Introducing Your Family to the Ancient Game of Bowling


Rumor has it the game of bowling dates to Egyptian times, but it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that the game played with a giant ball designed with three holes was used to knock down a set of pins. Although the game was introduced during the early years of King Henry VIII, it was banned to those living in the lower class. Today the game remains a strong one shared by families and individuals throughout the world. In this blog, we focus on how to introduce this exciting interactive game to your family making it a tradition to carry on for years to come.

Some of the most compelling evidence bowling is a family-oriented game is when you see that toddler rolling the ball down the alley by pushing it with both hands. If the sight of a child forcing a bowling ball down the lane doesn’t brighten your day, not much will. Bowling is a game that is meant for the whole family to enjoy.

With attention to so many children being enveloped with video games and cell phones, you can rest assure they won’t get a stiff neck while competing against their friends and family. The Wow Alley has the right atmosphere for your child to build his/her memories about the game and how to play.

Bowling requires skill, strength, and strategy. By introducing your little ones to this game early, they will begin to develop their ways to handle problems and find solutions. In other words, bowling is also educational.

This is a game loved by all ages. You don’t have to be older to enjoy the game of bowling. This is a game that has been the center of fun for people from three to a hundred and three! Take your kids and grandparents in the alley on a session of cosmic bowl and watch their faces light up. The music, food, fun, and activities are what is bringing the bowling allies back to life.

We hope you dust off your ball that’s been buried deep in your closet and join us for a family day or night of knocking down a set of pins. One thing is sure; your family will be asking when they can come back again.

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