Halloween Bowling Parties are Sweeping the Lanes Nationwide!

The Wow Factory is the Perfect Way to Close out Halloween 2017

Forget about putting the kids down early, on Halloween. Leave their costumes on and head to the bowling alley. This year the nation’s bowling alleys are reporting an upswing with people heading over to their favorite place to celebrate the holiday. Who can blame them? Bowling is one of the best places to applaud tricks and treats along with a plethora of other fun party favors!

The Daunting Tasks to Halloween Madness

In most cases, Halloween means a mad rush to get the kids ready, head out the doors, hitting up every house in the neighborhood. After your children dash door to door, it’s time to head home and rummage through the mounds of candy only to throw away a vast majority because it looks suspicious. Then it’s time to tuck the lads and lassies in bed. Just when you think the house is finally quiet, you hear a little voice from the other room “I can’t sleep.” While you may be thinking, of course, you can’t sleep, you’re full of sugar, preservatives, and junk.

A Solution to Getting Kids to Sleep Sooner After Trick or Treating

We have a solution for you before you spend the night taking care of tummy aches, pack the kids in the car and head over to the Wow Alley for a grand finale to a spooky day. Not only will the kids be having a great time, but they’ll also be burning off steam and calories. Rather than giving them a ton of sweets just before bed, you can enjoy the rest of the evening doing something fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Make Bowling a Tradition and an Escape

Now some may argue this is a ridiculous idea, but we know it to be a tradition for many people. Even if you do decide to escape from the kidlets, you can enjoy some social time where you don’t have to clean up after everyone. How is fun that?

Not only is the Wow Alley the perfect solution to ending your 2017 Halloween Holiday, but it’s also a fantastic solution to keeping your kids from getting sugar-high overload and keeps them in shape. We’re sure you’ll have such a great experience, you’ll want to make it an annual event yourself.

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