Party Locations for Adults That are Kid Friendly

Planning Your Wow Adult Surprise Party!

Party Locations for Adults That are Kid Friendly in Palm Beach and Broward County

When you think of the Wow Factory, many people think of this as a place for kids and not adults.  If you have someone that’s a gamer, enjoys the simple things in life or just likes to have fun then we’ve put together a list of items that will help you plan an important party you can throw for either kids or adults.  For this article, we’re intending on focusing on a party that’s geared more for grown-up birthday guests.

Since most people will assume that this is a child-friendly play facility in South Florida, it makes for the perfect setting for surprising your guest of honor.  They’ll never suspect that the party is being thrown for them when they arrive, making this an ultra-easy to trick them!  But other than starting out with a great surprise let’s look at the activities offered for adults.

Laser Tag and Laser Frenzy are two games that are a hoot for both kids and adults.  The ultimate gaming experience for adults is great fun as they team up with each other toward becoming precision fighters. Laser parties are unique as well as fun no matter what age you are. If that’s not your speed, then here are some adult games you can play while you’re here.

Ask the staff to personalize stations for a scavenger hunt and then offer prizes to the adult team that obtains everything on their list. Here are a few other ideas that can be played by adults or teens.

Truth, Truth, and Lie:  Everyone writes on separate small pieces of paper, two real pieces of information and one lie about themselves. Fold paper and give to the host to add to a hat, jar, etc.  The host then reads all the entries out loud.  Everyone in the group then takes turns guessing which entry belongs to each player.  When they don’t guess correctly, they either lose a turn. After three attempts a participant gets disqualified from the game. The last person standing wins.

Jelly Belly Race:  For this game you will need a timer, two bowls, straws and bags of Jelly Belly. (You can use nuts as well) Fill one of the bowls with the Jelly Belly’s and set next to the second bowl. Next, break down your teams for two-four people. Using a straw and a timer, set the timer to one minute, and then have the guests take turns moving the candy or nuts from one dish to the empty bowl. After each team member has his/her turn, count the candy.  The team with the most candy in the extra dish wins!

It’s Not Your Box:  You’ll need an empty cereal box or something similar. Place the box on the floor and grab two guests.  Feet must stay on the ground, pass the box with teeth and no hands can be used at all.  Once the box is given to the, all the guests rip a piece of the box off and start again. While there is less of the box left, there’s also fewer people leaving one person to be a winner. Last one standing wins!

Speak to one of our staff regarding corporate parties and pricing. The Wow Factory is an Indoor Family Fun and Party Center Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach.

Once the games are over, it’ll be time for refreshments.  You can have your party catered in at the Wow Factory, or a member of the staff can help you with the planning. Our menu includes many delicious party foods like pizza, hamburgers and chicken wings. For beverages, Wow Factory serves beer and wine, coffee, soda and bottled water. You’ll have everything needed in a private room where you and your guests can have a ball.

Another benefit to hosting a party here is you can designate to just adults, but it’s always fun to celebrate your special day with the little people in your life.  If you need help planning your adult surprise party give us a call.  One of our event planners will make it painless and will help keep you on track to have a good time with your guests.


Speak to one of our staff regarding our indoor activities, indoor parties and pricing. The Wow Factory is an Indoor Family Fun and Party Center Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and all South Florida Communities.