Great Weekend Getaways In Florida

Thanks to its all-year-round sunshine and its friendly people, Florida has long been considered (deservedly so) as a fun place. Tourism is one of Florida’s largest industries and regardless of where you are in the state; you will always find something fun to do. If you are looking for something fun to do in Florida, as an individual, a couple or even a family, there are numerous activities you can enjoy. Here is a small sample of some fun things to do on your Florida weekend getaway.

  1. Whole family fun at Disneyworld in Orlando

Walt Disney World is the most visited place in Florida and is the perfect weekend getaway for a vacationing family or even for individuals who want to enjoy the Disney experience. The resort gets more than 52 million visitors per year, which is a testament to the quality of the experience. Apart from interacting with beloved Disney characters, Walt Disney world has theme parks, water parks, golf courses, camping sites, and more than 30 hotels. You are guaranteed to have enough fun activities throughout your weekend.

  1. Enjoy the Florida Keys

The Florida keys are tropical islands located off the Florida coast with the largest (and most popular) being Key West. The keys are all linked together (and to the Florida mainland) through bridges; so they are accessible by car. The Florida Keys have a rich history and numerous activities for your weekend getaway. You can enjoy snorkeling, boat rides, surfing and parasailing in the Florida Keys if you want more adventure. Or you can simply have a quiet weekend in a beautiful location for a more relaxed weekend getaway.

  1. Party on the Miami Strip

The Miami strip on Ocean drive is one of the best party locations in the United States. Its famed art deco buildings have numerous nightclubs, and restaurants. If you want a fun-filled weekend getaway, then the Miami Strip’s nightlife will offer you the perfect weekend getaway.

  1. Interact with nature at the Everglades national park.

If you enjoy nature, then the Everglades offers the perfect weekend getaway. The Everglades national park boasts an impressive diversity of animals. Expect to see crocodiles, snakes, and alligators – among others. The Everglades is also full of birdlife which makes it an awesome location for the avid birdwatcher. You can enjoy a boat ride on the wetlands or a hike through the only tropical wilderness in mainland America. There are also numerous educational exhibits and guest lectures on conservation to ensure that your weekend getaway is fun and educational.

  1. Have fun on the beach

Whether you are in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Orlando or Jacksonville, you are always a few minutes away from the famed Florida beaches. With the warm tropical climate, almost every day can be a beach day when you are in Florida. Apart from swimming, there are a lot of fun beach activities for you to choose from. You can take a dolphin tour and swim with dolphins, you can go for boat rides, enjoy surfing or scuba diving; the options are almost limitless. If you choose to stay at one of the beach hotels, you can enjoy a perfect beach weekend getaway.

With an impressive diversity of fun activities to enjoy, you would be hard-pressed to find a better spot for your dream weekend getaway.

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