How to Potty Train Your Child in No Time at All

Potty training can seem like a daunting task to a new parent but it doesn’t have to be! Potty training your child can be simple, fast, and easy with these tips. Many parents have developed their own methods to effectively potty train their child and there are many different ways to effectively do this but the basic ground rules include some form of reward for successful bathroom visits. We hope that with our tips and strategies presented here you will find what works best for your own child and become a successful parent.

  1. Train in sessions. Potty training sessions several days in a row could be the fastest way to potty train. Begin with spending your day as normal with your child. Feeding them and giving them drinks throughout the day but sitting them on the toilet every 15 minutes or so at regular intervals will get them used to going to the bathroom in the first place.
  2. Reward them for successfully going in the toilet. When your child does use the toilet correctly be sure to reward them with words and attention. Stickers, a favorite treat, or just a change in the tone of your voice along with a smile can be sufficient to get it across that this action is what you wanted in the first place.
  3. Teach by example. Hopefully you aren’t too embarrassed to do this but teaching by example can be a powerful tool in your teaching arsenal. The image of you doing the thing that you just rewarded them for doing can leave an impression great enough that they will remember to use the bathroom next time they feel the urge to go.
  4. Be aware of differences in the way your children learn. A method that works beautifully for one child may not be the right method for another child. Notably, girls and boys may learn to use the toilet differently. Your son may be less inclined to lose the diapers right away while your daughter may seem more interested in the whole toilet thing early on.