How Children At Different Ages Like To Play

Learning how children at different ages like to play and explore the world can help the aspiring ultimate parent buy their child toys and enroll them in activities that will help them become great people. It’s important to note that children of different ages are all in different stages of development and are therefore more inclined to play in some ways more than others.

Lets start with infants, at this age they are highly impressionable and the world can be both a scary and wildly exciting place. An infant tends to explore and experience the world with their bodies and senses. They love different colors, textures, shapes, sounds, and tastes. Toys with wheels, rattles, interactive books, and simple instruments like a drum set and keyboard are things they will find the most enjoyment in.

Toddlers are obsessed with their newfound mobility in the world. They feel like a part of the community and can now communicate in more effective (and adorable) ways. The toys these children will love are things that both excite their senses and allow them to be physical. Play dough, play sand, pull-push toys, hats and other costumes, and even seemingly normal containers and everyday objects can be fun for them.

Preschoolers are at the age where they will constantly surprise you with their growing brains. The occasional witty comment or adorable observation will become more common as their language centers develop and they begin to master their native language. Toys these children love are: toys with interlocking pieces, simple instruments, dress up clothes, and even sticks and stones are fun.

Grade school children are great at communicating and begin to be more socially minded. Expect the sweet scene of your child sharing with another child or helping you with other younger children. Board games, science equipment, arts and craft stuff, costumes, and play fort materials are things children this age will love.