WOW Factory Reveals: Mysteries of The World’s Largest Parks

The World’s Largest Parks Mysteries Revealed. – From South Florida’s Favorite Indoor Activity and Fun Center

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There are over 700 amusement parks in the world. With some as magnificent as a mountainside, and as big as 700000 square feet these wonder parks have some pretty fascinating mysteries behind them.

Here are a few quick stories to perk your fancy.

Tropical Islands Resort is a water park that is located in Krausnick, Germany and is over 710,000 square feet of tropical fun and excitement. As the world’s largest single hall without supporting pillars in this park is equipped with its own indoor hot air balloon this could possibly one of the world’s largest parks of its kind. If you enjoy swimming this is a must stay. There’s a Tropical sea, lagoon, water slides, a kid’s pool, and a shopping boulevard!

Tropical Islands Resort – Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons

Disneyland in California has a few interesting perks that a small amount of people knows about. There is a secret tour that gives you insight on how the park is actually running from backstage. You can travel in tunnels that are underground and in places that your average park guest doesn’t see, it’s a whole new world. You can learn interesting facts about the park, along with Walt and his brother Roy. Some of the stories you may hear about is the amount of clothing the park washes per day along with the part of Tinkerbell can be played by a male or female. This park is a hoot with a secret bar that has many mysterious and pranking gags, as Walt had quite a sense of humor. Club 33 caters to a higher end crowd and is well worth the fees to get in.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has taken the world by surprise with the biggest Ferrari-themed park. They’ve captured car enthusiast with a variety of great attractions. With a 4D theater a historical tour teaching you about Ferrari’s and a timeline of their history. This venue is up to 7 football fields in length and having the largest space frame built this park is a bucket list worthy.

Lotte World located in Seoul is known to be one of the largest amusement parks and an adventure park wrapped into one. With four levels, this park is 1,380,430 sq ft and has everything you can imagine, including the world’s largest skating rink. While this park is open year round the cost of a baby to get in is $36 in U.S. currency! The big secret here is to go on a weekday as the tickets are priced lower and there are less lines.

There you have it, less lines in the world’s largest indoor amusement park and Disney’s secret tour and club revealed. Are we missing any others? Tell us your story on what visiting one of these or similar theme parks.

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Looking for Some Fun Indoor Kids Activities in South Florida, Broward County or Palm Beach County Visit Us!!