Holiday Break Bliss!

Gather up the kidlets and get over to the Wow Factory Holiday Break fun! Think about the many reasons why you need to spend some time here in the Coconut Creek area that doesn’t leave you full of stress. Instead, you’ll have holiday bliss to brighten your day and keep those kids occupied. Here are some reasons why you need to pack the car with all your kids and their friends and head on over the Wow Factory for some celebrating!

First, think about the time. The time you’ll spend watching the children jump, play, exercise and be entertained. Think about the moments where you can relax with a glass of wine or a friend and have a pleasant conversation while the kids run amuck! Think about the time you’ll be saving while Johnny is bored and in need of something to do.

Next, think about the mess in the kitchen at home and how there won’t be one if you and the fam eat at our fabulous café. We will take your order, serve you with a smile and won’t make you do dishes!

After you’ve thought about time and meals, think about the simplicity of it all. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep things uncomplicated, then coming to hang out at an inside gym is excellent. You can come to our facility located in South Florida, check in and let loose! It’s just that simple. No need for you to plan for months to find something fresh the kids will love. No need for running errands or stressing out over what you’ll do during the break time. Making an outing to the Wow Factory during the holiday break is a no-brainer!

In addition to families looking for something fun to do during the break, caretakers, teachers and event planners are welcome too! You know there’s no better solution than spending a day doing laser tag or having the kids practice their mountain climbing skills. No matter the preference, the Wow Factory has something for every age group.

Besides the fact Wow Factory caters to all ages, this is also an excellent place for you to plan large parties. With the holiday being here, chances are you’re looking for the ideal venue to host a party elsewhere.

So, plan ahead for the holiday break. You can give some gift cards for the holiday and come spend some time with us!

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