Back to School Blues: How to Handle Separation Anxiety When Your Child Starts School

As strange as it sounds, separation anxiety can affect both you and your child when school starts. If this is your child’s very first year of school, the odds of encountering separation anxiety are even greater. Here are a few ways you can handle separation anxiety when your child starts school:

1. Orientation

If there’s an orientation before school starts, you and your child both should attend. This will give you both an opportunity to meet new teachers and other students. Being familiar with the people who your child will be in class with will make the first day easier.

2. Create a routine

From the very first day, create a drop-off routine. Tell your child to have a good day, give him a hug and kiss, and hand him his lunchbox.

3. Say goodbye

Always say goodbye as opposed to sneaking out. If you say goodbye, your child won’t feel misled and you won’t feel guilty.

4. One-on-one teacher time

Just before or after class, if your child’s teacher has a few seconds, ask him or her how your child is doing in school. Hearing the teacher’s perspective of your child might make you feel better about him being at school.

Now that summer is almost over, parents around the country are preparing their kids for going back to school. Take a second to prepare your heart as well – parents are just as susceptible to separation anxiety as kids!