Gift Guide for Kids Parties in 24 Hours

HURRY HURRY HURRY!!! Tips from the Wow Factory Indoor Fun Center in South Florida  – Fort Lauderdale area

It’s 8:30 on a Saturday morning, the children are just getting up while you’re putting the coffee on when one of your kids says “Mom, what are we going to give to so and so for his/her birthday today?”

Suddenly a hot flash sweeps through your entire body as you just remember that today you have to take your kids to someone’s party that you don’t really know. What’s worse you don’t want to look like a schmuck parent that doesn’t have an ounce of creativity. So you muster up your kids and jump into the car. On the ride to the local toy store you ask your children what their thoughts are on gift giving to the friend. Asking the kids may get you a few different answers like “I don’t know” or “He doesn’t have

Xbox, let’s get him that” and then there is “She doesn’t even like me, I don’t know why she asked me to come to the party.” So what do you do when they aren’t help and you have less than 24 hours to buy something that will make the kids head spin? Here is a guide for you to look like a totally “With It” mom and won’t make your children appear as a couple of dweebs.

Boys 5 and older will be looking for anything from “Star Wars”. The Darth Vadar Light Saber is a sure win if the child doesn’t already have one. But you can never have enough light sabers. You can easily find these at any store including Walmart and many are under $20.

Girls 5 and older are hitting the shopping cart with the Shopkins Shoppies figures. These cute little dolls are on a mission to shot til they drop. They’ve got several shops that are a part of the collection like the Donatina’s Donut Shop and the Shoe Dazzle two stores which any young girl would like. Under $17 for many of their collectables.

Boys 7 and older would enjoy The Mind Jewel Brain Teaser or Squish Football. Boys love to be hands on at this age and are also a ball of energy. Give them something that will last and helps them either learn or use a motor skill. Both of these gifts retail for less than $15 bucks!

Girls 7 and older enjoy being crafty and this year beading is taking a front seat. Fusion Beads, or a Giant bead box is under $20 and they will have hours of fun making bracelets and other artistic jewelry. Don’t forget you can find these everywhere including places like Walmart and Walgreens!

Boys 9 and up are starting to become more advanced. If the child is into puzzles, then Turbo Mind Twister might be a good choice. This toy retails at $19 which is inexpensive when you consider the older the child the higher the cost of the toy.

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Girls older than 9 that enjoy competitive games will enjoy the Nerf Sport Lightning Scoop Toss. Nerf remains a favorite brand for toys whether for a boy or girl. When you think about the longevity of their products, it’s a good toy investment. But let’s get back to the party.

With anyone of these items being a quick fix and popping in and out of a toy store, you’ll be able to be a hero mom and not a zero mom or dad whatever the case may be. In any case we wish you the best and hope this guide was helpful.

If you have any other gift ideas, you’d like to share with us please do.

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