Parenting Rules Your Kids Will Love (and will make your life easier)

Parenting can be tough when you have to juggle taking care of the kids, holding a job, and caring for your hubby. We think that parenting can be easy using a couple quirky rules that make life a home funner and without a dull moment.

Rule #1: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset”.

This rule works like magic for most children. When it comes to who gets the “frozen” plate and who gets the “lion king” plate, followed by an argument, this rule will teach them that life can be unfair sometimes and that while they may have gotten the short stick today they have a good chance of changing their luck tomorrow. This rule will end many headaches for you.

Rule #2: Have a limit to how long they can throw a tantrum.

While this rule sounds could hearted it’s actually anything but. Having a rule that limits tantrum sessions you can teach them indirectly to both get their point across and accept your final answer. Don’t cut them short however, consistency with any rule is key to it being followed so allow them some time to whine if needed.

Rule #3: If I am working in a room you need to work too.

We will let this soak in a bit. If I am working in a room you need to work too, as a rule this might be the single reason why you experience an improvement in your quality of life. When cleaning a room or working from home you can tell your child that they need to also help clean or put things away. The rule is fun and helps teach your children about work ethic and cleaning up after themselves.

Use these rules to your advantage to help teach your children things that will ultimately help them in life. Remember to always explain why they are following certain rules. This will help them develop a sense of ethics and allow them to view the world as a logical place where they can imagine great things. Happy parenting!