Keeping Your Kids Healthy During the Holidays


Let’s face it during the holiday’s it’s hard enough for the adults to stay on target with a healthy lifestyle, much less the kids. With all the sweets starting around Halloween and leading all the way to the New Year’s parties, we are faced with making choices. In this blog, we outline a few tips on how to help your kids make good decisions that will keep the LBs off and keep their health on!

1.    Teach your children how to use portion sizing

2.    Limit the number of sweets and pastries

3.    Daily exercise

4.    Plan activities that involve moving

5.    Restrict the number of hours for Television and Video Gaming

6.    Introduce a Family Wellness Plan

Teaching your kids to limit the proportion of food they take when serving themselves is not only good currently, it’s a best practice that can carry them through adulthood. Show your son or daughter the proper amount of food they should take compared to letting them load up on bread and desserts. Buy or use smaller plates to help make it easier. You’ll notice this can be beneficial to the adults too. Before allowing seconds, be sure to monitor the amounts of other foods they’re consuming.

Next limit the number of cookies, cakes, candies, etc., If they learn to be disciplined, chances are they’ll form healthy eating habits that will always help.

Daily exercise is important during the holidays and vacation time. Plan activities such as playing basketball, going bowling or visit places where there’s physical activity to keep them going. Burning calories at your child’s age may not seem like a big deal. However, with the epidemic of childhood obesity in our nation, getting your kids moving is one of the best ways to combat this disease.

Plan activities that keep them moving. Helping around the yard, cleaning the house or raking leaves are fat busters. These activities also teach them to be self-sufficient and productive.

Limit the hours of video gaming and watching television is super important. Your kids can become obsessed just as an adult do. Why not give them free time to their favorite pastime? Rather than allowing them hours to play Wii or X-Box, designated times and days. This will also keep your child interested in other creative outlets.

Introduce a wellness plan for the whole family. Start by making a good breakfast and doing some aerobic exercise. Lead them to healthier choices for snacking and keep them focused on maintaining energy-giving lifestyles.

In closing, if you teach your children how to lean toward robust living rather than inactive, you’ll save less money on doctor’s visits and more. By being the example, they can learn to live and stay both physically fit and in the highest of strong living.

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