on the Shelf” as they are reminded of their heritage. Either way, these old memories are sure to spark some enthusiasm.

Start decorating early

Start your decorating right away if you’re not in the holiday spirit. The décor may encourage you to want to jump up and start singing carols or want to build a ‘sand’ man. (Hence, South Florida) Whether you’re ready to head over for a Christmas Barbeque on the beach or sing “Jingle Bell Rock” putting up the tree and the rest of the tinsel will inevitably get you into jamming.

Take time off from the traditional schedule

Keep hold of your traditions but take some time away from the traditional schedule. Add something new and try something a bit different. Try a new look for the Holiday work party, put up your tree earlier or try an original recipe. The part that will spark new life into your holiday season is you’re opening to new horizons. You may even find there are a few extra activities to add to your usual repertoire.

Book a massage

Speaking of taking time off your schedule, be sure to book a massage during the holiday vacation. This is by far one of the best solutions for eliminating stress out of shopping, party planning and relatives crowding your space. Be sure to look at places such as Groupon for discounts in South Florida.

Let the kids run off some energy

Get your inspiration from dropping off the kids with a relative or trusted neighbor at an indoor amusement park such as Wow Factory. You will have plenty of time to make your shopping rounds, bake cookies and holiday treats, wrap presents, or prepare for the family. The little ones will have an amazing time and be so exhausted it will leave plenty of quality downtime to snuggle and watch a holiday movie.

These are just a few tools that will help you get inspired and enjoy your holiday season.

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