Help! My Kid Wants a Cell Phone

Wow Factory Parent Tips

I bet if you had a discussion with your grandparents about getting your child a cell phone, they would look at you with concern. We have to remind Grandma and Pa that it’s common for kids to have a mobile device these days. While they look at you with four eyes, you could potentially explain to them why it’s a good idea in the first place. However, you might agree there need to be some parameters. We’ll give you some ammunition or friendly fire responses for anyone who thinks your kids don’t need a phone.

1.)    A kid with a phone is more likely to be well mannered and follow the rules you set up for them. Boundaries seem to be easier, and kids do respond to communication by way of a cell.

2.)    A mobile phone is a great tool to use as leverage. People become attached to cell phones almost immediately. When parents reward or take away privileges, using a mobile phone as a tool, it can be most effective.

3.)    Caution with GPS tracking. Almost every phone has a GPS system installed. Don’t forget to disarm this unless you specifically want to know where your child is at all times. In that case, remember to scrub the phone and have a high-security system to block hackers.

4.)    Another good reply would be “We love sharing selfies, and my kid is the most beautiful thing on Earth. I just can’t get enough!” (watch the look on their faces just for fun)

5.)    Many parents create Screen Time and prevent the lucky son or daughter with parameters of when, where, how and why they use their devices. It might sound trendy, but, it works!

6.)    Set a safety procedure such as agreeing they won’t give out their cell number without asking permission first.

While these are a few quick tips for you to consider, they also make having a conversation with others more viable. Kids need to communicate with parents all the time. Today’s technology provides a way to be in constant contact. Who can’t agree?

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