Helping Your Kids Get Better Sleep At Night

Helping your kids get better sleep at night is something every parent is interested in. Here at The Wow Factory we believe only in natural methods to helping your kids get better sleep at night so lets start with the basics. Why don’t kids get good sleep at night? Maybe you are feeding them cereal high in sugar before tucking them in! If that’s the case then you’ve solved your problem, just change up their eating schedule or feed them lower sugar foods before sleep. However, the most common cause of sleeplessness is that they simply have too much energy. Maybe they got to play outside for a good hour at school but then they sat at a desk all day then came home to sit some more in front of the television. It’s no wonder they are having trouble sleeping when you’d like them to at night. The easy fix for that common issue would be to simply get them outside and playing more after school. Invite some of their friends and plan a day at The Wow Factory where they will have a great time running around enjoying laser tag, ballocity, ropes course, mountain climbing wall, arcade, or laser frenzy. We even have a area especially for young toddlers so everyone can have a good time. While regular exercise may be the cure for sleeplessness most of the time it certainly isn’t the cure all the time. Other causes may come from a serious conditions including insomnia or anxiety. Some studies have shown a link between poor sleeping habits and bad grades. Getting a good nights sleep for youngsters if extremely important for many more reasons than just bad grades. Your child’s growing body excretes most of its growth hormone while asleep so chronic loss of sleep could lead to things as serious as stunted growth.

We hope we’ve given you a few helpful suggestions when it comes to helping your kids get better sleep at night. We hope to have also taught you how important it is that your child gets regular sleep every night. Please send any additional comments or suggestions you have!ballocity