NOT Your Grandpa’s Idea of Bowling

When you think of bowling if you picture people with big blousy shirts, beat-up-two-toned, leather shoes and throwing giant glittery balls down the lanes. Vintage bowling for your grandparents probably meant being in a league and coming home smelling like stale cigarettes and beer. If you picture these ideas when it comes to the game of bowling, then you’ll be happy to know the Wow Alley is NOT your Grandfather’s idea at all.

The local Bowlarama was blessed if it had a juke-box at all back in the day. Music was mostly heard if you happened to meet someone at the lounge area located inside of the facility. Today the Wow Alley has a state-of-the-art sound system that keeps you well entertained throughout your visit. Not only did we consider the importance of music, but we also took it to a whole new level by adding giant video screens to enhance the experience.

Some of you may remember visiting your parents when they went to the bowling alley or perhaps you took lessons yourself? Either way, kids at the lane tend to get bored mainly because of the low lighting. Since we love kids, we want them to get the ‘WOW’ factor, and they will work with both laser and black lights found throughout the alley.

Besides the great music and cool lighting, the Wow Alley also provides a full menu of delicious foods and snacks. Although your grandparents most likely enjoyed a hot dog, burger or some greasy French fries, our café offers nutritious and healthy selections too. We might guess your grandma would have appreciated an order of the toasted ravioli or a hand stretched pizza. Nonetheless, the food is all a part of the adventure.

Now you have three excellent reasons that the bowling alley of today isn’t the same as your grandpa’s idea of one from years gone. While ole’ grandad is kicking back reminiscing, you can show him how much more the venues have advanced.

Bowling is still the same old game it always was before. However, the advancements these entertaining spots have made supersedes what happened back in the 40’s and 50’s. So next time your family plans on getting together, go a day or night of it at the Wow Alley and see how much fun the game and atmosphere still has today.

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