How To Keep Your Home Clean With Kids Around

The title almost seems too good to be true, how to keep your home clean with kids around is a very doable thing with the right mindset and knowledge. Parents every where can benefit from taking even one of these tips to heart. It doesn’t matter if you have one child or ten, kids require a lot of attention and keeping the house clean can seem like a heavy burden sometimes, but it isn’t when you apply a couple smart tips to your daily schedule.

  1. Clean in short intervals – Easy enough. Set a timer and clean in 10-20 minute intervals. Make it seem fun and recruit your kids to help. You will be keeping your home clean and teaching them responsibility at the same time.
  2. Lower your standards – As terrible as that sounds it may be the key to reducing your stress. One thing is for sure, your home will never be as clean as it was before you had kids. Getting used to small messes when you know you are doing all that you can will be good for you. A less stressed mom/dad is a better mom/dad to your kids and will help you be a more effective parent.
  3. Recruit your kids – We brushed this idea in our first tip but this may be the single most important thing you teach your kids. Teaching to clean up after themselves and care about their surroundings will make them more responsible adults. Teaching by example and giving praise for doing the right thing are some strong reinforcing techniques that will ensure your success.
  4. Clean as you go – This tip seems like a no brainer to those already doing it but cleaning messes as they happen or putting things away after using them keeps your home at a constant level of cleanliness, and you will extend the amount of time you can go before another deep clean is due.

We hope these tips work out for you! Give us your feedback or any additional tips we could add to this list of how to keep your home clean with kids aroundhow to keep your home clean with kids around2. Happy parenting!